We’ve got the latest version of Velox. Here’s a sneak peak

Velox Photos

We’ve scored a 95% complete build of Velox 1.0, and considering that the tweak is a very hot topic on Twitter right now, we wanted to provide you guys with a brief update.

Apex Development is putting the finishing touches on the tweak, fixing small graphical issues and other minute bug fixes. Here is what we know thus far…

  • Velox is 95% complete.
  • All 1.0 features are there.
  • Release time table for Velox: between this weekend and next weekend according to developer estimates.
  • Quick Reply for Messages now available from all banners, and can be disabled in settings.
  • The clock folder won’t be included with version 1.0 as shown below, but a cool sounding redesign is coming in a future update.

Clock Velox
A redesigned Clock folder is coming…

If you haven’t already watched our video preview of Velox, be sure you do that. It’s garnered nearly 100,000 views thus far.

We will have a full review of Velox once it officially arrives, so stay tuned.