Wow, this has got to be a new low for the ailing Nokia and its boss, former Microsoft exec Stephen Elop. With everyone trashing Apple these days, from investors to big media to analysts, the Nokia CEO apparently thinks piggy-backing on the trend is the way to go to score a few coolness points.

After an interviewer on a Finnish television said he had an iPhone in his pocket, a petulant Elop – unable to control his manners – nervously quipped “how embarrassing, I’ll take care of that” before throwing the device on the floor as if it were a piece of useless junk. That’s the first time a big name CEO has exercised such an utmost disrespect for a rival, at least to my knowledge…

He’s just being desperate that people talk about the iPhone all the time instead of Lumias. Oh, and his attempt to divert the presenter’s attention away from the unannounced Lumia 928 and instead discuss the recently released Lumia 620 is pathetic as well.

Like, the Nokia CEO doesn’t know what the Lumia 928 is.

Something tells me this video will bite Elop in the you-know-what, much in a same way Steve Ballmer’s iPhone trash-talking came back to haunt him.

Let’s recall that one.

The Intertubes never forget.

  • Their phones don’t even have rounded corners and their OS sucks balls. GTFO, Nokia.

    • Antsa

      have you ever tried lumia 920? it’s actually very good phone, my brother owns one. iSheeps are some times even worse than fandroids. I actually think the lumia 920 is better than iPhone 5. And if you wonder, I have iPhone 5.

      • Lordthree

        Wow, your brother sounds like a real tool and you sound like an asshole. Cool story! Keep calling Apple fans sheep and shilling for microsofts piss poor attempt at a modern OS pissant

      • And at the end, you sound like a sheep too… reminds me a lot the 9gaggers. “Lets love Nokia, Let’s hate Apple” -> Sheeps, not following their taste but what looks like normal to be accepted in a social network society.

        I really love this kind of morality.

      • felixtaf

        iSheeps??? You must be a MORON… Whether Lumia 920 is better than iPhone 5 or not, this CEO’s action is CHILDISH!

      • Yashirah

        lumianis better than GSs but not iPhones!! wow ur dumb

      • felixtaf

        You are dump really… Read the comments and then comment. It was my reply to previous user who said lumia is better. I said whether its better or not, this action is childish. I dono how you understood, i never said that brick is better than iPhone 5!

      • Wrong website girl.

      • Qiren_94

        So your brother has a Lumia 920 and you think it’s better than an iPhone 5. Wow, everyone in this world must have the same opinion and preference as you.

      • sambuzzlight

        sometimes one should might as well carry a brick in his pocket

  • Damian W

    The interviewer was retarded I would throw his phone out too or even more.

  • RarestName

    That was rude.

  • last_chancexxx

    I’ve lost all respect for nokia

    • tim


      • Jimothy

        That is a pretty low thing to do. It’s disrespectful. It would be like me drawing a picture for my mom and she just throws it away.

      • Calm yourself it was a joke. You people whine too much, your comment is nothing like what happened in the video.

      • felixtaf

        This is not a joke…. He is the CEO of Beloved Nokia… This is disrespect to fellow competitor…

      • Nah, you people just take things way too seriously. Seriously the fact that people are pissed off over this is hilarious. The interviewer was probably reimbursed in some way, and if this was the other way around people would say “look how funny Apple is!”, oh wait I forgot to include the words innovative and intuitive.

        Some Apple fanboys take it way too far, and are making it hard to defend Apple (I own an iPhone, iPad, MacBook, so yes I am an Apple fan. But not some over the top one like some people here).

      • bloodshed

        the joke, is your comment.
        that immoral action is the furthest to call a joke.
        i dunno how someone would punch you in the face, then tell you he was joking!

      • tim

        What’s the difference between physically and lingually throwing something? And your metaphors lacks a little commonality, Nokia owes no parental guidance to apple (or the interviewer, whilst not completely true your metaphor Is a little hard to disprove). Apple would not cry about this. They’re just happy about the extra free advertising they’re getting, which is a lot! Every new product is covered by every media outlet (at least here down under) has an article or five about new releases, even in the prime time news

  • Gerard Hampton

    it was all in good fun get over yourselves. The author of this should go work for one of those trashy magazines that make up stories from random pics of celebrities.

  • Nokia was dead to me when they changed the game snake.

    • Jimothy

      Is it bad that when I see the word Nokia I always think of snake?

    • In all honesty for me Nokia died after the N95. They took forever to release the N96 which when released did not meet consumer expectations. Never say never, what goes up often comes down, will Nokia ever rise to the top? Certainly not with Windows mobile alone.

  • leart za jmi

    No more nokia in my life

    • tim

      woop exec threw competitors phone on the ground. never touching his stuff again. I laugh at your follow of apple

      • leart za jmi

        why you are talking to me?

      • tim

        Because you posted on idb. Because you made an obnoxious statement about Nokia, which one would assume is only based on the fact that the Nokia exec threw the interviewers iPhone, because this article doesn’t mention anything about either of the devices specs, because you didn’t say otherwise. Saying you will have no more Nokia in your life is like reacting to Taylor swift’s loose diss to her ex one direction boyfriend like all of Harry style’s ‘fandom’ did. You’re an iSheep

      • leart za jmi

        hem, i am a isheep, well thank you..
        since you don’t even know me, is clear that you’re value like human being is poor or nothing.
        1 – You must be a kid, or retard
        2 – didn’t your mama tell you that not all the people think the same?
        3 – you must think to be a genius, but nowadays with 30 minutes of research, can know everything in mobiles.
        4 – since i pay, i decide what mobile i like or not
        5 – i am a senior designer, i design everyday something new from 13 years, and i like thinks to be genuine and original, things that mean something to me, not like Nokia confuse and without personality device (seeing the nokia boss, i understand why)
        so genius, i hope you have a nice day, and don’t use the brain that much

      • felixtaf

        You are a Moron… We dont want to hear no brick’s specs. We kno what those decices are capable of. And we kno how our device can overpower that device. Specs of Nokia? Shove it in ur a**. They cant beat Galaxy phones in specs. They cant beat iPhones in experience. They cant beat BB10 in something (dono wat to day). Ur crappy phone and a crappy OS! Once again u call an iPhone user an isheep, i cant do anything. Bcoz i stopped argueing with retarded people…

      • BoardDWorld

        You used Taylor Swift as an example???

      • Lordthree

        Microsoft pays him a small check to go harass people on tech blogs

      • felixtaf

        How many Pennies? I dont think they have enuf money to pay people after Windows 8 SUCCESS(???!!!)

      • Windows 8 it’s just a bad OS with a fancy UI. People nowadays give more credit to a UI than on how the system works under the hood.

      • Guest

        How can I change the cursor in Mac OS? Preferably to one with the hot spot at the tip, and not somewhere in the center.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Have you used it? I’m lucky to be able to have both and I’m happy I’m not a dishonest hypocritical sheep. When you climb down that iCloud you’re currently on, you’ll realize both operating systems have their shortcomings and flaws.

      • Wow you’re getting downvoted for your honest and reasonable opinion. The commenters here disgust me sometimes.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Welcome to iDB.

      • Actually it’s a great OS with a bad UI.

      • Nazlyn101


    • @dongiuj

      Awww, what’s the matter? Did he hurt your feeling, princess?

      • leart za jmi

        a princess?? i???
        hahahaha,, hahahahah hahahahah hahahahaha

  • tim

    Steve ballmer in that bottom video there was very forthcoming…answering all questions fully and no spinoff bullcrap trying to hide from questions we see execs quite often partake in.

  • lol the interviewer was a suckup.

  • I’m waiting for Siri to bust this guy’s balls at WWDC 2013 😀

  • Smells like… D E S P E R A T I O N

  • Chad Lim

    Unnecessary article. Simply his way of dismissing the competition. Get over the manners the interviewer was just itching for sensationalism and he suckered this journalist into it.

  • Bob

    All their touchscreen phones have iPhone DNA in them. Same with Samsung, HTC, etc. The iPhone changed everything. Everything after is just a variation using the same genetic code. If it wasn’t for Apple we’d be about 10 years behind, mobile technology wise.

  • samdchuck

    Well, after watching it I though he handled that pretty well. The interviewer on the other hand…

  • If one day I see one Apple CEO dropping a rival product like a douche bag I will probably lose my respect for Apple, until he got fired. It’s just childish, immature and gives me the message that they are desperate and hangry for not having the rivals success.

  • batongxue

    Is it wrong that both videos gave me a boner?

  • Kindergarten!

  • TheAngryPenguin

    DAFAQ was an interviewer doing on a Finnish television? Must have been an older CRT model, as I doubt that the flat screens of recent past would be able to support the weight of an interviewer. Are televisions actually made in Finland?

  • maverickmax

    balmer is so boring ..i tuned him out in less than 9 sec..and it happened automatically…in a flash…

  • Yashirah

    What an asshole!

  • iHamzaDev

    Nokia… Who?

  • Stephen Flop.

  • Nokia still makes phones?

    • felixtaf

      Yep… Priced like Rolex for BRICKS….

  • Throw my phone and you get an ass whooping it does not matter what kind of phone it is its the principle of the matter

  • MarkArtu

    This article and a lot of the comments read like a Taliban/Al-Qaeda website. Shame on Elop for offending the holly Apple and the blessed iPhone I wonder if he’ll have to go into hiding like Salman Rushdie.

    • David Villamizar

      You gotta admit that these guys are quite petulant though, they are making fun of other people’s job, of some thing they put dedication to build. But still, is not like Apple is better than they.

  • Nokia Boss = Looo00oooser

    Just like the lumia devices.

  • M Last

    these guys are like kids.
    iphone is $500?????? expensive !!!!!
    what about your tablet? is it cheap??????????
    my opinion is every single company wants to down Apple & say our products much better than apple’s product
    but in fact Apple the best

    • felixtaf

      I think, It was He crying out loud in 2007… (If u notice: A phone without keyboard is not good for business… lol… )

  • Guys please stop lets be honest here nokia made some very good phones in the past and also paved the way for apple as apple stole nokias touch screen patient (FACT) but what this Stephen FLOP guy done in that video is totallly distasteful and very disrespectful…. some of you guys got nothing better to do than argue about isheep and stuff i like apple products infact im even using my ioad to write this comment but i always thought people who are isheep always buy apple stuff without thinking. I have a iphone 5 and a ipad 2. In my opinion iphone is SHIT but when jailbroken its so good itz crazy. It all varies on personal preference and thats it.

  • Nazlyn101

    What in the world? How the heck is he going to throw the interviewer’s phone on the ground? It’s disrespectful and if I was the interviewer, i would have been a little ticked off, just because of the fact that I paid for that phone and don’t need people throwing it around like it’s a mere tracfone (sigh)..anyway… I like how recent Nokia phones look (like the blue Nokia Lumia 920), but I wouldn’t stop getting iPhones >___>…….not for Nokia………maybe Samsung, but not Nokia XD

  • Infone

    What is “Nokia”?


  • Okay Nokia wouldn’t survive without Winows Mobile OS and how dare you bitch throw the godsend on the ground. My iPhone is made of beautiful aluminumun as well as gorgeous glass unlike your piece of shit that was made of plastic. You got those ratchet rounded edges as well as the colors that make you look like an ass hole so please let’s be real with our selves.

  • Haha, yeah… I remember when Elop did that to my job last year.

  • iOS and BB10 ftw

  • Anybody noticed that the guy didn’t even care that his iPhone was just thrown to the ground?

  • Alex

    Before 2007 (the year the iPhone was announced) all mobile phones were with buttons, small screen, and a shitty OS. After 2007 most mobile phones started to IMITATE the iPhone with it’s beauty and sexiness and most of them FAILED. And now what, an asshole of a company that failed to imitate the iPhone is throwing an iPhone to the ground. I DON’T WANT TO LIVE IN THIS WORLD ANYMORE.

  • Is Nokia still alive?

  • BearManPig

    lol at the top comment on youtube xD

    -The iPhone probably broke, if he threw a Nokia it probably broke, a wall.

  • Robert Goldberg

    Somebody is getting a second iPhone… and a dozen of new Nokias.

  • I thought the Lumina was a car made by Chevrolet???

  • Mysteroy3k

    Lmfao I remember ballmer’d comments. Now look at majority of what mobile devices look like. HA

  • GLL

    Nokia died when they released that stupid phone slash wannabe video game shit… I don’t know one person who bought that

  • Ted Forbes

    Most annalist and journalist are nothing more than hackers trying to hack Apple success and progress with negative projections and spin like a virus. But the fact is the fact:
    10 years ahead of the pack – Apple
    Wow factor innovations – Apple
    Wow factor innovation from the competition (compos) – Zero
    10 years behind – All most all the compos
    Piggy-backing on Apple – Samsung and the rest of the compos
    Leader of piggy-backing – Sansung
    They will all make a few billion and sueded a few millions a big big profiting game can be no better than infringement. So, hey,, why not?!!!!!.
    As for now Apple got a lot of life, a lot of customers, a lot of plans a lot of inventions, a lot of attentions, a lot of admirers that hate them, but more than most a lot of love,