WeatherIcon 6

Rejoice, ladies and gentlemen, because WeatherIcon is back and it brings support for iOS 6 in tow. Aptly dubbed WeatherIcon 6, this jailbreak tweak brings live weather updates to jailbroken iOS 6 devices.

Like its predecessor, this tweak ditches the static “73 degrees and sunny” located on the stock Weather app icon, in favor of live up-to-date weather conditions. One thing you won’t find in WeatherIcon 6 is support for status bar weather information, but the developer says that a future update to a dependency will bring status bar support soon.

If you’ve been dying to bring live weather updates to your Weather app icon, but you’re running iOS 6, then try WeatherIcon 6. There are no options or settings to configure, just install it and go.

WeatherIcon 6 is a free download from Cydia’s ModMyi Repo. Be sure to let me know what you think about it in the comments section below.

  • Yes it looks a bit ugly, especially if you would use it with Ayecon. But its very nice to see we are getting this feature back. I would have downloaded it if it weren’t for Lockinfo

    • There’s actually an add-on to make it Ayecon compatible.

    • Jeff

      Which makes sense, because the same guy develops both.

      • Thats it then, I was going to cut down on the amount of tweaks, but it looks like I am getting this one anyway 🙂

    • ayecon theme for weather icon 6 is now out

  • AndroidFTW

    cool i wish android has this

    • Byron Davis

      Why would you need that when you could use numerous apps to put an icon and weather in the top left or status bar? You could also do a 1×1 wodget.

  • Doesn’t work?
    Shows wrong temperature. And with no settings it’s not possible to change..

    • pegger1

      It was showing the wrong temperature for me as well. Then a few mins later it was showing the right one. Not sure how often it updates.
      I tried changing cities in the weather app and it still kept the accurate updated temp for the previous city.

      • Zapatista

        Respring to get the right temp

      • pegger1

        Respring doesn’t do it for me. And that would be a horrible way to have to refresh the temp.
        I don’t know how often it’s updating but not nearly often enough to be useful.

    • Go into Notifications>Weather Widget>Application. Then choose which application you want the weather overlaid on. On my phone, it wasn’t set and it was stuck at the first temperature it captured.

  • no options to configure? no status bar temp.

  • Jeff we demand a video missing you!!!

    • Jeff


  • Om Soni

    Welcome back, Jeff! 🙂

    • Jeff

      Thank you.

  • Roman Osipyan

    Is this April Fools’ joke? 😀 It’s not working

  • F. Ace

    When i need to know the weather , I look out the window !

    • pegger1

      You can tell the temperature by sight, that’s impressive!!

    • Yeah, and when I need to know the time I either look at the sun or I use my handy sundial.

  • Looks very professional . I don’t have any themes on my springboard so it looks awesome.

  • pegger1

    Correction: It has some settings, located in Notifications > Weather Widget. There you can enable status bar weather and temperature (feature isn’t funtioning yet) and you can select which app icon the weather is overlayed on. If you use a different app for weather, or you just want the weather showing on some other random app.

    • Thank you! I was wondering why the weather was stuck on 79°.

  • 73°? Well that’s quite hot. :p

  • Still no status bar support. I’ll wait.

  • does it drain your battery?

  • DomPerignon1

    It works like a champ. There is an Ayecon Icon for it and the settings are in the Notification Center.

  • iphone72

    What’s the update interval? doesn’t appear to update with any regularity.

    • It only updates itself if you look the weather through the notification center. In my opinion this renders this tweak a bit useless. I don’t want to be opening the notification center each time I want the icon to refresh.

  • Not going on ipad mini

  • Nice; and it’s about time…. the dev took out any settings he used to have

  • So this nice little tweak was too complicated for Apple? Or are they just paranoid about battery life?

  • f1ght3r

    Now for surenix to update ayecon for this 🙂

  • i find option in nofinication / weather widget /weather icon and status bar, but status bar is not still support yet 🙁

  • cool bout time

  • Great to see u back jeff

  • johndhynes

    On iPad there is no weather widget, so how do I choose the icon? Actually, I’m surprised that there is no tweak to unhide the icon, since evasi0n originally did so by accident, so it’s obviously doable.

  • What about ipad?

  • panther

    Im been waiting for status bar weather since the first day i turn to ios 6 jailbreaked. It feels like decades !!! I love to know the weather without needing to put the password to unlock my iphone and then search for the apps. I love to just look at my device and knowing the temperature.

  • panther

    I am also waiting for imperium !!! With this 2 tweaks and I am set !!!

  • genXhippie

    Finally, I’ve been waiting ages for this update it seems. My iP5 feels complete now, thank you. 😉

  • I really missed this tweak had it on my 4s via ios5.1

  • I demand jeff never to take a break again lmao

  • Dont know whats better. This tweak or you coming back. Welcome back man!

  • Filip Zíka

    how often does it updates? 2 hours, still wrong temperature.. do i need to respring if i want update?

  • Aniel Grover

    This is a welcome tweak on IOS 6 however it does not work with the Ayecon Theme. Wish both developers could look into this aspect.

  • ktula

    It really does not work all that well. The icon does not get updated unless i pull down the notification window. Even that action does not update the icon all the time.

  • iphone72

    Mine still only updates after respring…latest update still did not fix this issue…

  • Davehughes

    After the update, it displays incorrect wather info. Anyone else seeing this?

  • Corey

    just updated from the original last evening.. it hid all my app store apps and I cannot access them now. I uninstalled the tweak and it did nothing. Now im left app-less.. any help!!!!?

  • Doug

    I was excited about this also… but found that it doesn’t work well. The temperature doesn’t update. It will only sometimes update when you go to your assigned weather app and refresh it. I found a nice workaround if you want an always updated temperature in a badge icon. 1) Get the app Fahrenheit (or Celsius, depending on where you live) These apps put the temperature on a badge icon and update it every 10 or 15 minutes with a push notification. Push is great for this… no need to go into the app to refresh it with data to get the temperature to update. If your phone is locked for hours at a time, and you turn it on to use it, the temperature is definitely updated. 2) Since you might not like the Fahrenheit weather app (we’re only using it for it’s badge icon) use the tweak OpenOther, so that whenever you click on the Fahrenheit app… your weather app of choice will open. (I have it set up so when I press on Fahrenheit, The Weather Channel weather app opens) 3) And finally, since we also don’t like looking at the Fahrenheit app icon, you can change the icon by finding and replacing the “name@2x.png” icon file in the Fahrenheit folder by using iFile. I’m currently using the Jaku Theme… so I copied the nice weather app icon that he made, and pasted it into the Fahrenheit app, renamed it exactly how Fahrenheit names the “@2x.png” file… respring, and there we go — the weather icon that I want, the weather app that I want to open, and the temperature badge icon that uses push notification so it’s always updated and current.

    • That’s hell of a lot work just for something you might not be looking that much as you thought. But I like your creativity.. Might give me some insightful ideas

      • Doug

        Haha, but that’s what jailbreaking is all about, right? A lot of work for stuff that already works… but just making it cooler. It’s like a game of mastering productivity and tweaking things. None of the things in jailbreaking are necessary… they’re just fun to figure out and make it work how you tell it to work.

      • Yup, that’s what jailbreaking is all about for me too. You might also remember to hide the app that ou substituted into farenheit so you won’t get duplicate applications

      • Doug

        Yep, thanks for reminding me… I hid it using Springtomize, sorry I forgot to mention that step in my original comment.

  • Anyone know how to make the font size bigger?

  • There are options to configure
    They are under settings>Notifications>weather widget

  • SIU Dawg

    Respring or notification center for an update? Not liking that. I loved the previous version on my iphone 4, but this is kinda worthless. Then again, it’s free.

  • Absolutely LOVE this tweak ! I was totally waiting for this !! Mine also only updates twice a day ? but if I open the app (to update the app) then respring my phone it’ll show the updated weather ? Very much looking forward to the status bar update !

    Thanks for making this !

  • Nuno Ribeiro

    Nothing for the clock. It is always 10:15…

    • LiveClock.

    • So optimistic

      My clock on home screen has been active since I had my 5s…I thought it was a iOS 7 update!? What’s up on Winterboard, SBSettings, Springtomize, Attacher pro, and Music control pro updates??

  • sk k

    Any ETA on the status bar icon? It’s all I need for my iPhone to be perfect!

  • cwd3

    No status bar support means no point installing. That’s the only use for it.