If Samsung made iWatch

..it would look something like this. Of course, the South Korean chaebol indeed is working not so secretly on its own smartwatch and if a set of leaked screenshots is anything to go by, it’ll have a 500-by-500 pixel resolution display. Meet us in comments…

I discovered this little gem through LoopInsight.

Lee Young Hee, executive vice president of Samsung’s mobile business, told Bloomberg his company has been preparing the watch product “for so long.”

Samsung is “preparing products for the future, and the watch is definitely one of them,” he told the news organization.

The Financial Times reported that Google is pushing a smartwatch project as well, separate from Samsung’s efforts. It’s apparently being developed by the Internet giant’s Android unit and should act as an “extension to the smartphones using that operating system.”

iWatch graphic

LG reportedly is also joining the smartwatch craze and we previously heard hints that Microsoft is closely monitoring how the smartwatch space evolves over time.

Apple, of course, has been rumored to be developing an iOS-powered wearable device of its own said to relay notifications and double as a fitness device.

Interestingly enough, Om Malik wrote on his blog that Apple’s iWatch might just be “a head fake, a way to throw off the rivals (and even insiders at the company) and send them on a wild goose chase.”


Daring Fireball’s John Gruber isn’t buying this theory.

He thinks the iWatch project is real and opines that Apple will release it after the competing smartwatches that are currently being developed have hit the market.

Then, if Apple ships theirs (a big if – Apple scraps more projects than it ships), it will look and work like no other. Then, mysteriously, the next round of watches from all the other companies will somehow wind up looking like slightly clunkier versions of Apple’s.

Another wild theory: an iWatch could actually be a code-name for a rumored standalone TV set from Apple. Indeed, the moniker could state in no ambiguous manner what consumers will do when they purchase the gizmo.

The hit-and-miss DigiTimes, an Asian trade publication, late yesterday reported that the iTV will have a 4K resolution screen and arrive in either late 2013, or early next year.

  • Muhahaha the Samsung SWatch Note III… made my day

    • i would think SWatch would cause a lawsuit with Swatch.

      • Apple will make a clock-face that was patented in switzerland some 20 years ago used for approx. 100 clocks and they have to pay 10 Million to use that design…

      • moochers

      • Hyr3m

        100 clocks? Do you have any idea how many train stations are in Switzerland? Do you know how many clocks they have in each train station? I’ve seen hundreds of them and I don’t really take the train often.
        Apple stole the design and got caught… They’re lucky to have had a chance to pay to keep using it.

      • [ ] You realised that my post was a joke.

    • Very true though, I reckon Samdung just bring a wrist strap to market which allow the user to attach the Note III to go into watch Mode. 😛

  • If Apple actually makes a watch – and it looks like a band (as pictured in the above illustrations) then people are going to flock to them. But if Apple follows the normal form factor then the iWatch is going to get lost in the sauce. I would only remotely consider purchasing one if it looked like the pic or something extremely close; otherwise this is a neat little waste of money that I will not be indulging in.

    • trumpet444

      They “sort of” had one already. You could buy the square Nano and a wristband that holstered one. I was tempted to do this a lot but never did, because it was really just an iPod, and not a “smartwatch” but it sure would’ve looked cool

  • bigger is not always better, if you know what i mean! xD

    • Hyr3m

      I can imagine your pain…

  • Good name for Samesung

  • sgs2&iPhone5

    haha and 1 year later apple will make a longer one..

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch S5 Super Hyper Extra AMOLED with 2GB of RAM and 16 Core CPU/GPU that makes the Android runs almost fluid without crashing apps so often. Sounds legit.

    • trumpet444

      Have you ever owned an android phone? (not $20 budget pantech $hit either) My iphone5 crashes just as much as my HTC Rezound did, which was not often. Maybe 2-3x a week. They’re both computers, both prone to crashes. Macs crash too btw….. Ever heard of the “spinning beachball of death”? Now, granted it doesn’t happen much either, I keep a clean computer but ALL computers are prone to crashes. NONE are immune

      • Every system in the world can crash, but Android is the one who crashes much more often. And off course, I talk by experience on many high end android devices. The system that I call “Memory RAM gluttonous”. Don’t even compare to iOS and OSX because everybody knows that this two systems are the ones who have less crashes compared to all systems.

        And btw, I use for long time periods different Android smartphones, with lightweight launchers and all the crapware removed, to test applications that my company makes. (and off course, other applications too, downloaded ONLY from Google Play.

      • Hyr3m

        “Memory Random Access Memory” – Why am I not surprised to see retarded comments like this coming from an ignorant bitter-jealous iSheep ?

      • Because you’re retarded. That’s why you’re not surprised. Doesn’t matter how many real arguments you read about Android, you will always get butthurted.

        Jealous iSheep? Why… because iPhone users can’t afford Android devices…? lmao…

      • Hyr3m

        Tbh I stopped reading at “Memory RAM” because it showed how ignorant you are and how irrelevant any argument you might have would be.

        Jealous that you’re stuck with your crappy iOS because you don’t have the money to buy one of the high-end androids.

        With what I have left each month after paying my bills I could still buy 2 top of the line (if it existed) macbook air, 4 64GB iPhone5, a week-end in Venice, some platinum&diamond jewellery for the lady and still have enough cash to eat in restaurants every day and not care about giving a douche-pster beggars like you a few bills to help towards your next “big” purchase.

        Sorry, am I making wrong assumptions about you? Making rectum-derived statements seems contagious today… I’ll blame that on your ability to do so.

        From your poor level of English, poor taste in arts and wannabe-level of technical knowledge, I could assume you’re a toothless 12 years old bum accessing the internet from a nearby Apple store.

        Also… “Butthurted” ? xD keep ’em coming please!

        The Enrichment Center once again reminds you that android hell is a real place where you will be sent at the first sign of defiance.

      • So much text and you didn’t say anything. The lack of arguments amuses me. Well done Kid, well done.

      • Hyr3m

        I don’t need arguments when replying to comments containing nothing but wishful thinking and stuff you’ve just pulled out of your ass.

      • dude halfway through your post i had to stop reading because i felt so sorry for you. your claim to how much money you make is just pathetic. your argument is just pathetic. a 64gb iPhone is at least $399 and that’s with a subsidy. that’s more expensive than any of your so called “high end” android phones. there is no jealousy coming from int3nsive, myself, or anyone else on here. remember you are on a fan forum for iOS, not android. none of us here are going to be jealous of android. if we wanted android shit we would simply go out and buy an android device so grow up. not everyone speaks English as their first language and i have to say he did perfectly fine conveying his thoughts. your ignorance on that subject speaks volumes about you as does your pedantic juvenile claim of how much money you make. no one who truly makes a lot of money acts as you do or makes the pathetic claims you did with what they have/make. you are a pathetic little boy with no life that needs to get a grip on reality and just SHUT THE F*CK UP. you don’t know what other people do or do not have. you don’t know what other people do or do not earn. just get a clue and go away.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        You are wrong. AGAIN. I know you really hate them, but how about some facts?

        www tuaw com/2012/02/05/study-ios-apps-crash-more-than-android-apps-do/ forum xda-developers com/showthread.php?t=904023

        You say you test applications your company makes. Well, if I were your boss, you would be instantly fired for having no basic understanding of how RAM works on mobile devices, AT ALL.

        More RAM allows you to store more data, which helps applications start up and run faster. Having less RAM, only hurts multitasking experience and battery life because apps aren’t loaded in memory and have to be fully loaded when reopened. It also seems to fool the sheep into thinking they don’t need it, when they actually do.

        Also… “Memory RAM”? Are you fucking kidding me? Who in their right mind could take seriously someone who does not even know what RAM stands for?

      • You sir, are a fucking dumb as always. RAM is not for data storage. It’s a temporary memory where all running apps get loaded and processed by the CPU/GPU. And again, Androids uses a huge amount of ram even for simple apps because most of the developers don’t care about performance at all and Google doesn’t care either. The solution is giving to devices more and more ram.. that’s stupid. Optimization > Hardware.

        iPhone with 800mhz and with 512mb runs all apps much faster and better than a Android device with 800mhz and 512Mb, even with all the crapware disabled and the most simple launcher you can get. And i don’t even need articles to proove that… everybody can experience that very easily.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        I’m a fucking dumb? Wow…

        You don’t know the definition of the word “data”.
        You don’t know what RAM stands for (that is why you think I referred to “data storage”, as in flash memory).
        You don’t know what “to load” means (“apps get loaded” and that loaded information is “STORED” in RAM).
        You’re pulling information out of your ass (no sources provided to back up your claims).
        You pretend to know what developers and Google care about.
        On one hand you complain how not everything is about clockspeed, and now you brag about the iPhone running smoothly with a clock speed of 800 MHz (which proves you’re a massive hypocrite).
        You don’t understand that 800 MHz is the base clock, and it automatically overclocks when needed to about 1.3 GHz, iirc.

        You often start your replies with an insult, such as “dumb” or “retarded”, and keeping in mind the horrible grammar and the overall tone of your comments only makes me think you’re actually just a bored teenager begging for attention, and not a mature, employed individual.

      • Since I know very well you’re a fandroid, what did you expect? Flowers? Second, For a guy who takes a photo with a potato rainbow trying to prove something that I didn’t asked, and couldn’t even prove what he wanted, giving me lessons about development and how software/hardware works is priceless. Follow what you asked me the other day… to not hit the reply button… unless, off course, you’re absolutely masochist.

      • Hyr3m

        Don’t forget his lack of good taste! Look at his pic… as much as I have loved the Hitman games, the movie was a freaking disgrace… It must really suck to be him… I pity the likes of him…

      • Nop dear, you are not making sense. You just sound like an android goat.

      • O. Bakerman


        I stopped reading at the leet 3…


      • trumpet444

        “android goat”? What the hell is that? If you’re calling me a fanboy, you’re ridiculous. I’m typing this damn sentence on a freaking iPhone. There are 4 computers in my home and 3 of them have apple logos on them. I’ve owned all types of mobile phones as well, I’m no fanboy. I am, however, able to point out faults in any device no matter who made the damn thing. Blind brand loyalty aggravates the hell out of me. If Apple is perfect as is, then don’t ever buy a new iPhone or MacBook or update either as they are apparently perfect as is and need no tweaking whatsoever.

  • That is funny. But not so far fetched after all?

  • ******* was here 🙂

  • Bigger is not always better! I don’t need or want an iWatch that impedes my movement

  • Do you HONESTLY believe Apple is making a watch? I know exactly zero people who wear watches now BECAUSE of the iPhone. There is no market for this thing. It’s no happening…

    • Malay Mody

      There was no market for portable music devices before apple made the iPod and many thought the smartphone wouldn’t go any further before the iPhone. Oh and tablets were virtually dead until the iPad came.

      • trumpet444

        They are good at popularizing something that already exists, (and good at convincing people they were the first to do it). But honestly, how many non-techie people know that Sony already has a Smartwatch on the market? Zero….and for good reason, it sucks

      • if the product is good, people are convinced,

    • Nestea80

      You know zero people who wear a watch? Almost everyone I know wears a watch.

      • trumpet444

        Exactly. A watch (for telling time) is vastly more convenient than having to dig in your pocket and then turn on the screen

      • don’t forget the battery life.

    • I believe apple will make a smart watch. I think it will help with integrating all the iDevices around the house also. It won’t be just a normal watch, it will be much much more.

      I think Apple has a trick or two to play up its sleeve. 😛

  • Oyonicolas

    I already got an ipod nano 6th G with iwatchz bracelt..it looks like the imaginary iwatch,so the idea already exist and i dont think that apple would wast time and money investing in that..i think the iwatch will be a tv set..

  • i imagine an swatch would literally just be a 40″ TV on my arm

    • trumpet444

      Come one now, apple fanboys said the same exact thing about an iPhone being bigger than 3.5″ and how it was the “perfect size” ……and now look at them, loving the bigger screen on the 5. Now, I don’t doubt that Samsung would have 5 different versions – with 5 different screen sizes – with ridiculously long names, but you know….different strokes

      • What iPhone users never wanted was a bigger phone, like the Galaxy phones and Notes that are huge and make people look stupid talking on them … it’s different from having a bigger display only. iPhone 5 still feets very well in one hand and in our pocket, that’s why it’s still loved.

      • I still love 4S’ size

  • Apple lead and the rest follow!

    • like always

    • Hyr3m

      “Apple will release it after the competing smartwatches”

      That’s what you call “leading” ?


  • tariq haidari

    this is tooo funnyyy!!

  • Lobo555

    I’m always so surprised that one ever makes a powerr rangers joke about the iwatch.. Wrist communicator anyone?

  • TriguyRN

    Only you would post this Christian 🙁 Wow

  • i would suck

  • If apple go for a band design like the images above i may get one but i’d love it to use tech like in the Myo band coming this year… unlikely but it would be pretty amazing

  • Jairo

    You can tell Samsung doesn’t care about its products. They only care about competing with Apple

  • Don’t forget the stylus 😉