Pluck is a recently released tweak that places a dedicated button on the iPhone’s Lock screen for selecting Music. To view the button, simply invoke the iPhone’s music controls by double pressing the Home button while on the Lock screen. Tapping the button allows you to “pluck” a new track from your Music Library, instead of forcing you to unlock the device and venture into the Music app just to select a specific song.

Once the button is tapped, a new sheet featuring your Music Library is pulled in from the bottom of the screen. This sheet can also be accessed by means of an Activator gesture, which is configurable in Pluck’s preferences. Check inside for a few more details.

Pluck Lock screen

Pluck features a simple kill switch within the preferences for enabling or disabling the tweak. It also features a provision that allows you to switch the position of the button featured on the Lock screen. By default, the button is placed on the left, but by enabling the Right Position toggle, the button can be grafted to the right side of the Lock screen Music controls.

Pluck Settings

Pluck is a very well designed jailbreak tweak that’s certainly worth a look. better yet, it is a free jailbreak tweak available on Cydia’s ModMyi repo. Share your thoughts and comments regarding Pluck below.

  • jose castro

    i like it, but don’t like the interface..

  • mdee4

    When I select a song with Pluck, it just plays that one song on repeat. This happen for anyone else?

    • jose castro

      yea.. thats one of the reason why i dont like the interface..

    • Don’t like it too for that reason. Needs to be more like the normal pop up. Where you can set random songs by artist and play entire albums or maybe just open up the damn app till someone makes a decent tweak. This is good and nice. They obviously knew what to do. But if they didn’t want to loose people, I’d say open it up to allow for more than just one song. Maybe an option whereas if you select an artists or album or playlist or song, it gives the option to resume playback if what it was already playing afterwards? Say your listening to an artist you really love. But want to play one song and get back to your playlist? That’s a cool option. I’d so be into this. Then it would be like a good cyque

      • Totally agree! Just like how iTunes 11 handles playing songs!

      • raviraj

        Have you tried Pluck 1.1.1 yet?

  • MattXD162

    This + Cyueue = some good stuff could happen

  • This has promise. Once all the kinks are ironed out this will be great I’m still waiting to see what LSBack (or what ever the tweak Jeff previewed in his video was called – I forget) is like. Hopefully Pluck can bring iPad support as well though as I do like it but it is beyond unusable on an iPad…

  • arrontaylor

    i got rid of my jailbreak cause i got bored with it, now all these good tweaks are coming out fml

    • Yeah. Remember its down the street. 🙂 seriously. You never know what’s next. I get bored too. But I’d rather have my existing tweaks. Plus there’s thousands of tweaks that probably will never get discussed on here. Doesn’t mean they aren’t out there. I have fun just digging around and finding jewels. 🙂

  • I have it love it no probs

  • wonderboydave

    if u have 5.1.1 the tweak doesnt look good. the interface goes over the beginning or end of the volume bar. why I stayed on 5.1.1? battery drain on 6.1.2

    • If simply restrict most of your apps to not do data all the time it’s fine. I’ve got mine to auto remove mail when I’m not using it. Mail, phone, Facebook are the worst about running without limit. If you think other apps are bad try having your mail consistently in sync with outlook when it’s over 10 apps old in the background. That’s one thing I no longer let happen. Regained roughly 2 hours doing that.

  • Charles Pugliesi Conti

    Could be cool to acces Spotify songs as well !!! 😉

    • What’s up with spotify? Am I missing something big? Everyone keeps mentioning it.

      • Spotify is a supreme music streaming service which was created in Sweden. Has tons of songs, offline mode for premium users and high bitrate for music 😀

      • Cool. Not for me. I like tweaks. Not music. Thank you. I’m glad that I now know.

      • SweKiwi


    • Crap, I just said that too. 😀

  • Sahil

    What if the lock code is enabled? Does it bypass the unlock screen or directly to the music pop up?

    • Neither. It pulls a music list in top if the lock screen. It separate from the music app. It does use key features and the bulk is the music app. But it’s never inside passed the lock screen.

  • Chris Rock

    Hey Jeff I like your Lockscreen-Wallpaper. Would you share it?

    • Just go to Settings>Brightness & Wallpaper>Wallpaper menu>Wallpaper and it’s there (It’s a default iOS wallpaper)

      • Chris Rock

        Ah great!! Thanks…I don’t knew it :D…that was too easy 😀

  • Sahil

    Sadly doesn’t work with cyueue

    • Don’t like cyque. It doesn’t feel right.

    • raviraj

      It now has an option in Settings to enable “Pick Multiple Songs”, so you might not need Cyueue with Pluck anymore. Enjoy!

      • Sahil

        I removed pluck.. So ur saying that a new update includes playlist and things??

  • bloodshed

    this takes like 5 seconds to show up after clicking the icon, which is so annoying!
    is it just me or what!

    • Must be you. 2 things: it could be you have something really crappy for new jailbreak like 3rd generation IDE ice or bad ram space. Either way you might want a new device. Even my iPod 4 touch used to be kick ass until evasion. No offense but it ran better on 5.x and absinthe. But it happens. My i5 is perfect compared to the touch.

  • Spotify integration would be fantastic.

  • Jeff, charge your phone 🙂

  • I really like the idea but after all the reviews,, before i start to use it i hope that they update it with features that will make us all happy which I know that they can do in no time.

  • SweKiwi

    In Sweden most people ONLY use Spotify. Useless to swedes I suppose 🙂

  • SweKiwi

    Useless since almost 99% of swedes use Spotify.