What better way to sign off as my weekend starts than a fresh batch of iOS concepts which imagine the capabilities Apple should have long implemented? Above is Shaik Imaduddin’s mockup of a more interactive iOS Notification Center with actionable alerts where you could, say, delete email messages, mark them as read and send new ones, all without ever leaving your iPhone’s Notification Center.

Very doable and frankly, even Android isn’t currently doing that. He’s also envisioning making phone calls, responding to text messages (existing tweaks address this) and setting alerts in Reminders to call back a person. The latter makes me wonder how on Earth Apple missed combining Reminders with the Phone app. I’ve also included a nice iOS 7 Safari mockup right past the fold…

Shaik’s concept evidently makes the Notification Center more powerful by taking usual actions right from it, without having to open apps.

Here’s how it works:

Swiping left on a notification brings up a set of options that would usually have to be done by opening relevant apps and could take 2-3 steps. This works with all notifications.

Apps from the App Store can take advantage of this too. For example: a Facebook notification can be commented on, liked, or shared right from the Notification Center.

I sincerely hope Apple will make Notification Center in iOS 7 lots more actionable because, frankly, it’s of little use to me as it is now: a bunch of endless alerts that cannot be interacted with without being yanked out of the Notification Center.

Meanwhile, designer Brent Caswell went about juicing up Apple’s mobile Safari browser and he’s come up with some noteworthy, if not obvious, solutions. First up, Caswell is calling for a Chrome-like Omnibar, basically a single bar at the top which acts as both the address and search bar.

iOS 7 Safari concept (Brent Caswell, image 004)

It should be a no-brainer: OS X Mountain Lion already unifies Safari’s two bars into one.

iOS 7 Safari concept (Brent Caswell, image 003)

He’s also thinking about improving Safari’s handling of bookmarks, with the ability to share bookmarks with others through iCloud (agreed). He proposes a revamped UI to file your URLs, which kinda reminds me of the nice to-do app, Clear.

iOS 7 Safari concept (Brent Caswell, image 002)

Last, but not the least, a new grid view when browsing open tabs puts more page thumbnails on your screen so you could pick a desired tab with less swiping. Note the two buttons alongside the bottom that let you pick between browsing your local or iCloud tabs, another nice touch which would definitely make Safari’s tabbed browsing better and less cumbersome.

iOS 7 Safari concept (Brent Caswell, image 001)

I’m also liking his enhanced iBooks style layout controls for Safari’s Reader feature.

iOS 7 Safari concept (Brent Caswell, image 005)

Some handy keyboard shortcuts here to access Safari tabs and bookmarks.

I like how this guy’s brain work. It’s a high time Apple enhanced Safari with new gestures, like swiping left and right from the edges of the screen to quickly navigate between tabs, Google Chrome style (at least on the iPhone).

Speaking of which, Apple should re-think the whole multitouch thing in iOS 7.


For starters, get rid of the inconsistencies. For example, swiping from left to right deletes email and text messages, but not Calendar or Contacts entries.

More importantly, refine your multitouch language and deploy a set of easily remembered gestures across all stock apps, uniformly.

Mockups of what Apple should have done, but isn’t is why we jailbreak.

What’s your favorite feature in Shaik’s Notification Center?

What about the Safari mockups, any favorite?

  • pauleebe

    Agree with all of this. Fingers crossed Jony can make it happen.

  • Manuel Molina

    Seriously, if Apple doesn’t step up with this next iPhone, I’m just going to go get an S4. The iPhone and waiting for a jailbreak is just mind blowing, as iOS has looked so boring for the last few years. Can Cook change this up, or do they expect Apple fans to stay loyal with the same phones and a new price tag or two-year contact?

    • seyss

      a lot of ppl like iOS’ simplicity.. you learn how to use it in 3 minutes
      they need to add stuff like this NC actions and widgets like the concept shown a month ago.. it’ll be great and simple

      • Manuel Molina

        But seriously, how fucking boring can you get with simple shit? I can change my entire UI and keep it clean and polish to avoid bugs or lag like older android models. Samsung has polished their UI after some years of making phones, so why shouldn’t Apple – the frigging people who made others copy them in the first place – make something different?

        NC settings is far beyond what Apple needs, and to be honest, as much as I love my jailbroken iPhone, it’s a shame I need to wait to use the phone like it should have been from the box. It’s even more of a shame to allow the iPhone to stop inventing new ideas that people are scare of, and just make some new shit work. They need to wake up and along with the times. iOS is still 99 times smoother then jellybean, but lets be real, Android is getting their software right and better each and every time

      • Manuel Molina

        I just don’t want a 5S. I want a new phone and design, and to have real features. Not have to buy a phone for a compass and MMS.

      • Kurt

        You shouldn’t wait to see what Apple will do. I’ve seen these comments for a few year now. “If Apple doesn’t do something different I’m going to Android/etc” iOS 7 will look and act exactly the same as iOS 6. We have next to no features in our OS. What we do have is great apps. If, you are serious, then buy the GS4 now not when its 6 months old or older when you see that the iphone and iOS 7 is basically the same.

        I’m gonna upgrade my iPad to the iPad 5, but I’m switching to Note 3 as soon as that comes out this summer. iPhone doesn’t feel like a smart phone. More of a feature phone that can run apps and thats about it.

      • s0me

        Yeah IOS looks simple but its not, how many taps does it take to enable/disable 3G, Wifi, and Location Services ? How much time does it take to kill apps? Why would they not implement something like Auxo? The best thing in IOS is the App Store and how smooth the OS works.

      • Kurt

        like grandmothers

    • Couldn’t agree more. I have switched to Andriod and love it. However if Apple steps up hardware with bigger screens being a main point for me and a much improved ios I would consider switching back.

      • Z3r0ViP

        There’s already a bigger version of iPhone. It’s called iPad Mini…

      • Mohamed Hassabo

        Can you make calls with an iPad mini? I dont think so. And using applications like viber and such isnt a solution, as not everyone has it.

      • Z3r0ViP

        So, you wanna make call while holding those extra big, bulky screen? U missed the point of having a phone, buddy.. It’s meant to be portable and easy.

      • Kurt

        “…much improved iOS” What would you want that would make you consider switching back? What features? I’ve asked a few people before but they either didn’t answer but 1 guy did and he said things that won’t happen. So it’s a fun question to see what features are important to people. Hope you respond! 🙂

    • Me too. Will Apple give me a reason to stay, or will they just continue the rinky dink upgrades and live off their rep?

    • I understand your disappointment but.. An S4 ??? this has to be the ugliest phone on the market, with the worse features ever ! If you switch to android , which still would be sad, make it right !, one x with stock android, or nexus 4 or the new coming motorola by google. but seriously. an s4 ?????

      • Manuel Molina

        I stopped caring about a look or design on a phone because we all know how ugly most are anyways. The iPhone 5 doesn’t look as good as the iPhone 4/4S did, but look at the cost of your phone if you drop it. It had a high chance of cracking, and if you bring in the ‘should have a case on the phone’ argument, then what’s to say I don’t get a nice looking case for an ugly looking phone to make it look good? My problems with android are still smoothness and lag; no matter what Ram or GHz are under the hood, it still takes a million taps to just click an email or text at times. But as I said, android is getting better with age, and Apple is aging on.

        All I will say is this: give me the iPhone with the possibility to do it all without jailbreak and a frigging awesome battery and I’m sold. Stop giving me thin phones with only 1 hour battery increase when we are a technology driven society. We use music, games, emails, calls, and texting almost everyday. It’s demand and supply, not supply, supply, and not listen to the demand.

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      • Mohamed Hassabo


    • As long as a one step jailbreak exists im going to stay as far away from android as possible, and with the ip6 concept out im very excited to see what it offers. But i will jb it again. I agree apple is BEYOND stupid for not tapping into the wild west of cydia and jailbreaking as a purchaseable option, but i dont have to complain because ive got what i have now and love it!

    • I very much agree. Apple 5S must have new features both hardware and software which newly revolutionize the smartphone experience. Make the phone GLOW or make it come with the watch. Meaning they must stop adding slight upgrades and change the look and feel for the phone. If they cant do this, I dont care if the S4 is Plastic, I would buy it and have a new invention in the palm of my hands without restrictions. I dont want to break my head jailbreaking devices simply to catch up with other stock phones. Its extra work, extra time, out of warranty squinting your eyes to read the text problematic phone.

  • Third sentence from the bottom isn’t really grammatically correct. Had to read it a couple of times before I got it.

  • seyss

    pretty good

  • The unibar has been in Cydia. It’s called Safari Unibar.

  • Dubai?! >_>

  • Bob

    I hope developers are working on these tweaks? As they’re perfectly capable of being created.

  • So am I the only one that knows that U can do everything in that video via intelliscreenx and sbs settings combined? Apple should have done this along time ago. We all know the UI needs a significant change. Yes it’s simple and easy to use (the reason it is the most popular phone brand in the world) but its boring as shit! If they don’t change the UI soon… They are doomed. And this is coming from a proud apple owner to all of u trolls on this site

  • There’s a lot of features that Apple could put into iOS. Design changes, inspiration on Cydia tweaks. Apple could be a little less traditional about the iOS. They have the opportunity to bring a lot of consumers with a all-new iOS design, and I hope it happen. 6 years since the original iPhone introduction and the iOS is almost the same. The time to change has come, time to show the world the real revolutionary company and burry the copycats… I meant, samsung.

  • Damian W

    It would be nice if this concept worked with other tweaks like CallBar, quickreply BiteSMS and quick reply for emails ( last is not a tweak).

  • I hope there is something “Cook” ing over in Cupertino regarding iOS 7

    • SimonReidy

      Hopefully they aren’t too “Tim”id to completely redesign the UI.

      • JamesR624

        They really need to get some new features to “Phil” iOS 7 with.

      • SimonReidy

        “Ive” been waiting a long time for that 😉

      • Devam

        You guys are making me laugh so hard!!

  • galdamita

    I’m not an Apple fanboy, but I prefer ios instead android, the first one is more predictive, and neater to use

  • Apple had the lead in the 80s and dropped the ball. They ignored the fact that the rest of the field caught up with them and the result? Apple Macs had a 5% share. Fast forward to the 2010s. Apple had the lead with the iPhone and failed to realize that the rest of the field caught up with them. Soon they will surpass Apple and the iPhone will be playing catchup. Look at the hype for the Galaxy S4. that used to be exclusively Apple’s but not any more.

    • Exactly my thoughts, too

    • SirPsycho

      But.. but.. but… I thought Apple started with the iPod? There is no way the messiah of the tech world could possibly alienate their users and deprive them of all the the things the competition offers driving them to the point of bankruptcy!

    • Evad3_Me

      S4? Hype? For what? I actually like having my videos playing without me looking at them, and that eye scrolling technology bullshit? How accurate can that be? Also, it looks like the S3… It’s funny how you Android fanboys made fun of the iPhone 5 because it looked like the iPhone 4S, but your beloved S4 looks exactly like your S3, has no feature improvements, and it’s OS still needs improvement in terms of stability.

      I’ve used both Android and Apple, and I’ve always preferred Apple for the stability and simplicity. Don’t tell me to buy the top of the line Android phone because I have used the Galaxy. I have used the S3. They are equally unstable and laggy in terms of performance. The one thing Samsung needs to do is either A) create their own OS for their phones like Apple, or B) quit.

  • Abe Villa

    I had a galaxy nexus before the iphone 5…. I fuckin miss it. Even If I jailbreak each fucking tweak is expensive! Why? I could easily flash a rom and have tweak after tweak for free! Gotta admit their add on tweaks are not even worth it.

  • Oh good god. I would pay like $4.99 for those Safari enhancements. Looks amazing!

    • …$4.99 for a jailbreak tweak to whomever makes it, I mean.

  • for example: can’t apple at least add WiFi, 3G,….. shortcuts.
    every one wants that since more that 4 years.
    what is apple problem, is it copy writes.
    I think they can spend some millions for the sake of customers satisfactions. they have already get half an billion from Samsung

  • Apple needs to step there game up cause its the same shit just slightly new things every big update which i wouldnt even call them big updates. They need to take some jailbreakers and use there wacky ideas to make this phone so much better then it is and can be right now. They are slacking and jailbreaking is what is keeping me in this race right now.

    • Judge

      I agree they need to employ jailbreakers

  • bcambas

    It is time for iOS to include native PDF creation from mobile safari.

  • wonderboydave

    how to make iOS better?

    open it up, but lock it for carriers.

    give us an option to root it or jailbreak whatever u call it. without facing repercussions in the warranty

    if apple looks at the trends of jailbreak tweaks, and really considers it, then they can implement it in there next versions of their software.

    we want apple to be innovative? there’s a slew of developers in the jailbreak community who would really push forward for this.

  • Almost all things from the NC Video are available with Lockinfo 5!

  • I think maybe with jony ive at the helm of ios 7 things will change if you look at the iphones its beautiful so to go with that you would need a beautiful operating system which is smooth to its core. In my opinion ios should be made again from ground up with less restrictions such as bluetooth, changing fonts to users choice, themes, a whole new UI (keep it good looking but the simplicity should stay there), gestures. I know it wouldnt happen straight away but ios7 should atleast have 2 of them and then impliment it further with 7.1 etc.

  • MagicDrumSticks

    To all the people saying they want to switch to android, take it for me; I was as far removed from apple as can be.

    Some of you may remember how I came on here and trolled all the people who liked iPhones.

    I used the galaxy note 2; the most powerful and highest rated android device of its time. I was convinced that the iPhone was in the past.

    But then I realized things; little things. The lack of app polish, the lag (yes in jellybean), the keyboard which I missed from iOS, the lack of developers and updates.

    Yes, android devices have better specs and yes, they produce benchmarks which give nerds orgasms but in all honesty WHO CARES?

    Going from the note 2 to the iPhone doesn’t make me miss all the gimmicky features of that device like the s-pen hovering ability and the dual screen feature.

    Honestly, it’s a pointless arguement; iPhones are so highly sought after for a reason; being able to tell someone you have a quad core processor doesn’t mean shit to most people; people want a reliable, easy to use and efficient device which provides excellent support. Android devices don’t have that yet IMO, the iPhone fits the bill

    • RarestName

      My next phone will be the S4. Not that I dislike iOS, but I just want to try out using Android as my daily driver. The lag isn’t that noticeable any more like it was in older Android phones.

      A number of people in my class, including me, use iPhones. A few days ago, my friends asked me this:

      “Hey, are you supporting iOS or Android?”

      And I said that I support both. They looked surprised 😛

  • The odd thing, Google just put the Reply, Delete, and Archive in Notifications for Gmail for JellyBean. If Apple makes the Notification Center actionable, I wonder if they’ll let the Gmail App have it in iOS too.

  • Cornstarch

    New reports are out that ios 7 will not feature any of these because they need more than 6 months to completely redo the whole ios, so what you will get is a rehash of iOS 6 with only a few features and security added. Even Iphone 5S will still have the 4 in screen, but what’s new is a fingerprint scanner on the home button with the addition of NFC

  • Cornstarch

    ios 6.1.3 is out and if you update you will lose your jailbreak freedom, but if you don’t you can’t update most of your apps