ios 7 lock screen concept

While we’ve heard plenty of chatter regarding the next-generation iPhone, we’ve heard next to nothing about the next version of iOS. Until today, that is. New information concerning iOS 7 popped up this afternoon in an interesting Branch thread.

The conversation consisted of several well-known Apple Insiders, including iMore’s Rene Ritchie and Daring Fireball’s John Gruber. And according to their sources, iOS is set to receive a system-wide UI overhaul this year, if it ever gets finished…

Here’s the actual comment from Gruber, who has proven in the past to have credible sources inside Apple:

“What I’ve heard: iOS 7 is running behind, and engineers have been pulled from OS X 10.9 to work on it. (Let me know if you’ve heard this song before.

Regarding Ive: Word on the street is that iOS engineers with carry privileges all have some sort of polarizing filter on their iPhone displays, such that it greatly decreases viewing angles, thus making it difficult for observers to see the apparently rather significant system-wide UI overhaul.”

And Ritchie, who also has an extremely accurate track record in recent years, adds:

“Ive’s work is apparently making many people really happy, but will also apparently make rich-texture-loving designers sad.

If true, this is great news for those who feel that the iOS user interface is getting a bit long in the tooth. Since Apple launched the original iPhone, the core design of its operating system hasn’t changed much, which has prompted complaints from users.

They got a renewed since of hope, though, when news broke last fall that Scott Forstall would be leaving Apple, and design expert Jony Ive would become the leader of the company’s Human Interface team. And it appears that new hope was warranted.

The Branch conversation also yielded some other interesting Apple intel as well. For example, it looks like we’ll see a media event in April for the mini-like iPad 5. And apparently there’s a strong possibility that the new iPhone will have a biometric scanner.

Here’s MG Siegler on the topic:

“Since we’re talking whispers, the one thing I’ve heard multiple times now is about some sort of biometric scanner on the new iPhone.Perhaps not surprising given the AuthenTec buy — but surprised it would be this soon. Still, have heard it could be a big part of not only authentication, but payments of some sort (maybe even through Passbook) down the road. The most intriguing whisper: that Apple could charge a fee for devs to use it.”

And this is probably the biggest one for me. Up until now, talk of the iPhone 5S featuring a built-in fingerprint scanner has come in the form of wild analyst predictions. I’m still fairly skeptical myself, but these guys obviously have strong credentials.

At any rate, it looks like the next few months just got a whole lot more exciting. It’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out, especially if iOS 7 is running behind. If Apple is planning to release the new iPhone in June, would it do so without the new OS?

What do you make of all of this?

  • abbyruleover

    Take all the time you need! Don’t do a scott forstall again. Make it good!

    • JoblessGuy2

      Honestly, Forstall wasn’t all bad. Only a few places (Game Center and Find my Friends being the most obvious ones, along with the new damned Settings app) were BAD. Everything else was, and is really good, even now. He got fired due to the Maps debacle and the fact that his vociferous mindset fit nicely with Jobs, and with him gone, Fortstall was alienated.

      • He was very good.. . social media and idiot geeks are inflating everything

      • Mustang5Oh

        Agreed, Forstall was great. Everyone loved him till he got fired.

      • Kurt

        Very true. Fanboys agree with whatever apple says/does. That was pathetic. He did a fine job. Apple apps are mediocre but thats probably just to push you to buy a third party app. I get that. What I don’t get is why love the guy and then once Apple gets rid of him, these people have no mind for themselves then all hate him. My feeling about him hasn’t changed. Be a leader not a follower people

      • Raj

        Why are you pulling the fanboys legs always???

      • Kurt

        I wouldn’t even pull their legs with your hands. You’re clearly confusing me with someone else.

      • Raj

        Did I say with my hands??? Learn some English…

      • Kurt

        It’s an expression. I wouldn’t touch her, I wouldn’t touch her even with your hands. See this person who needs to learn English just taught you English. Twit.

      • Raj

        Shut up nitwit.

      • Kurt


      • because he undergoing Financial issues 🙁

        He can’t afford an iPhone ( not even a iPod Touch) and thus lacks the feel of experiencing Apple Apps. 😛

        Let the dogs bark.

      • I never likes what he was doing to iOS. I was waiting for a new guy to take his place.

      • JoblessGuy2

        You realize that with iOS and OS X (where he started working at Apple), Forstall has worked on two of the biggest operating ever, being in command of making one from scratch? What iOS is now is as much Forstall as it is Ive and Jobs, if not more.

        Don’t criticize the guy for no reason.

        For all we know, not signing the Maps apology is the only reason for his being fired, along with crazy internal politics. Firing someone for his love of skeuomorphism is stupid, and even more stupider when the guy isn’t even in charge of design, and never was. And the only reason that so many people dislike him now is because they felt that Apple couldn’t have fired him wrongly.

        My love for Apple and Ive’s work notwithstanding, firing Forstall is the worst decision Apple seem to have made of late.

        I’d love nothing more than to see him, Sinofsky and Rubin come together and form a Justice League of sorts of software engineers and make their own OS.

      • JoblessGuy2

        He was the chief of iOS software. What do you mean when you say you “didn’t like his work”? You don’t like iOS? Or OS X, where he started?

  • Dado

    Would be time for it.

  • Apple better increase battery life with the next gen iPhone, and add something similar such as NC settings and gridlock i hate go to settings to manage those little things.

    • NCSettings is seriously the best cydia tweak EVER !

      They should reposition their NC, make it more like OS X’s NC because once Apple incorporates NCSettings-like widget in pull down NC, then Samsung will sue them.

      • Mr. Dumb

        NCsettings is a nice tweak but best cydia tweak ever??? Are you high?


        better ?

  • Damian W

    I am praying for iOS to look and work more like OSX. It will be something revolutionary once again after many years.

    • Liam Mulcahy

      Me too

    • Kurt

      What ever happens, I guarantee, nearly everyone on this site will say it is very ugly. Then once fanboys get on their phones/in their hands they will say it is beautiful. Everyone else will be be honest whether they like it or not. I’m nervous with the talk of a flat design. I love tiles in windows phone but don’t like the flat design. I prefer Windows 8 tiles. But flat design in general? I think its so boring looking. I am looking forward to something new. I really hope I like it.

      • It is never ugly, even now it is not ugly, boring yes, ugly no. Not the same thing. Apple dont do ugly, its proven when every of their designs get copied. Including how Samsung copied its app layout design.

    • i wish they could change at least the icons

      • yeah … no more round cornered, more like OS X, custom icons

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      Please add quick compose and reply for iMessage via N.Center for iOS 7

  • 笑傲江湖


    • Om Soni

      Shing shong ming long? 😉

      • so ignorant

      • i’m chinese which would make my translation more credible.

        the author merely said;
        ching chong chang

      • Kurt

        He said four syllables. Your mandarin/Cantonese sucks

      • Kurt

        it’s CHUN-something-something-MYUNG. Not sure how to spell it though

      • Damian W

        Clearly, I believe you.

    • iamnotfan

      Sung ting wong

    • Front row, leaving a?

  • iOS 5 and 6 were rather underwhelming. It would be nice for Apple to finally give consumers what they want – customization and convenience.

    As far as hardware goes… we really need better battery life and more RAM. 2GB seems to be the new standard for Android flagship devices – I would be more than satisfied with 2GB. We also need a bump from 64GB max storage to 128GB max – I can’t imagine going back to a 16GB iPhone after purchasing the 32GB… and now the 32GB does not seem like enough.

    So: customization, battery life, RAM, and increase storage. All the rest of the bells and whistles are just extraneous I could care less about NFC or fingerprint, or “follow where I am looking” or “wave my hand to do stuff” – that is extra stuff that will drain the battery.


    • Manuel Molina

      I would rather stay to 1 GB ram and get a better battery.

      Remember, the reason why most of us like iOS is because even with 516 RAM, iOS runs better than Jellybean on 2 GB RAM and a Snapdragon processor. Better yet, iOS runs better with even lower specs and has rare freezes or stops, but the battery just sucks.

      • More RAM = more gooder. The CPU and GPU are great we just need a few minor upgrades and we are sitting pretty. Just because we can get away with less RAM does not mean that we should settle for less RAM. My iMac came with 4GB and I updated to OWC’s 16GB immediately – made a HUGE difference in performance — can’t wait to ship the iMac out to them in a few months for a super 6G SSD and a 7200RPM 3TB HDD. Never settle for “good enough”.

      • Manuel Molina

        More RAM, more CPU useage, bigger battery drain. That’s why android loads their phones with those huge batteries.

      • Mustang5Oh

        EXACTLY! If android phones didn’t have big batteries they would die in no time. I had the S3 which has a bigger battery than iPhone 5 yet my iPhone lasts much longer than S3 ever did.

      • Kurt


      • genXhippie

        Not true, at all.

      • I don’t really agree with this statement. I have a buddy with a GNote1, GNote2, GS3 and they are beasts when it comes to heavy usage.

      • Lordthree

        Are you not managing your Bluetooth and brightness options? I get all day battery life under damn near constant use.

      • Manuel Molina

        Don’t use Bluetooth nor high brightness, push emails, Facetime, iMessage, and kill apps. The iPhone battery just sucks.

      • Mustang5Oh

        I disagree. The battery life on my iPhone 5 is great.

      • Kurt

        Same here. If you use bluetooth, brighscreen, play videos or games. It wont last half a day even. I played gangstar for a litlte bit yesterday and it dropped big time. I won’t play games like gangstart or 9mm while I’m out. I need a phone to make calls. And you can do both with the iPhone unless you have a man purse and carry a charger with you (which I won’t).

      • I agree with this – I have minimal optional stuff going on in the background and barely use any tweaks. I actually compare RAM and battery usage before and after a tweak install to help me decide on whether or not I’m gonna keep it.

      • Damian W

        Thats nearly impossible for 99% iPhone users. If I constantly use my phone it will most likely die after 5-7 hours.

      • Kurt

        I wish Sebasten and crew would write posts about the crap battery and lack of features. Other blogs would pick up on it and it would pressure Apple to fix these things.

      • Damian W

        From what I heard they dont really complain about battery. Sebastien was saying he barely uses his phone for heavy duty tweaks and Jeff is always home charging his phone.

      • Kurt


        true. I remember them saying it. But they should do it for us. And who knows, one day they might be out and about and use their phone, run out of juice. Then they would know what we go through. 😛

      • genXhippie

        You have a very good point imo.

      • Kurt

        try playing a game like Six guns/Gangstar. your battery will drop so fast. You won’t make it past 2 hours. Apple should make their phones bigger and use that space for the battery. Thats another good reason I’m going to buy the Note 3. Gigantic battery. lasts forever. even if you watch videos/play games like Gangstar for hours. Apple needs to learn about batteries. Then give us real multitasking as battery is less of a concern.

      • Theres nothing to learn, their Battery is top notch, its all about the space they have to work with, More space = bigger battery = more mAh, its logic. Look at the space available in the Note 2 for their battery. The iDB admins Sebastian and Jeff dont complain because they are realistic, they compare with all other smartphones and usually iPhone 5’s battery life win, with the exception of Note 2, the GS3 tests show it is roughly the same if not slightly better only, HTC has been known for its abysmal battery life, and the joke is that they always use a bigger battery in terms of mAh.

      • No. We need new tech. The batteries that Apple and everyone else are using are old tech and IMO are way outdated. There are other options on the table and the drawing board that would revolutionize battery life. Another option is to make processors more efficient which would increase battery life.

      • of course its better to have new tech to increase battery life and still keep the battery size small. All i was saying is that everyone is using pretty much the same type of Lithium Polymer battery which the size in mAh depends on the physical size of the battery.

      • Damian W

        Just recently I replaced my 2 year old battery for the new one and there is almost no difference. It dies in similar rate. That tells me the battery is pretty old tech.

      • iphone5 with ios6.1.2 has fantastic battery best of any iPhone

      • Manuel Molina

        Have 6.1.2 – barely get the day. I have to watch what I use on small use.

    • LP918

      I completely agree, mostly about customization. I wish Apple would just open their eyes and see the new ideas Android and the JB community have been introducing, and actually incorporate them into iOS.

    • Kurt

      I was fine with iOS 5. Siri was ok, it does somethings well-key word some. I was happy with notifications and notification center, and dictation comes in handy when you are walking (I used it this morning on my way to work). But iOS 6 was terrible. Maps was crap when it came out, many other bugs, worst being terrible battery drain. Now, Maps is good for me. They finally gave us navigation. And now we don’t have to use Apple’s made Youtube app and Apple’s Maps app. Googles Youtube App is awesome, and beautiful.

      • Yeah… Google maps is a God-send! If you couple it with MapsOpener then you are golden. I ditched YouTube’s 3rd party app because my feed is now clogged with what YouTube thinks I should watch – Jasmine is a great little app that does exactly what I want. Its free, but I donated the $1.99 (completely optional) to support the dev.

    • iDon’tWantToShareMyDetails

      We all want flying cars doesn’t mean we have them.

      You want more performance out of your device and yet more battery life, the solution is in the middle. I don’t think iPhone needs a 2GB RAM unless the price difference between 1/2GB is abysmal and the power is relatively the same.

      But more to the point why do you need more ram? Have you ever felt the drastic need and the wake-up call “I need 2GB RAM to do this” or you just prefer to make a nice table and whatever Android have you want it too?

      NFC could’ve been easily implemented in iPhone 5, the problem is that the places where you can actually use it are countable on one hand. Believe it or not Apple hires professional to plan and build your product.

      • It would be nice to play a game, “freeze-dry” it, go about my day, and pick it back up at night in the same “freeze-dried” state that I left it in. My 4S does not do this due to RAM limitations.

      • perfect example and IOS does not let any games sit in pauses state all day lol they will quit.. we need 100% backgrounding option

    • RAM increases are for spec sheets only.
      Yes someday the iphone will need more, but the 4S with 512MB still runs fine with iOS 6, not to mention the 5 with 1GB.
      honestly who cares what android does.

      • 4p0c4lyps3

        Obviously, you don’t play games on ur idevice. RAM is imperative.

      • I played infinity blade and real racing and others when i had a 4S, and they ran fine. what improvement would 2GB ram bring?

        sure in a few years as games/graphics/etc increase even more, but as things stand theres no rush

      • fram rate texture quality draw distance… number of characters on screen and physics complexity all benefit from more and faster ram

      • 4p0c4lyps3

        Well put joe. +1

      • 4p0c4lyps3

        Ok, well, play Modern Combat 4 multiplayer on your 4s then play on 5. No comparison. New games are constantly pushing the capabilities of devices beyond their limits. More ram is always welcome. Makes everything faster.

      • ram and 3d graphics rendering power as seen in the weak ipad3 retina performance vs the ipad4 with screening retina graphics..

  • Curtis

    i really hope its not like that photo above, looks like windows phone UI or Android. I hate that “flat” design.

    • Manuel Molina

      With Ivy, it’s what will probably get but better than what we have now, you know?

      • Curtis

        I actually like the UI we have now, i just wish it could be enhanced or refined.

      • Manuel Molina

        Doubtful. It’s just yawn, yawn, yawn in my opinion and others now its 7 years old.

    • Liam Mulcahy

      Jony Ive won’t do that

    • Damian W

      Apple sticks to traditions and they would not change UI to something that does not feel Apple. If they change drastically it is gonna look more OSX, most of us are familiar with OSX and because of this it would be easy to use even for new users.

  • Karl

    I agree, the current UI is just so boring. And new UI and new iPhone would cause a lot of fun!

    • I wouldnt say boring but little feautureless , dont know why i still love ios ui glossy look rather than android ui and windows ui

      • Kurt

        VERY featureless. My favorite UI design is from webOS

      • ReanimationXP

        UI in webOS is ok but it got old quickly as well. Same gray color on everything.

      • Kurt

        Beautiful gray. Can’t get old quickly like iOS. It was more than just an app launcher and it had more than just the springboard. Obviously you never used it

      • ReanimationXP

        Yes, I’ve obviously never used it when I said it got old quickly.

        On top of that you’re saying “beautiful gray” can’t get old.. What’s it like to be a moron?

      • Kurt

        I’m enjoying it thank you

      • Damian W

        WebOS with the UI looks very similar to iOS. Something in between Android and iOS. It has the functionality of android and classy look of iOS. However, it does look a little bit old when compared to iOS. Of course multitasking makes me forget anything because it is the best thing i have even seen in mobile os.

      • Jay Kay

        we are on same boat

  • Manuel Molina

    Scott Forstall leaving seems like the biggest news to iOS since iOS in the first iphone. Lol.

    I’ll keep my news to iDB for the latest on this story, as I have been dying to see if we can finally get an iPhone that uses and shows what the phone is truly about, even with or without a jailbreak. The UI has been in need of major revamping, because it sucks to only see the wallpaper change and nothing else.

    • Kurt

      I hate all the light gray pinstripes everywhere. And don’t get me started on the lock screen that is 100% identical from 2007.

      • I hate the lockscreen! That is the first think I tweak when I jailbreak.

  • there’s only goodness to come out of this. i’m not anti-skeumorphism but you can compare the design language in google’s apps on iOS vs native iOS apps and feel the difference.

    the native clock app is half nice but the stopwatch & timer interface just irks me to no end. we can definitely do away with the FINAL FANTASY VII themed notification box too.


    • ReanimationXP

      Agreed notifications are stale looking. Customization is far better than a ‘flat ui’ change though. I’d like to be able to switch them up.

      • Kurt

        No more springboard with the stiff movement from one page to another. Think different Apple.

  • Damn – the UI in the picture above looks amazing! I don’t care really about the new model, I want a new experience.

    • ReanimationXP

      If you want a flat boring UI, get a Windows 8 phone. That looks like modern minimalistic crap.

  • LP918

    iOS is really falling behind, that’s not a question. I hope Ive and other important officials at Apple are pushing for more than just a long overdue UI change, but also for more JB tweaks incorporated into iOS.

    • Kurt

      SwipeSelect/SBSettings and do something different then the stupid spring board. Those three things are needed.

    • Damian W

      To me the strangest thing in iOS is that there is no brightness slider available the same way the volume is. Volume slider reappears in nearly 5 places in iOS (locksreen, switcher, vol buttons, iOS settings, music app and others.), yet brightness is in one place buried in settings (somewhere over the rainbow).

    • dedegarrido

      that is obviously going to happen… and according to rumors, it is going to be “the iOS” like iOS 5 upgrade was from iOS 4

  • LP918

    Another tidbit, could we please have Ayecon as the default iOS theme? 😛

    • If it came with some alternates to some of the icons they i would say yes! The main one for me is how ugly the phone app icon is on ayecon…

  • So now what the crack head apple fan that always say that apple is perfect without the need of change going to use now? If you just love using iphone and don’t always judge other os than im not talking about you.

  • Although some people say that Forstall wasn’t as bad as people say he was. He is that bad, back when up to the 2nd gen iPhone was released the world was a in a stage where things were still a bit retro and the ui of iOS suited it. But around the 3GS and 4 time the world was moving rapidly towards ultra modern objects, houses, furniture, and such. Forstall and Jobs saw fit to still keep the retro feel while Android was starting to adapt to this ultra modern society. The design of the iPhone suited society it was the ui that caused people to move away from the iPhone after the 4s. Now android design and the oem hardware suits the world and offer the flexibility that the world has now been accustomed to. Forstall was only digging the company’s grave by forcing the retro design to stay. Ive and Google’s flat design are the future of smartphone ui and design language not skeumorphism. That’s why people say Forstall was bad

  • iOS7 new feature:
    -New Wallpaper has been added to your springboard home screen.


    • Kurt


    • David Villamizar


    • Damian W


    • lol true

  • Raj

    iOS 7 and next iPhone.. let’s wait for the great innovations again.

    • Kurt

      haha, “innovations again”

      that was funny! 🙂

    • good luck

  • Taymur

    Would be amazing if SOMETHING changed.

  • I’m not holding my breath on tweaks released through the app store or more customization (although it would be nice to give us a little something). What I expect is an updated Siri, an updated Notification Center, an update Lock Screen, reworked multitasking, a more polished/functional iCloud, updated FaceTime functionality (maybe), and some UI changes to seem it all together. That’s just me thinking about what could be done be in iOS. I’m sure there will be other things, so don’t knock me for overlooking the important stuff. Also, I’ve heard rumors about an iPad release this month (April). I’m not exactly sure if this will actually formulate, but in any case, something needs to be announced at the WWDC. If not a new iPhone or iPad/iPad mini, then I’m sure iOS 7. I haven’t heard anything about OS X 10.9 either, so that could also happen along with some refreshed MacBooks. Arghh, I just can’t see Apple talking for an hour and a half about sales, revenue, and numbers, numbers, numbers. There has to be something.

    • yes siri is 40% of what it should be … NC is boring and dry… and its time for 100% multi tasking… IP5 and ipad4 have enough power..

  • Personally, whatever Ive is going to come up with it for iOS, will be as good as the external shells for iMacs, MacBooks and other Apple’s devices. He’s not just an industrial designer; he can create great usable hardware experiences, so the software design shouldn’t be a problem for him either.

    • i dont agree …ive is a hardware designer UI design is a totally different animal… if he makes the UI all flat and stoic like android i will laiugh ..IOS has perfect image style what it needs is more cool effects and abilities built in thats all… i have a feeling they will screw up the look and ad minimal extra features and eye candy

      • I can’t agree with you. Ive was never a mere “hardware designer”. He’s a designer first and foremost, just after that he’s an industrial designer, focusing on the usability of Apple’s products, the beautiful minimalistic shells are just a side effect.

        You can’t say that a particular design discipline can disqualify you from another type of design, as everything can be an inspiration. I’m for example a UI/UX designer, but I take a lot from my front-end development knowledge, when it comes to designing fast and accessible interfaces. As you can see, two completely different disciplines can support each other. It’s the same with both hardware and software. A successful marriage of the two can win the market. I also don’t believe in revolution, but a constant evolution. This is the way Apple has been making OS X for years and it’s been so much better. You can’t just ship a product and forget about it (hoping for the best).

        As for what iOS needs, is a bit more freedom for the user: I’d like to choose which default apps I keep, what’s my default email client or browser, etc. That’s a basic requirement I have. As for visuals, I think it’s good, it has personality. Its simplicity beats both Android and Windows Mobile, because all these little hints, shadows and other effect work well together and give you a sense of being intuitive to use.

        And no, I don’t think iOS needs more effects and animations. Let’s leave that for Android geeks and Jailbreak fans. Bear in mind that any feature you add, you have to weigh in its usefulness and total contribution towards the whole product. If it’s just a fancy animation effect, it’s unneeded eye candy.

  • Don’t be exclusively for 5S please!

    • it will due to ram shortage in the 5 lol

  • Jay Kay

    Ill never go to Android, i believe Apple will make some good UI changes in iOS 7, i personally don’t like customization, but shortcuts are needed and more usage of notification center will be welcome, notification center on lock screen is needed. and big screen on next iPhone is very very very much needed with proportion .

    • yes and by next iphone you dont mean the 5S right cause as you know it will be identical to the 5…lol

  • Believe it or not one of the biggest problems for me is the lack of ability to change basic stock elements in the UI such as the dock, the folder/switcher bg and the notification bg! On a stock iOS I miss my basic custom “theme” more than tweaks!

    The wallpaper section in the settings app could quite easily house a few extra sections to change these basic UI areas to your own images! The dock could work with a mask like icons do so that whatever image a consumer uses is scaled within the mask of the dock and all the other areas mentioned above could work in a similar fashion!

    Also, just a few extra options such as the ability to choose different per page icon counts like on iPad, 20 Apps per page, 24 Apps per page etc! And an option to turn the dock on/off! And in the music section an option to use “Press and hold volume buttons to change track”

    It’s the little things 🙂

    • steven does not like this idea,,…lol

  • Ian

    iOS needs an actual upgrade. We’ve had the same style for years. Same lock screen (except the little camera icon thingy), same home screen style, same pop ups (blue… kinda outdated in my opinion..). I so hope for two things, completely new design, and the ability to download themes from the App Store (not Cydia).

    • OMG the IOS7 jailbreak is gone be a mess and all the damn tweak will have tok be completely re worked for the new IOS UI… i will be on my JBed iPhone 5 for a loooong time to come…llol

      • Ian

        I don’t know. They’ve already found some iOS exploits for iOS 7.

  • Chindavon

    It would be a HUGE mistake to not have iOS7 ready for the unveiling of the new upcoming iPhone.

  • “polarizing filter on their iPhone displays” ? They could just say it’s jailbroken… 😀

  • Take your time Apple

  • ios 7 got to be soon need jail break 🙂