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Tap to Widgets is a jailbreak tweak, which brings Reminders, Notes, and Calendar shortcuts to iOS’ Notification Center. Tap to Widgets allows you to easily add an item to any of these apps without having to fully open the app in question.

The tweak even lends the ability to add items to specific accounts, such as a different Calendar, or Reminders List. This is a beautifully designed tweak that functions just as you might imagine it might if Apple were behind it. Take a look inside as we walk you through each aspect of Tap to Widgets in our hands-on video.

As you know, iOS already features two built in stock widgets that can be enabled using the Notifications preference panel in the Settings app. These stock widgets, known as Share Widgets, allow users to quickly interact with Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The Share Widgets feature the words “Tap to Tweet” and “Tap to Post” to either post a new tweet on Twitter, or publish a new post on Facebook. This was the inspiration behind the jailbreak tweak that’s the subject of our discussion, and hence, that’s also where the tweak derives its name.

Tap to Widgets 02

With Tap to Widgets, you can independently display any of the five widgets that the tweak includes, and you can even choose to display only one widget if that’s what you desire to do. But the really great thing about Tap to Widgets is the compatibility with Notes, Reminders, and Calendar. These widgets have been conspicuously missing from Stock iOS, and this tweak remedies the issue.

Tap to Widgets 03

The awesome thing about Tap to Widgets is that each of the three aforementioned addons, Calendar, Reminders, and Notes can be used and modified, without having to open the full app. Add to that the ability to assign certain tasks, calendar items, and notes to specific accounts, and you have a surefire winner on your hands.

By tapping and holding on the Add button, you’ll engage a new menu which allows you to select where the item will be stored account-wise. It’s an extremely intuitive way to go about assigning items to specific accounts.

Tap to Widgets 05

Tap to Widgets features a simple and straightforward preference panel. The preferences can be used to reorder the way the widgets appear in Notification Center, remove certain widgets, and add or remove the separator bar that appears between each. You can also set an option that closes the Notification Center after items are added to a widget.

It’s obvious that developer, Alan Yip, spent considerable time tweaking each aspect of Tap to Widgets in an effort to make it just right. He also made sure to credit Joshua Tucker for his help with the layout, and the integration of the buttons in Notification Center. For those wondering, yes, Tap to Widgets works fine with other jailbreak apps like Dashboard X and IntelliScreen X.

Again, this is a gorgeous jailbreak tweak that looks as if it was designed by Apple. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to interact with your Reminders, Calendar, Notes, Facebook, and Twitter apps, then head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo right now, and download Tap to Widgets. It can be had for an introductory price of $1.99. Let me know what you think about it in the comments section.

  • Nice Tweak Jeff!

  • SimonReidy

    This is a seriously high quality tweak. The ability to add all the ‘tap to’ widgets side by side makes for a neat and highly functional notification centre, and so far the tweak has worked perfectly for me.

    Not only does it work flawlessly (love the ability to long hold to change accounts!) but it’s obviously designed with a lot of care to match iOS’s UI. Definitely a tweak that could (and should) be a part of stock iOS. Well worth the money.

    • Amen brother! One of the finer jailbreak tweaks this one.

  • LOVE this tweak. Keeps the simplicity of iOS and doesn’t add in anything ugly. Seems like apple implemented this themselves. Can you say iOS 7?

  • It is a really must-have tweak for me. And with this update it is compatible with dashboard x, so now I can tweet from my springboard, because the stock widget was not compatible.

  • Rupinder S

    What if I use Fantastical? Is there any way to use that directly instead of Calendars?

    • That’s not an issue, Fantastical uses the Calendar app as default, so whenever you add a new event it would appear on both apps.
      The real problem is for people that using other calendar app like Sunrise, their source is not the Calendar app

  • Fantastic tweak!

  • Chris

    Ive been looking for something like this for about a week now, Happy to see that its finally available!

  • Awesome tweak. Now I just wish the icons would integrate with NCsertings. THAT would be money

  • BrawlBro1

    This is one of those tweaks you’re pretty sure Apple might implement in iOS 7.

    • bloodshed

      it’s hard to remember how many times i’ve heard this regarding plenty other tweaks, and guess what! Apple did nothin.

  • Wow. This is a great tweak. Would be even nicer if it has the ability to compose messages and email too.

  • Primo Sidone

    hey guys. off-topic, but i really want to know: is it really worth it to jailbreak? i don’t know if it was my iphone 4, but i jailbroke it a couple years ago, installed JB apps and cool tweaks, but my phone was always buggy. apps and tweaks conflicted with each other, it just drove me nuts. i didnt find the JB worth it, but again, it could have just been my phone. i’m really tempted by all these cool tweaks that are coming out, but don’t know what to do. thanks in advance for any insight.

    • Jailbreaking is not always safe, yes it could bug your phone if you make a mistake, but this is what makes jailbreak so exciting, it gives you that chance to break free from that huge ass fence apple puts up and gives us a view what our devices could do and more. Jailbreaking is for risk-takers, there’s a chance you might break your phone a ‘couple of times, but you get used to it. Once you’ve figured out what to download or not to download, the whole experience becomes pretty amazing. Anyone who’s been jailbroken since, at least, iOS 4 knows what I’m talking about. If you really want something, then it’s always worth it ^_^

  • Latrese

    Finally a new $1.99 tweak WELL WORTH the money. This looks awesome!

    • It seem quite well worth it, shame it’s iOS 6 only…

  • Now if someone would integrate G+ and Reddit.

  • Hey Jeff, my dream is to see your face :3

    • Guest

      Is your dream to die a painful death?

    • well if you must, go to see his twitter account and see it 🙂 I believe it’s @jeffbenjam
      You’re welcome

  • Alexander Gold

    Jeff how to ebable Calendar ?

  • I like this tweak. But it was super if you can combine weetoolbox and this tweak.

  • A shortcut for evernote note could be cool too 😉

  • Nah not much of a use

  • nice tweak i like it

  • awesome tweak! could be more worthy for me if there’s Sina Weibo(similar to twitter in China) in it.

  • Nice work, now add tap to Mail, tap to sms and tap to make a snapshot pls.

  • Looks top notch! Needs Message and Email toggles to be complete! And iPad support is a must! Who leaves iPad out the loop nowadays!? Losing a very large portion of buyers! Anyway very good start on what looks like a very good tweak!

  • iPad?

  • You forgot to write that notes not be syncing in icloud…

  • Александр Дубовик

    Fuck! Only iphone family;(
    How about my iPad?

  • Johnnytucats

    Like this tweak. Doesn’t seem to honor the tweak “In A Minute”, however.

  • It’s super, however does not work on my iPhone 5. It worked one time, but not now. Anyone have the same problem?

  • Looks really useful but the I will only throw my 2 bucks to developer when he adds iPad support. Having it on both my iPhone & iPad will make it worth that!

  • super sad its iOS 6 only 🙁

    iOS6 on 3GS eats more ram than iOS5 (i did a lot of testing not to mention iOS6 offers nothing over 5)

  • Nice Tweak!
    But it’s not working in lock screen where Lockinfo makes it show in! Still using Siri for those functions when in lock screen…

  • This would be a super tweak if it included Compose Email and SMS/iMessage with BiteSMS integration.

  • Xee

    How do you uninstall this tweak completely?

    • Xee

      To uninstall completely:
      Go to cydia and remove.
      Then scroll down to more by developer then select the Tap to Widgets ‘core’ and remove.
      Now it’s all gone.
      I think the developer should change it to just 1 thing to remove tbh.
      Other then that great tweak!

      To remove default Twitter and Facebook tap to post icons from notification centre – remove the Share Widget from Settings Notifications.

  • You forgot to mention that holding down on the widget will open the actual application.

  • disqus_zVn0fV6gKF

    Is anyone else having a problem where there’s the side by side then below that there’s still tap to note/remind but taking up the whole row. I tried deleting and reinstalling but I cant seem to completely uninstall. The tap to widget is still in my settings and it’d crash my iPhone. Then I’d have to reinstall the tweak from cydia to stop it from crashing.

  • How do I remove the default tap to tweet & tap to post?

  • Jessica Chavez