ios 7 concept

Word has it that iOS 7 is going be receiving a system-wide makeover, courtesy of the human interface team’s new leader Jony Ive. The changes are reportedly so big that developers with ‘carry’ privileges have a filter on their devices to conceal them.

Of course, we won’t know what iOS 7 really looks like until Apple unveils it this summer. But that’s not going to stop designers from creating concepts that illustrate what they think it could look like. And we’ve got another great one for you today…

This iOS 7 concept comes from F. Bianco and it’s actually pretty impressive. Instead of just making a 10-second clip about 1 or 2 features, he’s put together a 4 minute video packed full of several features including widgets, Mission Control and more.

While I think most folks are hoping for a bigger UI change than this, I don’t think many would argue if Apple added in some of these features. I particularly like the biteSMS-like ‘quick reply’ one. It looks like it belongs in iOS, and would be very useful.

I also think Bianco’s take on widgets is interesting. They pop up from their respective app’s icons, so they don’t take up any space on the Home screen. But they still serve their purpose, providing useful information without users having to launch the app.

The Lock screen stuff is pretty standard—jailbreak tweaks that perform similar functions have been around for a while now. But I like the Download and Shelf and Mission Control features. Though I’m sure if Apple did them, they’d do them more elegantly.

I’m trying not to get my hopes up for iOS 7. Apple has a track record for doing small, iterative updates. But between the growing competition from Samsung and Google, and the recent chatter regarding iOS 7 delays, that’s getting harder and harder to do.

What do you think about Bianco’s iOS 7 concept?

  • wonderboydave

    well iOS 6 was pretty much released in the same year when OS X stopped innovating and started just doing minimal updates/tweaks to its services.. hoping iOS 7 can really break out of its shell and impress us again.. or im moving to android.. (joke joke) but seriously apple step up yo game!

  • Antzboogie

    Finally apple catching up to Cydia some of these features have been available as tweaks since the first JailBreak.

  • iOS 7 Less creative concept that feature all the jailbreak ..

  • Whatever

    only concept. never happen

  • All they need to do is make cydia a part of ios. They’ll create the best OS, without doing anything

  • Diego Gastón Milano

    I don’t like any of these concepts at all. Maybe the lock screen toggles; for the rest… no, thanks.

  • If developers are having to cover up iOS 7 then the changes must be huge, I am really hoping for a complete redesign. It would also be nice if they redesigned it in a way that no one has ever thought of.

  • Joe Bobbins

    A great song was used for the video. One of my favourite songs.

  • Zaki

    If IOS 7 is like this i will not jailbreak my Iphone

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    Looks more like jailbreak tweaks than iOS 7 concept.

  • LOVE THIS. Only complaint is to make mission control more iOS ish

  • Brent

    I don’t even see the point of these new iOS’ anymore. An iPhone that isn’t jailbroken is pointless and inconvenient. I’m still on iOS 5.1.1 and the only reason I even upgraded to it from iOS 4.3.3 was because there was a really useful tweak I wanted off of Cydia. Apple is so far behind feature-wise it’s laughable. They tout their new features which the JB community has had for years haha. iOS 6 was worthless and should have been called iOS 5.1.2. Also Apple’s stock theme is garbage compared to EPHIDiOS5. I could never go back.

  • I can see apple hiring this guy. Some good concepts that I can see apple polishing.

  • Russel H

    What’s so impressive? All this guy has done is taken a bunch of jailbreak features that already exist and restyled them to match the stock theme. Any of the devs that created these tweaks could have done this…If this guy actually came with some original ideas okay then but this ain’t shiit.

  • i would like to see what the new iOS 7 And the New Features That Come With it

  • on what devices will it work?