Flexible-display closeup

According to a job listing posted on its website April 1, Apple is looking for a Senior Optical Engineer to lead the investigation on emerging display technologies, including high efficiency LCD panels and flexible displays.

The latter seems to confirm speculation that Apple is interested in incorporating flexible display tech into future iOS devices—something that’s been hinted at in patent filings, and brought up in recent iWatch rumors…

Here’s the description from the job listing, which was first spotted by 9to5Mac:

Major responsibilities include:

-Investigate advanced display technologies. Analyze the trade-offs between design, process, optical performance, and implementation feasibility.

-Drive display & component suppliers on the advancement of materials, design & processes to meet display module and system design goals.

-Work with cross-functional team on the display architecture, prototyping and system integration. Solve critical issues.

-Support the display roadmap with technology.

-Conduct competitive study on display optical design and performance.

A number of tech companies have shown interest in flexible display tech in recent years. Samsung has been showing off its bendable panels at trade shows for years. And at CES in January, both LG and Sharp showed off theirs.

Samsung shows off flexible AMOLED at CES 2011

Apple has several patent applications on file depicting wearable devices with flexible displays, as well as iPhones. But today marks the first time that we have seen real evidence that the company is taking the technology seriously.

Update: it appears that Apple has removed the job listing from its website. Perhaps it’s been filled?

  • no thanks to flexible screens… just give me a less boring OS and 100% back grounding and i will be happy..thanks

    • Somehow I doubt this is for some sort of flexible iPhone but more for as the article says an iWatch of some sort which will most likely have a boring OS but will hopefully be competitively priced and nice to own 😉

    • Dude I actually think flexible screens would be legit. Think car windows and desktop computers. I think curved LCD screens would be pretty damn sweet.

      • That’s a pretty good point. This idea is very adaptable, but for hand-held devices, I just don’t see the point.

      • Yeah, I don’t see it being implemented into a hand-held device unless they some how make it extremely comfertable to look at.

      • what if it locks into place instead of just being jiggly, and then when you want to flex it, it will flex for you, (unlock out of place)

      • they can rename it to ibanana

      • maybe ….you can make 3d videoglasses out of your iphone and steer your videogame with your hands while the back camera tracks your movement…that would be awesome…

      • I like this : ) car LED dashboards

    • Again with the backgrounding…

    • IndiePhoenix

      What’s this idea about true multi-tasking? I’ve never experienced a case where I wished iOS had “true” multi-tasking. I think their way of doing this is ideal.

      • I can beam movies to tv and still use my phones other features at te sane time

  • So Apple require flexy screen tech, Sharp are looking for investment, Apple should invest. That way they get the flexy tech as well as the power saving IGZO tech..

    • Kaptivator

      Or keep it all in house and reap all of the profits…maybe?

      • But then they have to pay for it to be manufactured. Someone has to make what ever Apple design, and it costs. If you have ownership in a company that makes the parts then you save $.

  • last_chancexxx

    Hold my beer, Im going in !

  • @dongiuj

    Why not ask Samsung?… Ahh…

  • Imagine a flexible note sized smartphone that you can fold and bend and make it easier to fit in your pockets….flexible display will also allow more durability under stress …less cracked screen

  • can be for the dozen-times-rumored iWatch