Solar farm

Apple’s data farm – which powers the company’s cloud-computing efforts – is completely solar. That’s the word from the iPhone maker, which Thursday released its annual Environmental Progress report. The progress comes only a year after Apple received a failing grade by Greenpeace International, whose members charged the iPhone maker used coal to power its cloud.

Apple also announced 75 percent of power to its worldwide corporate offices come from renewable sources such as solar, wind and geothermal. That is more than double the sustainable energy of two years ago, when the company announced 35 percent of power in its corporate suites was renewable…

Although Apple CEO Tim Cook first announced the 100 percent solar milestone during a January Town Hall meeting, today’s updated environmental program provides more details. As for Apple’s corporate facilities, they are now running globally on 75 percent of renewable energy, more than a twofold increase from just 35 percent two years ago.

Our goal is to power every facility at Apple entirely with energy from renewable sources — solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal.

So we’re investing in our own onsite energy production, establishing relationships with suppliers to procure renewable energy off the grid, and reducing our energy needs even as our employee base grows.

The announcement, released in Apple’s annual Environmental Progress report published today, means Apple has surpassed its goal of providing 60 percent renewable energy to power air-conditioning for its countless computer servers.

Apple’s data centers are now all 100 percent solar, the company confirms:

Our investments are paying off.

We’ve already achieved 100 percent renewable energy at all of our data centers, at our facilities in Austin, Elk Grove, Cork, and Munich, and at our Infinite Loop campus in Cupertino.

And for all of Apple’s corporate facilities worldwide, we’re at 75 percent, and we expect that number to grow as the amount of renewable energy available to us increases.

We won’t stop working until we achieve 100 percent throughout Apple.

Many of those servers – which deliver data for iTunes and other cloud-based services – were the target of Greenpeace’s report last year entitled “How Clean is Your Cloud?”

Apple also released a new video, seen below, that highlights its solar array at Maiden’s iCloud facility.

Apple’s 100-acre solar farm near the company’s huge data center in North Carolina came fully online in December.

The solar installation also includes a number of fuel cells which convert biogas into energy. A new data center the firm is building in Prineville, Oregon will also be powered by renewable energy sources, according to Apple.

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  • well done Apple, that is quite a great achievment! 😀

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    This is an astounding achievement from Apple’s part. I hope others ‘copy’ Apple in this area.

  • Awesome! Let’s see how the Fandroids bash Apple for this.

    • Kurt

      You’re retarded. Apple gets bashed for what is deserved. This is commendable.

      • Z3r0ViP

        you could’ve got more favors for this comment on fandroid sites, you know… just save it.

  • tariq haidari

    apple did it this time!

  • Great news. Now wishing that Apple will learn a thing or two about solar power and implement this in my iPhone at some point. Can you imagine never having to plug your device to charge it ever again? Ok, one can dream 🙂

    • Rickm_jr

      I don’t know. Having your phone sit in direct sunlight all day, even if only the back?

      • save extra power when it has sunlight, use those extra power when its night time

      • Kurt

        I would never put my iphone in the sun.

    • Current solar panel efficiency is extremely unfavorable for such a solution. Samsung tried this, but only with a low-end basic phone. The iPhone would probably take a whole week of being left out in the sun to recharge once!

      However, there are other areas in which solar can help. In India, we have plenty of individual household solar panel solutions for water heating. I believe something similar can be set up to accumulate power all day and let you recharge your phone at night!

    • now you can send your iphone to apple and they charge it and in the morning they send it to you via postal package.but what to do on sunday when the office is closed???buahaha.

  • Mike D.

    And they only had to clear 100 acres of forest and wildlife habitat to do it. Yet the roof of the data center is clear of solar. I’m all for solar, but destroying nature to do it is counter productive. I would hope Apple would be smarter about it.

    • Chris

      Sigh. You were never going to be happy were you? It was clearly farmland. Even if it was an empty paddock with not a blade of grass you would still have some comment about them damaging the soil!! You sir are a moron.

      Good on Apple for using wealth wisly and giving back.

      • Mike D.

        I like if you don’t agree with someone around here you get insults thrown your way. Please do your research. There was slash and burning, re-sloping of the landscape and displaced wildlife. It was covered in the local papers. All I am saying is that they could have done a better job. Solar locally on rooftops and parking lots makes much more sense than large solar farms. Just search on Apple Data Center trees burned.

    • Kurt

      Yeah, I didnt’ think of that. Nature is more important than iCloud. Put them on the roof, Apple

      • Z3r0ViP

        dude.. It’s like 100 acres, it got rid of so much pollution from burning fossil fuel, not to even mention turning “unused” sunlight into something that is helping the planet. Get over it!

      • Kurt

        say that to the bunnies

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        No, tell that to yourself. The bunnies are much smarter than you. They can make better decisions than you.

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        Your right, that’s why I’m stuck with an almost smart phone-iPhone. And the little bunnies are rocking Note 2s. Lucky rabbits

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        Oh bunnies use phone now? That comment just add another 100 point to your dumb-meter making it about 10 billions.

      • Kurt

        They do in fact. They have high IQs and large paws to handle such a large and high tech device as the Note 2.

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      Let’s not forget about the all the conflict minerals it takes to make all these nice “green” products. What a joke…keep drinking the cool-aide sheepole

  • great example 🙂
    Good job apple!

  • Kurt

    Now this is awesome! Apple should start an electric company that derives its energy from solar/wind. I’d be on board.

  • Dude, this is going to save them so much money!! lol

  • I feel proud!