thumbsup 05

ThumbsUp is a brand new jailbreak tweak for Pandora, which places Pandora’s trademarked thumbs up and thumbs down buttons on the iPhone’s Lock screen for easy access. The tweak also adds the ability to assign an Activator gesture to both the thumbs up and down actions as well.

Check inside for more screenshots, which showcase this handy tweak for heavy users of Pandora.

thumbsup 06

Enabling the tweak’s Lock screen controls is as easy as flipping the toggle switch found in the Settings app. Once enabled, a double press of the Home button while on the iPhone’s Lock screen will yield both the standard music controls, and the new thumbs up and thumbs down buttons

thumbsup 01

As mentioned, venturing into the Activator settings with the tweak installed, reveals two new gestures corresponding to the thumbs up or down actions.

ThumbsUp is a great way to ensure that your Pandora stations stay highly curated, regardless of where you are on your phone. It’s a free jailbreak tweak available on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. If you’re a Pandora user, be sure to sound off in the comments section

  • Justin

    A comveinent way to control Pandora!

  • Great tweak idea. The dev should make a similar one for Spotify

  • Joshgomez0

    Does this work with pandora downloader?

  • Aburnett

    I’m not seeing it….

    • J M

      Yes, there seem to be a few little bugs to work out in it, but I’ve wanted a tweak or ability to control pandora like this from the lockscreen for such a long time. So glad it’s here, hope the dev keeps working on it.

  • mattkin22

    I’ve been wanting this exact tweak to be developed forever! GREAT JOB! =D

  • This is awesome…. now how hard could it be to make a “star” button for spotify? 🙂

  • very glitchy and images dont work properly yet .. still needs work..

  • anyone have any issues with music controls pro or lockinfo?

  • Aaaah we need something like this for Spotify.