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Despite the fact that it has numerous challengers, Apple’s Safari has dominated the mobile browser space. And that continues to be the case today, according to a new report from web analytics firm Net Applications.

The firm’s data, which stems from its web network that sees more than 160 million visits to more than 40,000 websites each month, shows that last month, Safari accounted for 61.79% of the mobile browser traffic…

Its closest competitor was Google’s Android browser, which accounted for 21.86% share of Web traffic in March. And that after that came Opera Mini, which is multi-platform, at 8.4% and then Chrome at about 2.5%.

Looking at the rest of the field in the graphic above, you can see that mobile Safari isn’t just ahead of its competitors—it’s lightyears ahead. In fact, it has more than double the marketshare of everyone else combined.

In addition to showing Safari’s dominance on iOS (it is the default), the data also again proves iOS’ dominance in mobile web usage. Android may sell more devices, but folks don’t seem to be using them to browse the web.

What’s your web browsing device of choice?

(via AllThingsD)

  • Interesting that Chrome is so low seeing that it comes already installed on some Android devices. I’ve used Android for a little while & their default browser is terrible.

    • Arjan Vlek

      Probably most android phones are only used for whatsapp & facebook?

      • I salute you my friend…that’s a true story !

        and since Whatsapp is gonna start paid subscriptions….the android people will stop using that !

    • Chrome is not Android’s default, at least not since 4.1

    • zat is true 😀 iphone 5s or 6 better be good i want to get rid of galaxy s3 and also go back to safari

  • PoconoChuck

    I use Chrome on iOS; but then I am waiting for my contract to run out to get an Android phone.

    • Stanley Traub

      Hey it would help me if you could tell me why u are switching to android. I need some good examples to own crapple fanboys.

      • Because it just…crashes better.

      • Damian W


      • he cant afford an iphone lol

      • because you require one more software – Anti Virus

      • Stanley Traub

        And your point is? At least try to not make a complete idiot of yourself when refuting knowledgeable people’s points. Just a thought 🙂

  • M Last

    I tried every single of browsers on iOS.but always come back to Safari :)LOL

    safari much faster & smoother

    • Damian W

      Safari will always work better. It might offer fewer functions but ultimately all comes down to browsing experience. None of the other browsers can compete with Safari since it is apple-made product for apple device. Same goes for Safari on OSX or iTunes. When they are used on windows they look pretty bad, but on OSX they are the gems.

      • totally agree with you, bro !

        I just hope Apple incorporates a unibar, download manager, and extension support in MobileSafari !

      • Damian W

        We can forget about extensions for now. But i hope for the distant future

      • Hyr3m

        You’re right, it all comes down to the browsing experience and with fewer functions any more-or-less “power-user” knows to stay far away from that piece of shit that is safari.

    • Exactly! Its easy to use, i dont use google chrome but i have downloaded it but my finger straightly goes to safari.

    • shar

      from what I know, apple has intentionally made it so other browsers will be slower (ie why firefox doesn’t want to come to ios) ergo safari wouldn’t become outdated, however I personally use chrome most of the time, solely because of number of tabs I can have in it, sometimes when I am looking for something I end up opening 30+ tabs, in safari I constantly have to check so I don’t open more than 8 tabs or if I did I should start thinking ok which tab did I loose 🙂

    • Tom

      Try Chrome + Nitrous tweak. It lets Chrome use Safari’s Nitro JavaScript engine. Well worth 99c.

      And put Chrome in the dock where Safari was… you soon get used to it. I even have an extension that opens links from e-mail, Facebook, etc in Chrome. 🙂

  • What would amazon’s browser be under?

  • Joe Bobbins

    My favourite is Mercury Web Browser.
    It allows you to: Have fullscreen mode, set any page as a homescreen,
    choose whatever search engine you want, appply themes,
    change the user agent, print quickly, change the font size and brightness quickly and so much more things that Safari can’t do.

  • iDon’tWantToShareMyDetails

    Not that big of a surprise, since its coming pre-installed with iPhone and its more than a decent browser. I tried Chrome and even with the help of Nitrous its still slow and sluggish. I’m not sure if this is a trend i’m seeing, but apart from Youtube i haven’t seen a snappy and responsive app for iPhone from Google.

  • in the URL bar says “browsa” 🙂

  • Khalid Mehmood Awan

    mobile users should have a seperate graph. Safari is getting advantage due to iPad, iPhone etc.

  • Im have had 4 year iphone experience, and in my opinion, default browser in my current note 2 is smoothly on par with ios safari, needless to say screen real estate in note 2 make its browsing amazing

  • If only Chrome or Opera was allowed to be coded to root with nitro javascript, I would never touch Safari.

  • Safari + swipe safari + safari swipez + grid tabs + onnibar + nitrous = boss nasty Safari internet pwnage

    • Damian W

      +adblocker…….. = few crashes, some lags, occasional loading problems ;P just saying.

      • +adblocker! and no mine doesnt have those problems really

  • No

    I think those ‘statistics’ are false. Quite a few Android users use Chrome instead of the stock Android browser, and a lot of iOS users have started ironically using Chrome as well. I am pretty positive 2% is way, way to low.