Safari continues to dominate the mobile browser space

net applications mobile browser

Despite the fact that it has numerous challengers, Apple’s Safari has dominated the mobile browser space. And that continues to be the case today, according to a new report from web analytics firm Net Applications.

The firm’s data, which stems from its web network that sees more than 160 million visits to more than 40,000 websites each month, shows that last month, Safari accounted for 61.79% of the mobile browser traffic…

Its closest competitor was Google’s Android browser, which accounted for 21.86% share of Web traffic in March. And that after that came Opera Mini, which is multi-platform, at 8.4% and then Chrome at about 2.5%.

Looking at the rest of the field in the graphic above, you can see that mobile Safari isn’t just ahead of its competitors—it’s lightyears ahead. In fact, it has more than double the marketshare of everyone else combined.

In addition to showing Safari’s dominance on iOS (it is the default), the data also again proves iOS’ dominance in mobile web usage. Android may sell more devices, but folks don’t seem to be using them to browse the web.

What’s your web browsing device of choice?

(via AllThingsD)