Nokia boss throws interviewer’s iPhone on the floor

Wow, this has got to be a new low for the ailing Nokia and its boss, former Microsoft exec Stephen Elop. With everyone trashing Apple these days, from investors to big media to analysts, the Nokia CEO apparently thinks piggy-backing on the trend is the way to go to score a few coolness points.

After an interviewer on a Finnish television said he had an iPhone in his pocket, a petulant Elop – unable to control his manners – nervously quipped “how embarrassing, I’ll take care of that” before throwing the device on the floor as if it were a piece of useless junk. That’s the first time a big name CEO has exercised such an utmost disrespect for a rival, at least to my knowledge…

He’s just being desperate that people talk about the iPhone all the time instead of Lumias. Oh, and his attempt to divert the presenter’s attention away from the unannounced┬áLumia 928 and instead discuss the recently released Lumia 620 is pathetic as well.

Like,┬áthe Nokia CEO doesn’t know what the Lumia 928 is.

Something tells me this video will bite Elop in the you-know-what, much in a same way Steve Ballmer’s iPhone trash-talking came back to haunt him.

Let’s recall that one.

The Intertubes never forget.