LSBackView is an upcoming jailbreak tweak that allows you to view the “back” of album art for music playing via the stock Music app. This rear view of the album art allows you to switch tracks within the same album when playing music using the Music app, but this feature is not available on the Lock screen. Of course, there are Lock screen controls, but those controls are linear, only allowing to you skip each track one by one. LSBackView, on the other hand, allows you to play the exact track you want to hear from an album.

The tweak can be activated using a simple double tap gesture on the album art found on the Lock screen. Another swipe brings you back to the main album art display. Although there’s no solid ETA for LSBackView’s release, I’d imagine that it will be soon, and it will be a free download. What are your thoughts?

  • wonderboydave

    I wonder if there is another activator action that can be used in the lockscreen. so it’ll be compatible with music controls pro. double tapping in the lock screen using MCP causes play/pause..

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    I waited for this for so long.. can’t wait for this one.. thanks to the awesome dev for making this and also thanks for the price tag..

  • stefan

    this is what i love about the jailbreak community. so creative, this is so usefull

  • Mustang5Oh

    Man this needs to drop like now! This is going to be a very handy great tweak!!

  • What application did you use to record your iPhone screen? @JeffBenjamin

  • Bosco

    Hopefully third party support is added to this tweak. This would be great to use with Spotify.

  • is it compatible with cyueue?

  • sadaN

    All I’ve always wanted is the ability to scrubbing bar on lockscreen

    I just cant find anything that will let me scrub through music on the lockscreen

    • jp2002

      Im working on that one..Hopefully i finish that soon!

  • What is the tweak to display the purple dot when you tap the screen??

  • Kurt

    This is an awesome tweak. Apple are you paying attention? Make things easier for us!

  • iPhone? no. iPod? yes. iPad? maybe.

  • Hopefully it will be compatible with LockInfo 5 😐

  • Ok where is this tweak?