Precise renderings depict just how bulkier Galaxy S4 is versus iPhone 5

Size comparison (Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5, Martin Hajek 001)

Though Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 smartphone has just a slightly larger display compared to its predecessor, the 4.8-inch Galaxy S3, its five-inch screen puts in the phablet category, especially compared side-by-side next to Apple’s iPhone 5. Because the device won’t launch before end of April, we’re currently unable to compare their form factors in person.

Enter Martin Hajek, a 3D artist who made a name for himself with painstakingly rendered mockups of Apple’s rumored products. The latest from his kitchen: a fresh batch of precise renderings which give us a good idea how the two devices compare size-wise…

“I recently completed a highly detailed 3D model of the Samsung Galaxy S4,” Martin writes on his blog. “Of course I had to see what it looks like compared to the iPhone 5…sort of clash of the mobile titans.”

The S4 is slightly taller compared to the iPhone 5 than it is wider.

Size comparison (Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5, Martin Hajek 002)

Specifically, the S4 is 11.2mm, or 0.44 inches wider than Apple’s handset.

Size comparison (Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5, Martin Hajek 003)

As for the height, Samsung’s baby is 136.6mm tall versus the iPhone 5’s 123.8mm in height. In other words, the S4 is 12.8mm, or half an inch taller than Apple’s handset.

Size comparison (Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5, Martin Hajek 004)

As you can see, Samsung was able to increase screen size from 4.8 inches to five inches without dramatically blowing up the phone’s chassis.

Size comparison (Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5, Martin Hajek 005)

As for the thickness, the S4 is slightly bulkier (7.9mm) than the iPhone 5 (7.6mm), though it’ll be hard to tell the 0.3mm difference with naked eye.

As for the weight, Apple’s handset should feel lighter because the S4 is eighteen grams heavier, or 0.65 ounces.

I own both the S3 and the iPhone 5 and while I do appreciate the Galaxy’s bigger screen when enjoying my media or reading content, I find it cumbersome in daily use.

Operating the S3 with one hand leaves a lot to be desired due to its massive screen so I often have to use two hands to perform a pull-down gesture to bring Android’s notification panel.

The S4 also costs more to build than Apple’s device (even without the exquisite aluminum enclosure) and its chip is twice as fast as the A6 processor powering Apple’s 2012 iPhone.

Martin has a few more highly detailed S4 renderings so head over to his blog for more awesomeness. And, if you’re a 3D artist yourself, you can also download these models and create your own dramatic close ups.