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What voice-recognition did for the iPhone 4S, fingerprints will do for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5S, one technology analyst is telling investors. For the second time, an Apple observer forecasts a fingerprint sensor as a key feature of a new iPhone expected this summer. Such a sensor would let iPhone 5S owners use their fingerprints instead of passwords, as well as open the possibility of mobile credit card payments, according to a Wednesday report…

Analyst Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets made the comments after touring parts suppliers in China and Taiwan, reports AppleInsider, which obtained the analyst’s research note.

The analyst described a fingerprint sensor devoted to “essential security purposes.”

White likened a fingerprint sensor to the introduction of Siri along with the 4S, becoming a key selling point for the iPhone 5S which White believes will appear in July.

He also linked the sensor to another highly-rumored Apple device, the iWatch. According to the analyst, the iWatch would also read users’ fingerprints

And in a comment meant to suggest the iWatch is more than speculation, White described “early signs of movement in the supply chain,” according to the tech blog.


This is not the first mention of fingerprint sensors being part of a future iPhone.

Earlier this year, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said Apple would include such a sensor under the iPhone 5S home button.

Talk of adding a fingerprint sensor to the iPhone also gained credibility after Apple paid $356 million to acquire AuthenTec.

The company produced smart sensors which let fingerprint readers be included under touchscreen displays. White also added to the long-running debate over whether Apple will introduce a television set.

According to the analyst, Apple plans an “iRing” which when worn on a user’s finger, helps any iTV detect motion.

  • Well, if this is true . Bring it it on !

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    I stopped reading at ‘Analyst’..

    • You would have read this “Apple paid $356 million to acquire AuthenTec.”

      • Mohammad Ridwan

        Apple won’t implement it this fast… specially after the Siri fiasco.. They’ll take their time to make it right.. plus there isn’t huge demand for this among the consumers either.. this year will about the software..

      • I beg you to tell me what makes you think apple has not been developing this solution for quite some time now?

        I believe it’s going to be about the software and some hardware cardy. Software alone doesn’t sell new equipment

      • Mohammad Ridwan

        I guess time will tell.. We can all speculate, but really that’s all we can do.. So calm down and wait. There are other hardware beside a finger print gimmick.

      • Telling someone to calm down is so rude. You said your comment with such a ‘matter of a fact’ vibe that he wanted some explanation.

      • A lot of products were not a demand, but after a release, it rather seemed really inconvenient without the product. (e.g. Microsoft releasing a mouse for their Windows product).

      • Fingerprint will indeed make a debut. Its a pattern which is followed by Apple in “s” line. S always have a better camera and a big feature. LOL its obvious.

    • Would You Please Shut The Hell Up

  • Good to hear! Now no more shitty code password! Just touch n hold and unlock your device!

    • MrShutEmDown

      I can see MANY women going through their boyfriends phones by just grabbing their hand in their sleep and putting it on the phone.

      • Lol thats true, maybe we can set double passcode then..

      • iospixel

        Two step verification anyone? 🙂

      • jgr627

        Whoa that never crossed my mind guess I’m a sleep with some tight ass gloves j/k

      • Hahaha!

  • way to early in my opinion. where would they place the scanner with design and elegance?

    • Read the post again .. (Here’s a Clue)
      The bit about it being placed under the gone button..

      • Or under the screen. Makes me wonder if some people even read the articles here or just the title!

    • Chindavon

      I’m pretty sure people said the same thing about an all touch screen cell phone.

  • This would be break through technology IMO. It’s something to be patented and could put apple back where it belongs… above Samsung.

    • @dongiuj

      Finger print reading is already available on a phone in Japan. Has been for a few months now. It’s already broken through.

  • akicyron

    I believe “Analyst” are drunk when they make such speculations..

    • apple have few patents on that king of hardware (they bought a small company)… that’s why they “speculate”..

  • To be honest i was an apple fanboy i had 3g , 3gs , 4 and then switched to android because it was being bored same lockscreen same icons same theme same “features” . Androd may have some features copied but its the best !
    Updates makes androd unstoppable , now i have a samsung galaxy s2 and i can change to custom rom as many time i want this is the missing point to apple
    create new gui , new lockscreen there’s no change from 1st iOS to iOS 6 !
    And if you wonder why i follow idbg there is an answer i still work with iphones in service of phones.
    Get up apple …


      • Ben

        Joe, have you ever realised how stupid your comments sound?

    • “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

  • SEAUte

    I would rather just have NFC. fingerprint isn’t needed

    • I don’t really see any use for NFC as much though.

      • SEAUte

        I think that depends on where you live. I take public transportation which uses isus so all the android users can quickly tap their phones and pay where as I have to stop and buy a ticket first. I see other uses as this technology grows. I can see more uses for NFC than say SIRI in the future. That gimmick was fun for a couple weeks and now I never use it.

    • how about never typing a stupid password again?…

      • SEAUte

        That depends on how long it would take to process. I can get through my password screen fairly quickly

      • still just touching it and DOOONE! is easier… I was not talking about the lockscreen alone… passwords in general… email.. sign in… etc.


  • It won’t be on iPhone 5S
    That’s and iPhone 6 feature

  • Where would they put the ugky scanner?!

    • Guest

      Under the home botton, so it does’t lose the Sexyness

  • felixtaf

    I think finger print sensor will be more useful than thermometer, barometer and alti meter etc…

  • There is no further research necessary in terms of the fingerprint technology being implemented as Authentec is THE leading manufacturer of fingerprint sensors, both touch and capacitive swipe sensors. Apple purchased the company with every intension of implementing their fingerprint technology into their product line, and also controlling supply of the sensors to other manufacturers. Authentec is the primary manufacturer and supplier of most all fingerprint sensors currently integrated into mobile electronics, including mobile phones and laptops. Authentec was also the developer of very secure embedded data encryption technology(software) that apple almost immediately sold off for a cool $48M following the their purchase of Authentec. In addition to fingerprint sensor technology, Authentec also owns NFC technology that is integrated with their biometric technologies. Therefore, with both technologies combined, Authentecs purchase by apple make it the perfect solution to fill the missing link in the iPhone feature set.