Size comparison (Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5, Martin Hajek 001)

Though Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 smartphone has just a slightly larger display compared to its predecessor, the 4.8-inch Galaxy S3, its five-inch screen puts in the phablet category, especially compared side-by-side next to Apple’s iPhone 5. Because the device won’t launch before end of April, we’re currently unable to compare their form factors in person.

Enter Martin Hajek, a 3D artist who made a name for himself with painstakingly rendered mockups of Apple’s rumored products. The latest from his kitchen: a fresh batch of precise renderings which give us a good idea how the two devices compare size-wise…

“I recently completed a highly detailed 3D model of the Samsung Galaxy S4,” Martin writes on his blog. “Of course I had to see what it looks like compared to the iPhone 5…sort of clash of the mobile titans.”

The S4 is slightly taller compared to the iPhone 5 than it is wider.

Size comparison (Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5, Martin Hajek 002)

Specifically, the S4 is 11.2mm, or 0.44 inches wider than Apple’s handset.

Size comparison (Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5, Martin Hajek 003)

As for the height, Samsung’s baby is 136.6mm tall versus the iPhone 5’s 123.8mm in height. In other words, the S4 is 12.8mm, or half an inch taller than Apple’s handset.

Size comparison (Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5, Martin Hajek 004)

As you can see, Samsung was able to increase screen size from 4.8 inches to five inches without dramatically blowing up the phone’s chassis.

Size comparison (Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5, Martin Hajek 005)

As for the thickness, the S4 is slightly bulkier (7.9mm) than the iPhone 5 (7.6mm), though it’ll be hard to tell the 0.3mm difference with naked eye.

As for the weight, Apple’s handset should feel lighter because the S4 is eighteen grams heavier, or 0.65 ounces.

I own both the S3 and the iPhone 5 and while I do appreciate the Galaxy’s bigger screen when enjoying my media or reading content, I find it cumbersome in daily use.

Operating the S3 with one hand leaves a lot to be desired due to its massive screen so I often have to use two hands to perform a pull-down gesture to bring Android’s notification panel.

The S4 also costs more to build than Apple’s device (even without the exquisite aluminum enclosure) and its chip is twice as fast as the A6 processor powering Apple’s 2012 iPhone.

Martin has a few more highly detailed S4 renderings so head over to his blog for more awesomeness. And, if you’re a 3D artist yourself, you can also download these models and create your own dramatic close ups.

  • Johnathan Jennings

    Personally, I just don’t like the looks of the GS4.. If I had to switch to android I would defiantly get the HTC One. Sense 5 is beautiful and so is the One itself. I might have to count some change to buy One off contract.

    • I agree, the Galaxy S4 is just most like most other Android phones, it has great specs but unfortunately it’s still stuck with the same uninspired look. HTC One got it right, but it doesn’t look likely that HTC will outsell Samsung any time soon given how much money Samsung have spent marketing this phone.

      • Gerard Hampton

        not sure why this site always only compares the iphone with samsung products. meanwhile sony and htc have made great phones as well. its always will samsung kill apple… hmm probably not considering the base of users they have. should be more like, will a combination of android OS phones kill the iphone… that is more a possibility

      • ashton wilson

        the thing about samsung is that they follow what consumers want, you can disable the features you want if you choose to do so! a LOT of people hate how you cant remove blinkfeed without rooting your phone, including me, i say, if they included expandable memory and the ability to remove that aspect…then it would be the best phone on the market

  • Mehrzaad

    I think apple is about to lose the competition.shake your ass tim cook

    • Lose competition in ‘Lamest phone design’ ever.

      • Nash


      • ashton wilson

        by lame you mean customizable? I would like to see apple include any freedom for the iphone! you can only do what apple wants you to do! with the s4, you can remove the back to replace the battery, or include more storage! can you do that with the iphone? PLUS every spec it has is better than any phone out there! except maybe the battery…that belongs to motorola.. what im trying to say is that apple needs to upgrade there Ios and allow more freedom for there consumers… with that they MIGHT be able to stay ahead of the game.and as unbelievable as it sounds, this is coming from a former apple fanboy!

      • Lol BITCH
        “you can remove the back to replace the battery”, that happens in iPhone too 😛 (search on youtube/google)
        ” or include more storage” … i have a 64GB one….and I have only occupied 50% of the original storage…who needs more ?
        S4 is a newer generation phone than the iPhone 5, that’s why it’s specs are better.
        you are just a butthurt fagdroid.

      • ashton wilson

        Wow… Do talk to your mother with that mouth?

      • Ernie Marin


      • Yashirah

        i had a gs3 and bahhh!!! would never go back to one ever.

      • Uh…sell out, ever heard of jailbreaking? Also thanks for switching. It’s the consumers that don’t by Apple that help bring Apple’s prices down lower and closer to the so-called competition. The only real competition Apple has is securing it’s technology ideas, that consistently keeps them years ahead of other company’s second rate products. (not a fanboy, just a lover of good technology, “that just works”)

      • Number of times I thought ‘Damn I wish i could remove my battery’=0. Seriously? Why you need to take off your battery. If you want more charge add battery case or mobile charging station. Both serve the exact purpose of having additional battery.

        //PLUS every spec it has is better than any phone out there!///

        OMG, a new phone has better specs than old phone. When iPhone 5 came, it had superior specs than SG3.

      • ashton wilson

        no it didnt..

      • felixtaf

        What you mean by freedom??? Like rooting and installing some crappy rom (bcoz u wont get no recent updates). And removable battery for what? I never had any battery problem in iPhone since iPhone 3G. Specs? U must be joking… Still that phone will lag…. U dont even have freedom to remove a bloatware without root… And rooting is not as simple as jailbreaking procedure. If ur phone has freedom, then y rooting voids warranty????

      • ashton wilson

        you are literally too stupid to insult….

      • felixtaf

        And it took you 19 days to post this stupid comment…

      • Bieberkinz

        1) ok who’s the dumbass who needs an extra battery? Unless an accident happened on the battery, it doesn’t matter

        2) Customization, sure there’s more teens more than adults, but adults aren’t really buying into the “customization” they want a smartphone to get it done. Sure customzation is great, but does it really matter to the AVERAGE consumer?

        3) storage, one of the most OVERUSED thing to brag about, 64 GB is enough. Unless you’re gonna make a device with a 25 GB usage, you’re gonna have a lot to fell.

        4) Specs, OMG, PEOPLE! STFU about specs, it doesn’t matter! It’s about the performance of the software. I’ve seen powerful machines with BS performing software.

        Android and iOS both have good/bad. But honestly, they are equal in overall quality and if someone likes either one, fine, go ahead, I don’t really care, as long as you enjoy it.

      • ashton wilson

        1.I need an removeable battery because when i run out, instead of crying about it, i just replace the F*CKING BATTERY!
        2. Some people may or may not want customization, but wouldnt it be GREAT if you had the option to??
        3. I like to watch movies….And i dont have to worry about ever about not having enough space…
        4. The better specs, the more capabilities….PLUS are you saying their is no diffrence in performance between a iphone 3gs and a 5???
        And Thats exactly my point… People should just stop hating on android and vice versa since no one will win! Its stupid!

      • Guest

        A retard. Cool *-* can you do a barrel roll?

      • guest2

        Cool ^_^ you to?

  • Guest

    Phablet? Since its an android can I call it a faplet?

    • Gerard Hampton

      its so hot you would stimulate yourself over it? man you have a weird fetish.

  • Gerard Hampton

    not sure how carrying a phone of similar dimensions is cumbersome compared to carrying another. if you like the larger screen of the s3 why carry around an iphone as well. this author confuses me.

  • Filip Zíka

    what’s that big phone? samsung galaxy ace xxl?

  • batongxue

    The chamfered edge of iPhone 5 looks so shiny!

  • Tr1pTr0p

    So, technically, it’s only around one centimeter taller and one centimeter wider than the iPhone 5. Boooy. It sureee is waaay too big so it can’t fit into your hands or pooockets. Phaaableeets suuuck. Give me a break!

    • Immortal1s

      Yes 1.12cm increase on the width of a phone which is 5.86cm wide is huge (or 19% increase if you like). Together with the 1.28cm increase in length, gives a whopping 31.4% increase in surface area. Yes Tr1pTr0p, that is a huge increase in size, especially when the iPhone 5 itself is at the upper limit of comfortable single handed use for the majority of people.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        No, random human, that really isn’t that much of a big deal as people make it out to be.

        Instead of gripping the phone in your palm, as if someone was going to steal it right from your hands, like this (goo gl/Vz6V0)… Why is it so hard to hold it like this (goo gl/cgVrt)? Voila! Reaching the opposite side of the screen has never been easier!

      • Immortal1s

        “You’re holding it wrong!”

    • it actually makes a huge difference.

    • Agreed.

      “its five-inch screen puts in the phablet category”.

      It’s physically almost the EXACT same size as the S3, how does that put it in the “phablet” category??

  • I love this blog but sometimes it’s crazy how biased it is. I mean if apple were to introduce a “bulky” iPhone then there would be an article about how great size a 5in phone is.

    • Immortal1s

      It’s “biased” because it is an Apple blog, written by people who have and love their Apple products, for other people who have and love their Apple products. Opinions are subjective – if you wanted Android-biased blogs, don’t come here.

  • Dan

    Hard to imagine anyone having trouble using the GS3 with one hand… I don’t have big hands and manage it on the Note 2.

  • Mehrzaad • 2 hours ago

    I think apple is about to lose the competition.shake your ass tim cook

  • At this rate there will be no direct competition between these two devices.

    What is one shopping for, a 4×4 pickup or the sporty saloon.. .

  • jay

    Always small when I hear about apple vs Samsung. I had the galaxy s3 and it is a awesome phone also the s4 will be the next big thing! With all these feature and screen in HD however just changed my galaxy for an iPhone 5. Because it is better to use. I felt everytime I used my galaxy that I can drop it. Than nothing is better then iTunes. It just works for me.

  • jay

    For me we need more quality phones out and for sure smaller than the galaxy. I saw one guy with a galaxy note 2 in an otter box it looks like he had a brick on his head. Note is an awesome phone but I need a phone what I can hold in one hand

  • Adrian12369

    I want to try it out so bad.

  • Yashirah

    Gs4 is ugly just as all other gs phones. HTC is beautifull tho. But iphone 5 vs gs4…?? hands down to iPhone.

  • Whos_Jeff

    why do people care about the build whether its plastic or aluminum? when you using it the last on your mind is what its build out of but what it cant do

    • You may not think about the build quality while you’re using it but what if it drops? I would prefer to have a drop proof phone that would survive rather than having to buy a new one because the old one breaks every time I drop it.
      But that’s just my opinion.

  • SoCoMagNuM

    I expanded my memory on my 16GB GS3 with a 32GB card for $14.99. Thats tripling the memory. Try that with iPhone and you will be dishing out an extra $200…i have hundreds of photos and videos on my phone and dropbox syncd to my phone for sharing capabilities. Not just a hand few of sharing options that iphone offer but many venues and its a cinch. I share just about anything im viewing on my phone anywhere instantly (i do that pretty often as well) when i had an iphone i had to go to each individual app to share.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    i can pull down the notifications on my SIII with one hand just fine..i like apple but…the iphone 5 and iOS in general leave a lot to be desired..

  • iancarld

    Bigger screen having problem using 1 hand for pulling notification center? Make custom gesture with GMD gesture. I made mine pulling notification center by sliding left side of the screen downwards. I own iphone too, using zephyr.
    (Not to mention, back button is useful for bigger screen and multi-window, apple need this in the future)

  • Uriah Romero

    As much as I like the iPhone 5, I would still choose the Galaxy S4 over it. There is just so much more on the S4. It’s true when you think about the features the S4 has, such as a faster processor, a better camera, and a 5 inch 1080p display. I like watching my shows that are live and recorded on my phone while I’m on my way to work at DISH, since it takes some time to get there. By using the DISH Anywhere app, I am able to stream from my DVR wherever I go, and I’d love to see how everything looks on a higher resolution display.

  • Locations and growth for a 16GB S4 not only cost more than the current Universe S3, but also 17 % higher than an iPhone 5 with 16 GB of storage space area room. Seems New samsung is being affected by the same hardship as The apple company organization company when it comes to guaranteeing your system continues to be formally in phase with competitor.

  • samira

    i love it but don”t have enough money