ayecon Auxo Theme Featured

Ayecon is by far the most popular jailbreak theme that we’ve seen in quite some time, and its popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Auxo, like ayecon, is insanely popular in its own right. But how do you get the pair to play nice together? It’s actually really simple — you download the official ayecon theme for Auxo, that’s how.

ayecon Auxo Theme is a free WinterBoard theme, and it comes directly from the creator of ayecon — Surenix. That means you can expect it to be a 1:1 match with the rest of the ayecon theme from a visual perspective.

ayecon Auxo Theme
Before, and after ayecon Auxo Theme

ayecon Auxo Theme makes the toggles found in Auxo match the style that you find in the full ayecon WinterBoard theme. You’ll immediately notice the border effect that has become ayecon’s visual stamp.

Just like the full ayecon theme, ayecon Auxo Theme can be downloaded from Cydia and enabled via WinterBoard. ayecon Auxo Theme is a free download from Cydia’s BigBoss repo, even if you haven’t yet purchased the full ayecon theme. But let’s not be silly, you did already purchase ayecon, didn’t you? I mean, it’s just that cool that a purchase should go without saying.

  • bob

    why is auxo getting all the heat i dont get it? its a good tweak and all but it crashes ur springboard and lags your device since ive been on this website all ive seen is auxo this auxo that there are many tweaks out there that are as good as auxo but theres always nothing said about them auxo is good but way too overrated after all, all it does is modify the switcher:L. i might get hate for this comment but its the truth

    • J_W97

      That’s the truth in your opinion. Not everyone who uses Auxo experiences these so called issues.

      To help, can I suggest you use the latest version (1.4)?

    • I haven’t had a single crash, maybe that is because i bought it.

      • umm no … all that means is you are going to heaven..

    • Dave Elg

      Auxo was the first tweak I downloaded after the 6.1 jailbreak. It was like rolling the dice every time I brought up the task switcher. About 1 out of every 4 times it would crash. I uninstalled it, but since the latest update, I’ve yet to experience a single crash. I have a 4S BTW.

      • Same here. although it still crashes with the newest version and yes I purchased the tweak! I have a 4S.

      • idisplay candy will crash your phone 100 times a day.. that dev has no clue

      • bloodshed

        man you need to use some positivity. most of your comments are dull! sorry to say that, but it’s true.
        after the latest update, Auxo is working fine on my 4S.

      • I updated it worked just fine for about a week and last night it crashed my app switcher so I’ve uninstalled it again.

    • A blog is essentially written by a person, and people have inclinations towards something they love. But I must agree, all this Auxo hype is truly unnecessary. The ayecon theme for Auxo had been around for months now and I don’t know why it’s only posted up now. Again, totally unnecessary.

    • Didnt have a single crash from the day I got it which was the first day when it came out same with my mates, you sure you didnt just get it from a cracked repo?

    • auxo works perfect for me

  • Ever since I started paying for Cydia tweaks and the ayecon theme, I haven’t had my iPhone crash a single time. Yeah, I have invested about $50+ on nothing but tweaks and add ons, but its all worth it if it means keeping my device stable.

    Also, I never liked themes until I came across ayecon. Its literally one of the most interesting themes out there for the iPhone right now.

    • cracked tweaks really do harm your device. The developer add’s a checker (auxo has it)

      • iphone4sgamer

        Its sad that there are ways around them including auxo

      • Which essentially modifies the code. And that is always a bad idea, if you don’t have the source to begin with. Funny things can happen if you manipulate programs on that basis, most likely it won’t behave as smooth as it should. Worst case: Crash after crash after crash. Also you have to trust the person who did that “workaround” and you can’t really do that.
        So buy your stuff, it makes the developer happy and in most cases that will improve the quality of future updates. -> Dev’s happy, you’re happy, everything’s fine 🙂

      • Rickm_jr

        Lol not that I’m a supporter of cracked tweaks but this made me think of how people would tell younger adolescents, masturbating makes you go blind

      • exactly… lol crack tweaks work fine.. only problem is that you will go t hell for stealing

      • iDon’tWantToShareMyDetails

        The same goes for paid versions i’ve monitored few tweaks that i had (bought of course) and they were checking my license fanatically even on 3G! Thus increasing my net cap and killing my battery, now of course i pirate the shit out of the developers who build this idiotic verification system. ‘Nuff said.

      • RarestName

        There’s a difference between original and cracked.

      • yeah one is fee and one is not

      • Well what if the tweak doesn’t have a trial and I am not sure I want to buy it. I personally have over 5 paid tweaks now (to name some, FolderEnhancer, Parallax,CallBar, iFile…).

        But I won’t buy these if I can’t try them (Tried most thanks to cracked repos) or if they don’t get 100% reviews positive. (which Auxo didn’t and a ton of comment report crashes, slown down switcher etc.)

      • Devam

        Soooooooo true!

      • ExRoot

        Bull!!! The worst most trouble I ever had with a tweak was with AUXO!! And I paid for it. Hey sentry…Can I get a refund because your app was not compatible with my 4s running 6.xx as you already know via many complaints.

        Hope you respond. Thanks.

      • ExRoot

        Still no response from Sentry.

      • it is an awesome tweak, but like @exroot I had to remove it because the crashes were so frequent I actually stopped using the quick app switcher…once removed almost all crashes stop 🙁 [4S on 6.x]

    • The problem with Winterboard is that themes are incomplete and inconsistent 100% of the time. Even this theme manages to miss the share menu, does not update share menu icons for Facebook and twitter so they look really out of place. I wish you could select a theme and then have submenus for that theme that toggles features. I also wish the kids creating these would pay more close attention to detail. Other then that this theme is beautiful.

      • Surenix

        Just so we’re all clear on this, this bug in the shared menu is a WinterBoard bug. Its currently unable to find the images to replace (in the filesystem) so it’s not an ayecon issue.

      • Gonna upvote you for that delicious piece of information.
        I would love to use this beautiful theme and many others, but I have major OCD and I’ cant have icons out of place or not blending well with others.

      • Does it suck having major OCD?

      • Not really because it makes me strive for perfection.

      • cant this be done without having major ocd?

      • Burak Agaoglu

        Surenix i using on my jailbroken iphone 5 ios 6.1.4 official purchase ayecon theme and i love it theres also possiblity for take this theme for free but i want to show my respect to you and support your product i dont have problem about ayecon 1.3.5 ios 5&6 its work well but when i download auxo theme for ayecon its doesnt change at all its just doesnt work i also have official purchase auxo theme but toggles are doesnt change at all please help me what can i do about this….i wait for your response

    • f1ght3r

      Agree 100% only thing I would like to see is more devs adding trial periods for their tweaks

    • I totally agree. Back when I had the 4/4s all I used were cracked apps/tweaks. My phone always crashed and was super buggy. Ever since I paid for them my jailbreak experience has been so much better

  • Milad Khahil

    I have been using AUXO combined with ayecon and Zephyr on my iphone 5 , my wife iPhone 4S and all my 4 kids iPhone 4S and iphone 4 , and no problem at all , just making sure updating always to the newest version

    • Matthew Tanner

      6 iPhones in the house…? Yikes! Your phone bill must be huge!

      • Milad Khahil

        “FAMILY PLAN “

      • rich family

      • Milad Khahil

        No , sprint 6 line shared unlimited family plan for $289 /month … They don’t normally do it for 6 lines , only for 5 lines but i had to speak with the supervisor who finally did it …

      • thats not bad at all, I would like an iphone 5s widescreen for xmas!… from myself

  • Mi Ho

    Looking at the before and after I kinda like the before, and I do get a lag when I use winterboard with my i4.
    On another note I have read where people having crashes with Auxo and read something about memory leaks, This has not happened once since it first came out seems like it might be some other tweak or app that they have installed. The only update I’d like to see is better way to open it other than activator < which does have issues with my i4

    • i stopped using winterboard back in the 3gs days

      • Custom .Artwork files are the only true legit themers way! Im still building my first one but damn it is FUN and no lag or memory consumption, plus you feel like a BOSS when it is done.

  • Aeycon is a bad rip off of Jaku at best.

    • Jaku is also a bad rip off of Mac at best.

    • jaku does look nice; never heard of it until now.

    • I wish this blog would give some exposure to jaku, the attention to detail the designer has is crazy, it makes ayecon look like a kids colouring book.

  • For those saying about paying for tweaks and stuff.. Just a little fact.. For example auxo here has only been payed for more than 9000 times but has been downloaded for maore than 1.4 million times

    • Damn. Sucks. At least I’ve got numbers to know how many people pirate. A lot. I just ended up trying that crap. Ended up getting call recorder cracked since the actual version wouldn’t download and I was too impatient and my Paypal is messed up. Guess what? It hid all my apps, I removed all the pluses I could. Just restored it to 6.1.3. Goodbye jailbreak. Everyone remember my stupid move. Too bad most will pirate. I’m gonna downgrade with snow. 🙂 shsh blobs. Screw xsel

      • So sorry for your lost

      • Damian W

        How are you gonna downgrade ? Step by step instruction, please.

      • I’ll post a link if need be. Basically if you’ve saved your shsh blobs or haven’t do so! Look here for something about that. I’ve done a lot of research but you have to get the correct ipsw and your shsh blobs from before you jailbroke maybe even after. Then just use snow breeze to merge them. Once done you can restore to the new ipsw that’s created by snow breeze and use that on iTunes. Even works with downgrading too I think. I’m gonna try it and post my results. Really should be a tutorial on here.

      • I have my blobs from 6.0.1 saved on my 3gs by ifaith MOFO!! and ive heard it only works on devices olders than the ip4. nothing newer.

      • Yep. Me too. Sad. I5 here.

      • ll you goofed up in some other way it was not that app..lolol

      • All I did was install it. But it was pirated. Just remember that bit. Pirating is a +#^%{+}==

      • Yeah man if you wan’t when you get a jailbreak let me know add me on twitter @raulhenriquez. I will gladly activate your device
        if you need tweaks. I have all the major ones available.

      • Cool. Sure thing. It’ll be a bit. My blobs are at my girlfriends. :/ wow.

      • Lmao that sounded hilarious but cool just let ne know

      • Wow. So true. It’s funny cause it can’t be crude.

      • Dude you activate phones? Can you help me unlock a iPhone thAt is locked to SoftBank Japan? It’s very expensive no matter where I try

      • you should have also tried rebooting once, this same thing has happened to me, and generally i uninstall in safe mode immediately and reboot. happened today when trying a tweak – icon tool – thought it was dumb to have to buy without trial and ended up purchasing

      • do you have them stored locally? cause the ones from cydia no longer work and what phone are you using?

      • I’ve got it locally. 🙂 by recommendation by idownloadblog. 🙂

    • im one of them 9000 badass mofos

  • The Ayecon Auxo theme is nothing compared to the NCSettings Auxo theme. The NCSettings Auxo theme is themed fully the Ayecon one hasn’t been updated by Srenix yet to add the Do Not Disturb toggle and settings toggle etc…

  • Why does everyone like ayecon so much… Lol

    • I got it myself while jail broken. Not so sure what’s the deal. Oh well. I hate theming though. Plus it didn’t change it enough. Theming is still not a perfected art and is based a lot on the setup of the iPhone. If people started making tweak comparable rooting then that would be fun. But u wouldn’t do that. Don’t feel like screwing up my phone more.

      • um i create custom .artwork files for theming for myself, and i also manually theme all my other apps and files, it takes time and practice and a lot of backing up original files but it is way more boss than rooting.. running an os vertically integrated with completely custom style is WAY more G than some slapped together OS than runs GHETTO animation files.. PNG animations are smoother and better.

      • well its built into how the phone actually operates.. taking series of pngs and them digitally writing them to ram and then literally pulling up each and every one in succession of that last, henceforth creating an illusion of an animation. while in reality this is much more resource friendly and much smoother and more controllable in speed and duration than making an “animation file” such as a flash, avi, mp4, divx or anything. while this is also vertically programmed to be perfectly in-sync with the hardware, it creates a unique environment impervious to most coding malfunctions and in the long run makes re-decorating or themeing, or creating apps/tweaks a really fun and easy process. if youve studied the write languages and graphic areas. Its why iPhone will always be 100% more smooth than any android slap together

      • Perfect! I was wondering because I’m the lead developer of a first person shooter and use animations through png frames myself. Just wondered if png had a system for that I didn’t hear of.

    • i dont..

    • Surenix

      No idea.

    • Devam

      Cause it’s soooooooo awesome! Try it and then comment!!

      • It’s okay at best, wish there were alternate icons to some of them though.

  • Sentry

    Quite lovely! Good stuff, Surenix.

    • Surenix

      Thank you 🙂

  • ce

    Nclike is better

  • JDFS

    Well, I’ve decided to install Auxo again because I deleted it due to the many crashes, especially when I was playing music. Up until now I haven’t experienced a single crash, so I’m curious to see if it’ll happen anytime soon. Do you experience a less snappy multitasker? I had the feeling that when I had the standard multitasker, it was all a little bit faster…

  • I’m gonna let you finish your article… but Jaku is the best paid iPhone theme of all time…

  • Bob

    Glaskart ftw.

  • no thanks i have SBsettings for this …

  • Dying For an Ayecon BiteSmS theme !!