Curved glass iPhone (Nickolay Lamm, Matteo Gianni 001)

I take it you recall a recent concept render showcasing what a colorized budget iPhone might look like? You know, the one envisioning a super nice translucent polycarbonate body akin to Apple’s famous G3 iMac all-in-one lineup that helped save the firm from certain death? Concept artists Nickolay Lamm and Matteo Gianni who were behind that one are back at it and have just dreamt up a futuristic looking iPhone with a rounded body that just very slightly seems to resemble Nokia’s design language for its Lumia series…

The design duo reminds us that Apple actually envisioned curved surfaces in a patent filing from 2011 which calls for losing the iconic Home and volume buttons and use of an AMOLED display and rounded design in order to create “an illusion of depth perception” capable of “mimicking a 3D experience.”

Lamm added:

The form factor of smartphones has not changed since 2007. However, why can’t smartphones utilize both sides of the surface rather than just one?

By the way, the New York Times reported last year that Apple was developing a curved-glass device. And people in the know claim the company had worked on a curved-glass iPhone before, but halted production due to allegedly prohibitively pricey manufacturing.

Just be careful not to take this nice (or fugly, depending on your point of view) render for granted: nobody but a tightly knit inner circle of Apple executives is privy to classified information concerning the next iPhone.

And with all the crazy rumors flying around, it’s so easy to lose perspective and start daydreaming.

As my friend Mark Gurman put it on Twitter: welcome to the Apple rumor world – Photoshopp’d renders based off of Photoshopped “leaks.”

I like this new concept, but am not sold on curved-glass cell phones.

I mean, rounded corners are one thing, but this…

Tell me again: why would I want to have my screen image bent and distorted, unless of course the curvature of the display is just barely noticeable?

On the flip side, I’m loving those touch-enabled volume up and down buttons on the side, though these wouldn’t be very practical either. Apple is unlikely to ever come out with this design and Lamm has created as sort of illustration of what the patent may look like in real life so don’t get all worked up.

  • jose castro

    all i can say is yukkk

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  • ugly !!

  • CrashD

    Not pretty

  • A phone like that doesn’t make sense at all.

    Apple watch? Maybe… a Phone? No!

  • That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Anyone who thinks that is pretty has a bad taste in design.

    • jose castro

      second that

    • Well Samsung does 🙂 so you know now how they think of things 🙂

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    Pretty? you mean ugly!

    Now you guys are just trying to get views.

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  • lol

  • Zorvage

    I don’t see how this would be more useful. In fact, how would you even type in this kind of phone?

  • Kyle Adams

    I’m into it

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    When I find a word worse than ugly I will return and I will put it here

  • KyRuMo

    I don’t GAF what the hardware looks like, update the 7 year OS please

  • Todd Pollack

    So technology spends over 50 years to finally change curved TV screens to flat and now they think we want to go back?

  • eew!!

  • Jordi Bull

    its super thick

  • It would be KOOL if the back was flat like the iPhone 5 back is. It doesn’t need to be made or look the same way as the iPhone 5 back is but if its flat like the iPhone 5 back is that would be KOOL.

  • I remember when everybody on here thought the iPhone 4 was so ugly. That was until the iPhone 4 was actually released of course.

  • I don’t understand the point of wrap around screens imagine a curved screen how difficult it will be to use it the only thing good I see in wrap around screens is folding it and putting it into your pocket

  • Tomas

    It’s not pretty. It’s like something is hidden inside. Something more interesting than design.

  • Al Jay Aoas

    Looks like a deodorant stick to me. I think its only appropriate because the idea stinks.