why iphone ad 2

Apple this weekend launched a new advertising campaign for the iPhone showcasing some of the many reasons why the handset is so popular. It’s added a new ‘Why iPhone’ page to its website, and has begun sending out promotional emails.

The ‘Why iPhone’ page highlights a number of the device’s features including its Retina display, the iTunes ecosystem, iCloud and more, and the fact that it’s won 8 J.D. Power and Associate awards and it’s the most popular camera in the world…

From Apple’s website:

“What makes an iPhone unlike anything else? Maybe it’s that it lets you do so many things. Or that it lets you do so many things so easily. Those are two reasons iPhone owners say they love their iPhone. But there are many others as well.”

Apple’s new iPhone push comes just a few days after Samsung introduced its latest flagship handset, the Galaxy S4, which was unveiled on Thursday to much fanfare. It also follows Phil Schiller’s recent round of Android-slamming interviews.

Earlier this month, Schiller, who is Apple’s SVP of marketing, raised some eyebrows when he tweeted out a link to a mobile malware report that bashed Google’s OS for its lack of security. And he continued that aggressive trend last week in a round of interviews with The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and others

Some folks are saying that Apple, for the first time since it launched its iPhone, is going on the defensive against its competitors. Others believe this is just the beginning of a long overdue aggressive marketing approach for the Cupertino company.

What do you make of all of this?

  • *Warning* Incoming Apple and Android fanboy war

    • ap3604

      No so much a war comment but the main reason I choose iPhone >>> Android is the battery life.

      Don’t care how many extra features an Android phone has or how open it is. Unless these manufacturers stop skimping on battery size and start putting in 3000mah MINIMUM then I’ll always stick with the iPhone (Droid Razr Maxx and Galaxy Note 2 excluded since they qualify for good battery life).

      P.S. I only trust Anandtech for battery life results since they are so scientific. Could care less about a random user saying their phones battery life is great or bad since that could be based on a multitude of factors + I refuse to root an Android phone.

      • aldin lapinig

        have u tried the note 2? 🙂

      • yeh my note 2 lasts WAY longer then my 4s

      • ofcourse you fool !
        HUGE Phablet -> Huge battery !

        take a look inside iPhone, the battery is just half the size of it !
        and in that half size they are offering 8hours usage, that’s incredible !

      • yes

      • battery twice the size, screen 3 times the size . And iphone does not last 8 hrs!

      • ap3604

        Might just be my next phone if the upcoming iOS / iPhone disappoint me again.

      • Well_Said

        I own the LG Optimus G pro and its best phone in da market.

      • GalaxyNoteFTW962

        you mean the Note 2 copycat? yea right :).

      • Well_Said

        Well at least LG is good at being a copycat. Not the over saturated AMOLED disolay.

      • GalaxyNoteFTW962

        I actually prefer the SAMOLED over any other display. It really brings lifelike colors.

      • Well_Said

        Ips display brings natural colors, and consume less power.

      • SimonReidy

        This is true. S-AMOLED’s are demonstrably over-saturated, and the whites have a greenish hue. Also, the “pentile” pixel arrangement of Samsung’s screens means the display is technically missing 1/3rd of the sub-pixel resolution (at 1080p this isn’t really a problem though, as the pixels are so dense). This is well documented by Anandtech and Displaymate.

        Its also true that S-AMOLED uses more battery, but only when viewing white/brighter colours. When displaying a mainly black screen, its the other way around with power usage, as S-AMOLED pixels don’t draw any power displaying black (where as an IPS LCD will always have a backlight on for the display).

        S-AMOLED also has much better blacks and contrast ratio, so both technologies have their pros and cons. As someone who calibrates home theatre displays for a living, I personally prefer the full RGB resolution and colour fidelity of IPS LCD’s when it comes to mobile displays.

        Although I think Apple’s marketing is gimmicky, the iPhone 5 still has one of the best mobile screens I’ve seen. There is far more to picture quality than just pixel count (just as there is far more to camera quality than megapixel count).

      • GalaxyNoteFTW962

        thats bull because my note 2 lasts a good 2 days. Any more blatant lies you want to tell me? As for natural colors i have to agree with you there. the color accuracy is off a bit but it looks especially great when playing games.

      • felixtaf

        Its Over-saturation.. Not lifelike colours!

      • The note2, do you really use that monster of a device to make calls? It’s like using a Dell axim PDA as a phone. A BIG no no..

      • derekedelaney

        Who makes phone calls anymore?

      • People with friends and family, and conference calls for work… I certainly do.

      • Snapdragon is a great core, it saves A LOT of energy.. search more

      • ap3604

        The screen being powered on takes up 70% or more of the battery. I could care less if a new processor saves a measly 5% on battery.

        The main wait to fix the problem is with bigger batteries.

      • doesn’t save only 5%, they even made a experiment, the iphone was set to record video, and then traveled the world on a shipment and it didn’t kill the baterry, I will say again, search

      • ap3604

        I really have no idea what you are trying to say.

        Please come back when sober 😉

      • the same core used on Galaxy Note 2 is used on S4(or a better one idk)

      • ap3604

        We will have to wait and see what Anand has to say about the battery life when he reviews it.

      • you clearly haven’t used the iphone 5 have you ? being an owner of the iphone 5 , i must say it has dissapointed me terribly. Just look at the rest of the apple community complaining

      • ap3604

        I could care less what your, or some other random users, opinion is about any phones battery life.

        I’ll take the scientific approach to battery testing that Anandtech does any day instead thank you.

      • Why do you say that? Ive had an amazing experience so far

      • Gray

        I’ve had both Android and iPhone. Honestly, the battery life in my 4S isn’t any different than my old Samsung Captivate. Pretty much par for par on both. For me, it’s stability and fragmentation. My Android phone crashed, a lot. Admittedly I was into custom ROMs, but my phone ran better than my mom’s phone, and she had the same exact phone — still does now, as we both upgraded to the 4S from a Captivate. The performance is smoother, there’s no crashes, no looping reboots, it’s amazingly stable. Not to mention if there’s an app available to download, we know we can get it. With the Captivate, there were several apps I was told about that I couldn’t get because my phone didn’t support it, or because it was for a version of Android that my phone couldn’t upgrade to.

        If those flaws were fixed simply by Google maintaining the development of Android and having updates actually ported sooner than they are, I might be willing to go back. But since most phones use dedicated launchers, such as HTC Sense, Samsung TouchWiz, MotoBlur,etcetera, I doubt it’ll happen.

      • iphone 5 has phenomenal battery life

      • Gray

        I haven’t had the luck to play with one yet. Couldn’t afford the price tag, as I got my 4S on a great offer through Best Buy ($50 off, plus I had a $50 gift card if I upgraded by the end of the year, made the iPhone 4S simply cost tax alone).

        Anyways, I’m not saying the 4S doesn’t have good battery life. It does drain pretty fast in a call — 4-5 hours is about all I can manage before it would start to get dangerously low on battery life. But I can keep it off the charger for up to 3 days straight if I’m just occasionally texting people, and don’t use it for much of anything else really. My Captivate is the same way.

    • Maybe Android will have a war of it own. Judging by the comments from HTC about the cheaply build S4 plastic tat, it would seem so..

    • before I saw the draft ov $8058, I be certain that my friends brother was like they say realy bringing home money in there spare time on their laptop.. there brothers friend had bean doing this less than twenty two months and a short time ago cleard the depts on there appartment and bought a new Nissan GT-R:. we looked here………… BIT40.ℂom

    • war for what …??? apple rules and android is fighting for attention..lol FACT

  • Great ,Atleast the ad camping not forking consumer like samsung did.

  • Leo

    Tested the GS4… peace of garbage plastic. Nothing to impress HTC owns gs any day.. but both htc and gs will find it hard to knock out the pure quality… and thats the iPhone.

    • While I am an avid iOS/iDevice user, I for one thing do not get is why android devices such as the GS3 have such better hardware than Apple devices, meaning more powerful, but you could see a bit of a lag.

      • Giggs

        i actually wonder how can a plastic phone has better hardware upon unique aluminum iphone5?? Galaxy shit 3’s quadcore processor is not as powerful as Apple’s A6. Just opening apps at the same time LOL and also..

      • Well, if you mean by clock speed. If their quad core only has 500Mhz, and the iPhone single core has 1.5Ghz, then that would make sense.

      • felixtaf

        Still bliv in that? Processor and clock speed is very important for Android to run smoothly, Not for iPhone/iOS!
        My dualcore 1.2 GHZ Droid Razr Maxx with Jelly Bean is not as smooth as my dualcore 800mHz iPhone 4s. Y? Can you explain that?

      • That’s what actually surprises me. How does iOS run so smoothly with less powerful processor compared to an Android that runs choppy with a more powerful processor?

      • EpicFacepalm

        Because, it’s bot that iOS is lightning fast, instead Android is very slow. Remember how Minecraft lags? Well, that’s because of Java. Android has a modified Linux kernel but Google refused to make a GNU/Linux. They built their own Java Virtual Machine called Dalvik. Most of the code and apps are written in Java. Native software runs faster than managed software. So that’s why WP7/8 and iOS are faster and smoother.

      • Ooh that makes sense.

        So to paraphrase it, iOS apps are compiled to ARM assembly code? When they run, it already runs a processor understandable code.

        Android apps on the other hand have to run Java virtual machine, which then converts it to processor/assembly code thus creating extra work.

        I hope I didn’t sound too confusing.

      • EpicFacepalm

        Yes, also it’s harder to make animations drawen using Hardware Acceleration (via OpenGL) on a managed software. C/C++/ObjC on the other side, has direct access to almost everything on the OS, making it a more powerful language. On C languages, there is also a preprocessor but it is way more faster than compiling the code at runtime. While Android apps can be written in C/C++ too but like iOS Devs, Android Devs tend to use the most popular lang on the platform. Also Android is mostly written Java too.

      • Because the Iphone runs 1 application at a time.

      • you mad bro ?
        Mail, Messages, Phone, Facetime, Cellular (Services which can be seen)
        launch daemons(which can’t be seen) like photo stream, notifications, weather, location services, battery usage stats, logs, blah etc…

        Same thing also happens in Android, but your processor is not able to handle that many amount of threads and processes at the same time.
        ACCEPT IT.

      • Lol… Those are core services bro which are definitely supposed to run on the background all the time. I wanna see it running third party applications and let’s see what happens. don’t be stupid.

      • now you are being stupid…how the hell will i get Push notifications of REAL RACING 3 that my cars have been delivered if some of it’s services are not running in background ?

    • Tr1pTr0p

      What exactly do you mean by pure quality? The fact that the only thing YOU can change on iOS are the wallpapers? That you have to tap numerous times to enable or disable WiFi or 3G? If inefficiency, staleness or the chronic lack of functionality means quality to you, you need a new dictionary.

    • What quality? i hate the scuffs on my iphone 5. Is that quality?

      • The scuffs on your phone aren’t a sign of poor quality, they are a sign or poor ownership.

      • how is that a sign of poor ownership when the iphone removed from the box already has signs of scuffs etc ?

      • That’s just bad luck I’m afraid. Mine was flawless out of the box. Did you take it to an Apple Store for a replacement?

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Again with blaming the user… It’s user’s fault for everything and Apple is infallible! You people are fucking pathetic!

      • @Tr1pTr0p:disqus


        I am seeing you commenting like a delusional nicompoop again and again !
        You don’t know what you are saying.
        Just calma, take a deep breath and buy an Android if you want. STOP BLAMING EVERYONE !

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Dafuq? You’re the one that has to calm the hell down!

      • calma bro, calma.

      • So it’s not the user’s fault if they scratch or scuff their shiny new iPhone, it’s Apple’s?

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Where did I say that? For fucks sake stop twisting my words! Seriously!
        For a second there I thought my examples weren’t clear enough, but now I realize that you simply don’t have the mental capacity to understand the basics. What a pity.

      • Tr1pTr0pTr0ll

      • SoCoMagNuM

        I actually like the design of the Galaxy S 3. Its like holding a flat pebble like object. Its smooth as well. Its made of plastic but its actually pretty stable. I enjoy the more real estate and the features of customization. GS3 is a great phone. I wont be getting the GS4 only based off my upgraded availability but i know its gonna be improvements on what i already have just as any nee iteration of a device series. I dont expect to have a complete and utterly new device (looks at iPhones and iOS) even though the shell changed its still basically the same experience with hardware upgrades. Dont be so biased. Both devices are great and can coexist..just some prefer one over the other.

      • I agree with your comment 100%, if I sounded biased that wasn’t my intention, I was just pointing out it’s unfair to blame Apple if you scuff or scratch your phone, as Tr1pTr0p was ‘arguing’. And if you were unfortunate and your new iPhone had some imperfections out of the box, like Kenrdick, that is indeed unfortunate and yes Apple are ultimately to blame for that, but I think it’s also understandable that a number of devices may get slightly scuffed during production, especially considering the huge demand for the iPhone 5. I’m not defending Apple by any means, I’d be pissed too if my brand new phone had a scuff straight out of the box, but at the same time I’d be confident in Apple to replace the device for me at my local Apple Store.

      • Funny! That paint should at least last for months and not by just simple friction. The previous iphones are a lot better. for me that is a sign of poor quality. maybe for you, it is not, because you are a die hard fan of apple.

      • If it bothers you that much, you might want to consider investing in AnoStyle. Personally my black iPhone 5 is still in perfect condition. I have a screen and back protector and a clear side wrap installed, so the only part of my phone not protected is the diamond cut bevelled edge. I’m just careful that there are no coins or other objects that could potentially scuff the edge when I’m sliding my phone in to my pocket.

  • jilex

    it’s good they do this, they have to say “this is why you choose us” to all their consumers

    • Reminds me of that twilight zone episode “the good life” its good they do this we love apple everybody loves apple. Lol

  • Protoss

    the iPhone 5 is still better with or without Jailbreak than the Galaxy S4, because the Galaxy S4 has hardware performances greater than anything in the Play store, result : the Galaxy S3 can turn perfectly anything in the Play store, making the Galaxy S4 useless.

    • Tr1pTr0p

      The same can be said about the 4S. Your argument is invalid.

      • somebody, wake up this guy.

      • Protoss

        nope, because every time an Apple device is unveiled a great game is unveiled with him for example : the first iPad was launched with Infinity Blade, the iPhone 4S was unveiled with Ifinity Blade 2 and finally the iPhone 5 with the amazing Real Racing 3, always a greater game for demonstrating the new hardware.

    • GalaxyNoteFTW962

      Yes an app drawer on the iPhone is MUCH better than the LOADS of features on the S3. 😛 You got a GREAT point there 🙂

      • felixtaf

        You dont own a S3, dont talk about it. You dont own an iPhone, dont shit about it!

  • I’ve been using android on the Galaxy S3 for a while and I realized that android is not a reliable system. iOS is still the best in my opinion. I don’t hate android or because I’m an Apple fanboy, just my experiences and opinions.

    • Totally agree with you. I tested both OS on tablets and I definitely prefer iOS rather than Android.. But I think I’m giving Android a second chance and test a nexus 4

    • Tr1pTr0p

      If you think Android is not reliable, how about you try jailbreaking? I lost count of how many times my iPhone crashed and went into completely random boot loops in the middle of the night, and not waking me up in the morning. High quality my fucking ass! I’m tired of this junk!

      • A properly jailbroken iphone will have no problems in and of itself. It is the tweaks that a user downloads that cause the problems. Be conscious of what tweaks you are installing and everything will go nice and smooth

      • Tr1pTr0p

        It’s always easy to blame the third party, isn’t it? Comparing stock iOS to Android is ridiculous, and jailbreaking, which makes the comparison possible, also makes my device run like shit. I remember those painful days without a jailbreak, and being forced to use stock iOS on a daily basis… I had to restore only once. Now that I’m jailbroken, I have to restore weekly because the device crashes and it’s noticeably slower.

        My contract ends in about 7 months, and if iOS 7 doesn’t dramatically change things, I’m switching, and I know I’m not the only one.

      • Aaron de Silva

        How can u not blame third party when a stock iOS doesn’t end up with ridiculous boot loop? It is the owner of that jail broken device to see what tweaks work. Not every tweak works as well as many of us expect it to.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        And how is that third party’s fault? How the hell is it my fault when a tweak randomly malfunctions in the middle of the night and causes a boot loop?

      • Stop pirating your apps. My iPhone 5 jailbroken runs so well that two of my co workers sold their GS3s to buy i5s for me to jailbreak for them. TripTop has been hating on iPhones for at least a year on this blog… So just ignore him. He is just another fandroid.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Oh, right. After spending over $400 in total in the AppStore and Cydia, I’m a pirate and a fandroid, even though I don’t even own an Android device. It’s called being realistic, look it up.

      • Stfu fagdroid

      • Tr1pTr0p

        I’m not a fagdroid because I don’t have an Androide device, but an iPhone 4S. How many times do I have to repeat myself?

      • Well_Said

        Do urself a favor and buy the LG optimus G pro. I got rid of my jailbroken iphone 5.

      • GalaxyNoteFTW962

        Dont argue with Apple fanboys. The only way they will learn is when they ACTUALLY touch an Android. Trust me i know the feeling. The real FAGS blocked me from this site TWICE and are intolerant assholes. This is my third account. If they block me again I will dedicate a facebook fan page, twitter page, you name it in order to bash this site and its close minded founders.

      • You say dont argue with Apple fanboys and yet keep creating new accounts to come here and bash them? (and lose)

      • felixtaf

        Dont argue with fanboys… You keep creating accounts and bashing for all replies… Whatever problem caused by a tweak is Users fault. You cant blame a iPhone for that. We jailbreak or root for our convenience… Not approved by Apple/Google! (PS: If Android is soooo open, why root voids warranty?)

      • I can’t believe someone can be so self deluded.
        You still think installing a bad tweak is not your fault.
        You should consider not to jailbreak your device then.

      • Calm down and ignore them.. Don’t provoke them anymore since i see you like to provoke people in other threads too. Next time, before installing a tweak, do research first if its good or not. Some developers just want to make easy money and do a half ass job at making a tweak.

      • Aaron de Silva

        Haha just read what you posted.

        1. It’s your fault for downloading the tweak. (Well not fault.. More like your responsibility, even if u have an android, what u download can have an effect on the device)

        2. It’s the third party software (in this case the tweak) that caused problems.

        I’m not saying you are to blame, but it is truly what then owner does that causes problems to the device. Apple give you a good OS compared to others with laggy interface, or those capable of getting malware. Although jail breaking makes it possible to do a lot more, there is still a limit the on what you can do on your device.

        Hence, your argument is invalid.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        My argument is invalid? MY argument?

        What if I fill your gas tank with water instead of gas, for $4 a gallon? Is it your fault for coming to my gas station, or my fault for fucking you up?

        What if I give you a wrong antibiotic? Is it your fault for taking the med, or my fault for not double checking and giving it to you?

        Instead of calling me a fandroid, etc., how about you people go and LOOK AT an Android device. I’m not even asking you to touch the damn things. LOOK at them while someone else is using them. You’re so far up your own ass with the iPhone you don’t even see the rest of the world. Lag died a long fucking time ago, and Jelly Bean was just the icing on the funeral cake.

      • Like what Kameron Burton said in the beginning, a properly jailbroken device will have no problems, if a tweak or something you just installed causes problems, uninstall, and contact the developer if you want for a fix.

      • Exactly my point Cameron Chao, Pick and chose what you install. Not everything will work well with others. Like right now I have SubtleLock and LockInfo 5, But they don’t play well with SBRotator 6 at all. So I keep the first two for their functionality and send a message to the developers in hope that they can find and fix the compatibility of the tweaks.

        It is trial and error. Not all tweaks will work with all other tweaks. And if something keeps crashing your phone why would you keep it on there? In my opinion that’s like knowing an open knife in your pocket will cut you but you keep it there anyway because you think its cool. Yeah the [Knife/tweak] is cool but if it keeps harming [you/your iPhone] then why would you keep it [in your pocket/installed]?

      • I seriously respect your opinion. I love my iphone 5, but i hate the iphone battery and it makes me sick to even own a phone which i paid so much moolah for. What really baffles me is how these people on this blog over here refuse to even touch an android phone and just bash it for the sake of it.
        I don’t like the android phone because of its complicated , but i would first throughly try it before making random comments.
        I agree with whatever you said so far here.

      • Samich

        Dude it’s ur fault for JAILBREAKING in the first place-stock iOS runs fine and well but when u use Sauriks third party software and download an unstable tweaks it is not (cr)apple’s fault!!!!
        It’s YOURS for jail breaking or you could blame Saurik!! Not (cr)apple!!

      • ap3604

        You are simply trying to win an argument at this point.

        Calm down and think for a second. If you download third party software which causes your machine to crash, obviously it was the third party software.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        You dont say!
        That is exactly what I’m saying. It’s not my fault when a tweak crashes my device. How can this be so hard to grasp for some?

      • ap3604

        You actually think that if you download malicious software that its not your fault your computer gets a virus?

        That would be like being pissed at car manufacturers because you drove 100 miles per hour and got into an accident.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        In that case, I was the dumb one and I am the one who crashed, because of MY stupidity. The equivalent to that would be me willingly (after being warned) and incorrectly configuring the tweak, which in turn causes it to crash.

        However, if a manufacturer sells me a car with faulty breaks, and I crash because of it, it is not my, but manufacturer’s fault. THAT is what happens when I download a faulty tweak. The download page says how the tweak works, I see the screenshots, the description… But it doesn’t say anything about that bug that will make my device crash; the same way Toyota didn’t tell all those people about the faulty pedals that caused people to die.

      • ap3604

        Well if you download a faulty third party, unnaproved by apple tweak that causes your system to become unstable then get mad at the tweaks creator… NOT the person who sold you a rock solid phone that didn’t have any problems until you started hacking your phone and installing unapproved software.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        That would be like saying it’s your fault for giving your car to a professional to change your winter tires, and then you crash because he/she didn’t do a good job. So, according to your logic, it’s your fault for not giving your car to Toyota and have Toyota install them, because Toyota gave (sold) you a rock solid car and you went off to someone else. It’s still NOT your fault.
        That person who did a shitty job of installing tires onto your car is responsible for you crashing.

      • RarestName

        Yes. If you get a perfectly normal Android phone, root the phone, install a custom ROM and it crashes for you, who will you blame?

      • Tr1pTr0p

        The person who made the ROM, posted it online and said it will work. “Use at your own risk” is bullshit just to get away from any responsibility.

      • RarestName

        So it’s the tweak/ROM/person who made it who is in the wrong. I believe other people are trying to say this. After all, iOS was not made for installing things like this. The person has to make quality tweaks, meaning that it’s not unstable.

      • ap3604

        Exactly right!

        You don’t go to an unapproved third party for anything if you want a smooth ride.

        If you went to a mechanic for a break job and he did a bad job (causing you to get into an accident later) you wouldn’t get mad at Toyota for someone else’s bad job.

        Same with software, you don’t go to some third party “mechanic” and then be pissed at someone else if things go wrong.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        I’m not mad at Toyota for someone else’s bad brake job, or Apple for someone else’s shitty tweak. The one who messed up my brakes is responsible for me crashing, and a developer is responsible for making a tweak that crashes my device.

      • I don’t know why people disliked all your comments

      • What kind of idiot would continue using a tweak that causes your phone to keep crashing? Yes it is your fault, if you install the wrong things onto your android phone im sure it will give it problems too. Funny thing is Android stock lags and hangs probably as often as a jailbroken iphone.

      • s0me

        I had no problems with ios 5.1.1 + jailbreak, now with every version of ios 6 jailbroken and the same tweaks it crashes my web browsers and camera apps. Hope they bring quicktoogles on ios 7 or im out !

      • it is ur fault.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        How the fuck is it my fault if a tweak causes my device to crash?

        How can it be my fault if someone sells me a car with a ticking time bomb under the hood?

      • Just one thing Bud,
        You are an IDIOT.
        Stop arguing endlessly,
        1-apple gave u a perfect phone.
        2- u no like perfect
        3- u jailbreak.
        4- u go cydia
        5- download, download, download, download…
        6- tweaks, tweaks, tweaks and tweaks
        6- ur phone crash.

        2 different tweaks might cause ur phone to crash because they might conflict with each other.

        Happened to me installed 2 tweaks my phone crashed, kept one all good then. Googled the thing found out they dont work together.

        When u install a tweak, test ur device and see what happens dont just download multiple tweaks and see what will happen
        Test test test tset for God’s Sake

        End of the line:
        Your mistake

      • Tr1pTr0p

        You might want to learn to read! I never said it’s Apple fault for my phone crashing after installing a shitty tweak, but the developer of that tweak. If I go around and tinker with the settings in a not recommended way, then it’s my fault if the device crashes.

        And by the way, iPhone is far from perfect. You might also want to wake up.

      • felixtaf

        Its same us you flash Galaxy s2 rom on S3… If u install iPhone 5 tweak on iPhone 4s (it WILL crash)! I have had crashes when i try unsupported tweaks.

      • right

      • dan

        thats cz ur not supposed to jailbreak it if ur dumb

  • Rickm_jr

    Maybe they’re responding to the mass download of Evasi0n and saying those are the reasons people like iPhones, not the jailbreak scene

  • Goku63

    **”Maybe it’s that it lets you do so many things. Or that it lets you do so many things so easily.”** *edit*, it let you do so many things through jailbreak, not via the stock iOS.

    • Aaron de Silva

      Haha Apple wasn’t lying you still need an iPhone to jailbreak. “Those are two reason iPhone owners say they love their iphone.”

      • Goku63

        Yup, that’s surely true

  • More like, please don’t go to S4, I’m a Apple Fan, but Apple is really staying behind, they don’t take huge steps in new techs or designs, while samsung s4 go for it..

  • Well_Said

    In opinion the LG Optimus G Pro is the best Android in thr matket and better than S4

  • Sir.Rhommi

    All I Really Want Is For Apply To Introduce
    -Their Own Version Of BiteSMS… It Makes No Sence That We Can’t Quick Reply & Compose.
    -Functions Like Auxo… Too Many Tapps To Disable & Enable Toggles.
    -Transit Intergration In Maps…

    That’s Really All I Need.

  • GalaxyNoteFTW962

    Sebastien or whoever this crap site belongs to, as I have said before, i will keep making new accounts and expose your intolerance of others’ opinion. With that said, block me once more and will dedicate a facebook page inviting many people to it that will boycott your blog. I believe in freedom of speech and you are a disgrace to its meaning. ANDROID FTW!

    • Jeremy

      Seems to me like you’re just an angry and sad android fanboy. Shit, calm down, both android and ios powered devices have their pros and cons but don’t be an ass about it.

      • GalaxyNoteFTW962

        This site is an ass for promoting intolerance of others’ opinions.

      • i see it as a Apple fanblog that has intolerant Fandroids like you coming in to spark heated debates.

      • I don’t see why anybody has to argue on here. Its called idownloadblog made for idevices. If you dont have an idevice then why are you getting mad and coming over here to rage? I believe its all just a matter of preference. I’ve used an android phone, didn’t really find much wrong with it. I own an iPhone, It just happens to be what I like using. I still have an older Blackjack 2 Windows phone that I occasionally use. It is all just personal opinion. If you want to have a peaceful discussion about the pros and cons of each device then be my guest. But I don’t come on here to argue and fight with people. It is too much drama for me and I don’t care for it. Personally I see no reason for anybody to hate on other peoples opinions. But there is no reason to get hateful and pissy when someones opinion does not match your own. If you want my opinion on things then ask about them. But if you are looking to argue about which is better then you will get nothing from me. I like iPhone. Plain and simple. I never said I hate androids. I just prefer an iPhone over other phones. Again, preference is key here.

        Now I am sure androids have something that others find attractive to them, just as I have things that I find attractive about my phone. They are just not my kind of phone.

        I could go on and on about this, but I believe I have made my point. If you don’t like my opinion then I could care less. That’s your opinion of my opinion and my opinion of your opinion is my opinion alone and should not affect your opinion of what you like or don’t like but then again that’s my opinion.

      • felixtaf

        Well Said… I own both iPhone and android… I PREFER iPhone for some reasons and use android for some reasons….

      • Jeremy

        If you state your opinion in a respectful manner then only will your comments be tolerated. Otherwise I give Jeff or whoever full reason to ban you from the site.

      • True. The dude will just keep coming back though under new reg, he so stupid that his name will give him away.. That’s what he said in his comments.

    • You suck! BIGTIME!

    • AMB_07

      You say you hate Sebastien/iDB yet by coming back to the site you are helping both by generating more hits for the site. I’m not trying to diss you but if you really hate this place the best thing you can do is not come at all.

      But I agree that the mods can do a much better jobs with some of the commenters here.

    • felixtaf

      Freedom of speech in what? Calling somebody’s work as crap? Or accusing or threatening them? these are your freedom of speech? If u dedicate a Facebook or twitter account, then this site will be abandoned? then try my dear bro…. Even you will be bored with you Facebook FANBOY page… And liking you own comment is worse than anything else out there! You like android? Don’t know any android site? Go to androidauthority, androidcentral and bash about apple in their comment section (Even those site MOD’s wont shit on Apple – You can try your luck)… Also, there are tons of pages and youtube accounts to bash Apple – JOIN THEM!

      • He’s a loser with too much time on his hands.. .

  • 笑傲江湖

    嘀嗒 嘀嗒 嘀嗒

  • Marcos Rivas

    Jailbroken iPhone is my best option I would trade my phone for a Z10 just because I think BB has a good stable hardworking OS but too bad the fun part would be pretty much gone … So I rely on iOS .
    I don’t care about a big screen ! If I had one I wouldn’t mind either but certainly don’t need it . And the fact that all the apps have to be checked and approved by apple gives me peace of mind .
    Things can always be better ? Sure but it is what it is and some people like , android crappy Japanese phones over something that has been designed here in California; well that’s their money we don’t tell them how to spend it and they don’t tell me how to spend mine
    The reason must common people don’t like iPhones it’s because they want a video wallpaper , they want to set their tones to whatever the hell they want and they choose their favorite stupid song to let everybody listen to it over and over and over , grow up people ! They want to send themselves little videos of porn among friends because they think is funny . The worst part is that they hate a serious company like Apple just because they don’t let them do that with what could be their favorite phones .
    People like that makes me wanna puke , but hey is not all android user but if the boot fits do us all a favor and kick yourself in the pea nuts .
    Sincerely YO MAMA

  • Nash

    I really like how they use colors to make the iPhone stand out really good.

  • yahmed

    FAIL! on the page it says that only the iphone has the retina display whereas htc one, Xperia z and galaxy s4 all have 441 ppi. The iphone has only 326 ppi.

  • android along with samsung will loose and will burn in hell, go apple!!!!

  • Nice to see a company selling its product on its own strengths… Ahem, maybe Samsung need to do the same..

    • felixtaf

      They don’t have enuf time to shit on Apple or Blackberry in ads. They shud show their strengths in ads. They are more like, Blind man calling a one-eyed man as blind.

      Also, Cant believe Galaxy series and Note series have almost same display size and gradually increasing year after year. Soon they will lose in Note sales, coz people buy Note for the big screen, not for the stylus!

  • How is this a “campaign”?

  • Dan

    Not flaming, I believe that Android and IOS are both great, just suited to different niches.

    That being said, if Apple is trying to set itself apart from the competition (Android) with this following statement: ”Maybe it’s that it lets you do so many things”. I will simply answer with a LOL.

  • Mac_Guy

    Even if there wasn’t a jailbreak for the iPhone, I would still choose it over any Android device. In my opinion, it’s a top notch phone in both hardware and software. Yes their are other phones with greater specs and PPI but I choose iPhone over anything else.
    Sorry if that really pisses you off @Tr1pTr0p:disqus

  • Hyder Khan

    No phone can beat iPhones solid build quality and beautiful display with natural colors. Sure iOS sucks big time but once an iPhone is Jailbroken, no phone can even come close.

  • Apple Rules,
    Used SIII for amonth and i was dying to get my iPhone back,
    Stock android software not rooted, and the lag just kills me, not so smooth.

  • Just incase u didn’t read it Mr. Tr1pTr0p

    Just one thing Bud,
    You are an IDIOT.
    Stop arguing endlessly,
    1-apple gave u a perfect phone.
    2- u no like perfect
    3- u jailbreak.
    4- u go cydia
    5- download, download, download, download…
    6- tweaks, tweaks, tweaks and tweaks
    6- ur phone crash.

    2 different tweaks might cause ur phone to crash because they might conflict with each other.

    Happened to me installed 2 tweaks my phone crashed, kept one all good then. Googled the thing found out they dont work together.

    When u install a tweak, test ur device and see what happens dont just download multiple tweaks and see what will happen
    Test test test tset for God’s Sake

    End of the line:
    Your mistake