Velox Photos

We’ve scored a 95% complete build of Velox 1.0, and considering that the tweak is a very hot topic on Twitter right now, we wanted to provide you guys with a brief update.

Apex Development is putting the finishing touches on the tweak, fixing small graphical issues and other minute bug fixes. Here is what we know thus far…

  • Velox is 95% complete.
  • All 1.0 features are there.
  • Release time table for Velox: between this weekend and next weekend according to developer estimates.
  • Quick Reply for Messages now available from all banners, and can be disabled in settings.
  • The clock folder won’t be included with version 1.0 as shown below, but a cool sounding redesign is coming in a future update.

Clock Velox
A redesigned Clock folder is coming…

If you haven’t already watched our video preview of Velox, be sure you do that. It’s garnered nearly 100,000 views thus far.

We will have a full review of Velox once it officially arrives, so stay tuned.

  • is this for iPad Mini too? Please temme i m stuck on 6.1.3 on my iphone my ipad is still on 6.1.2 and is jailbroken so can i use this on iPad?

  • hell yeah!!

  • shankness

    Sneak ‘peak’? I m sure you would like to correct it to ‘Sneak peek’

  • Michael Edwards

    Can’t wait!

  • Is this for iPad ? o.O

  • ifrank004

    instant Buy

  • Ben

    Jeff you should post your wallpaper so then we can get it…

  • a game changer alongside Auxo and Zephyr! Anyone agree?

  • Pretty sure I’m buying velox.

  • tarasmuz

    Shut up and take my money

  • lasjd

    Wow. Soon I will be able to crack it and gift it to the world! That’s gonna be a good day.

  • BehnamMohammadi

    What if iOS 7 had this featue already?

    They’d better be quick!

  • F P

    Still waiting…

  • …its due date

  • Karnage

    It’s released everyone. Best $1.99 I’ve ever spent. However their seems to be a bug with pulling apps out of the dock where you can’t get back into jiggle mode a quick respring fixes it but.

  • Bosco

    tried it. not surprised at all. dev should do many other things to make it better. The blog had exaagerated the truth in my opinion.

  • Your welcome once again Apple for the company of Bill Gates to innovate, for you to steal and then market the take over of credit. You know, just like the first apple 1 PC that ran dos and Jobs, in his typical communist manor, tried to steal!

  • its nice tweak/

  • Shahin Ahmed

    Will it be available for 5.1.1?