Phil Schiller (iPad mini event 001)

Following today’s unexpected news of Google’s SVP Andy Rubin leaving Android to focus on moonshot projects at the Internet giant – and conveniently just 24 hours ahead of Samsung’s big unveiling of the Galaxy S4 at the Unpacked event in New York City – Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller sat down with The Wall Street Journal to pooh-pooh the Android platform.

He’s touched upon several controversial topics, including Android fragmentation and lack of integration. And dismissing the looming Samsung launch, the exec called Android “a free replacement for a feature phone” and cited Apple’s own research claiming four times as many iPhone users switched from Android than to Android during the fourth quarter…

Your money quote:

When you take an Android device out of the box, you have to sign up to nine accounts with different vendors to get the experience iOS comes with.

They don’t work seamlessly together.

He pointed the finger of blame at “plain and simple” Android fragmentation and added that “Android is often given a free replacement for a feature phone and the experience isn’t as good as an iPhone.”

He spoke to Reuters, too:

And that extends to the news we are hearing this week that the Samsung Galaxy S 4 is being rumored to ship with an OS that is nearly a year old.

Customers will have to wait to get an update.

And this:

With their own data, only 16 percent of Android users are on year-old version of the operating system. Over 50 percent are still on software that is two years old.

A really big difference.

Here’s the most current snapshot of Android’s fragmentation, via Google itself.

Android fragmentation 20130313

Too bad he forgot to mention that Samsung’s heft in Android has Google worried.

Of course The Wall Street Journal put a negative spin on the news, what did you expect?

Their headline: ‘In Rare Move, Apple Goes on the Defensive Against Samsung’.

WSJ also cites some data without mentioning hard numbers that play into Apple’s favor:

Apple’s iPhone represented just 19.1% of global smartphone sales in 2012, compared to 66.4% for all Android phones, according to Gartner.

Meanwhile, market researcher IDC this week said it expects tablets powered by Android to eclipse Apple’s iPad next year, too.

So our takeaway should be that Apple is doomed, right WSJ?

Wait, what?

Apple is beating Samsung to the punch in U.S. smartphone share, demolishing Android in metrics that matter, the iPhone 4S and 5 are the world’s two most popular handsets and the iPad is responsible for “just” 84 percent of in-flight Internet use.

And if you need another proof that IDC’s market share estimates are off: video provider Ooyala finds that iPhone owners watch twice as much video as Android users. Other data points support the thesis that Apple is killing it when it comes to mobile video.

As for the cited IDC survey which calls for Android passing iPad in tablets this year: Ben Bajarin has already deconstructed that estimate, it’s a highly recommended read.

I imagine for Schiller, this WSJ interview is nothing if not working “a little harder to get the message out.”

Anti-Apple headlines 001

Schiller handles all of Apple’s worldwide marketing, but is also the steward of the company’s relationship with developers and instrumental in product development.

The executive made headlines last week when he tweeted out a warning to Android users with an attached F-Secure report that paints Google’s platform as responsible for the overwhelming amount of mobile malware.

The Wall Street Journal has long been lauded as an unofficial Apple mouthpiece.

However, the News Corp-owned publication – along with other major news organizations – has notably changed its Apple rhetoric, more often than not spelling doom for the iPhone maker in past few months.

Some people like myself blame it on stock manipulators who just play WSJ, NYT, Reuters and Bloomberg to their causes. Others point out that without Jobs, Apple is more prone to criticism.

The truth, per usual, is probably somewhere in the middle.

My case in point: a Good Technology survey finds iOS activations in the enterprise market rose from 71 percent to 77 percent. WSJ runs the story under the headline “Android Tablets Gain on iPads in Business Market”.

iPhone 5 Schiller

As if that weren’t enough, WSJ opens the story with claims that “there are signs that Apple’s grip on tablets has been weakened among consumers, who are buying more devices made by Samsung and Amazon.”

What friggin’ signs?

Apple’s enterprise share actually grew, but WSJ buries the numbers at the very bottom:

Overall, Apple’s iPad and iPhone devices made up 77% of new devices using Good Technology software last year, up from 71% in 2011, with Android-powered devices making up much of the rest.

Independent software consultant Hilton Lipschitz took a long and hard look at WSJ headlines and the anti-Apple agenda, compiling an awesome selection of at least two dozen WSJ stories that paint Apple in a negative manner.

Anyway, is Schiller right to go on the record and highlight Android’s weaknesses or should he have kept his mouth shut and refrained from going “on the defensive”?

  • Blaqheart

    Instead of ‘pooh pooh’ Schiller poop pooped on Samsung right before their flagship S IV was released…Way to go Phil…

  • TesticularFortitude

    Did Schiller say anything that Steve or Cook hadn’t already said?

  • Toni

    Not seamless? That is simply a lie. If I sign up for a google account when I teak my Nexus 4 out of the box thats all I have to do to get more services than Apple could ever dream off. The only pain is to get my iCloud Mail to work with it because you have to use Lion or iOs to set it up easily without entering ports and all that stuff. Schiller thats Sad

  • Metroview

    “When you take an Android device out of the box, you have to sign up to nine accounts with different vendors to get the experience iOS comes with. They don’t work seamlessly together.”

    -no you don’t. you sign up/sign in with your Google account. the others are either a dropbox or box promotion or samsung sync, which you can easily skip.

    “And that extends to the news we are hearing this week that the Samsung Galaxy S 4 is being rumored to ship with an OS that is nearly a year old. Customers will have to wait to get an update.”

    -vs waiting 6 years, 6 iPhones and continuing for true innovation? Hmmm… Sucks that I fell for it all those years until recently. No more.

    The inevitable is here Schiller.

    • Well_Said

      As a recent convert to lg optimus g pro from iphone 5 I agree with u

      • Zero

        When you agree with him, do you also agree that apple bring out the competition and innovation. Why did google bought android ? It seem to me that they got jealous. You should probably thanks apple for you to have that android phone, Samsung and lg and htc and Google since they Supposedly create a perfect OS, which I don’t see, they finally got out there cave homes, iPhone was the only and only phone to have a full touch screen and a beautiful OS, others company was still at there cave home couldn’t of think of something awesome like apple

  • Zero

    I have an android phone, and its a htc evo 4g aka htc 3d what phill said its true, and also android have the slowest updated on earth, and if you gonna get mad about this just get off this blog then, there’s no reason for you to get on this blog and get mad lol, to be honest android still have a lot of work to do sure they have a lot of features, but yet, it still not as good or stable, don’t get me started on the OS, htc sense is good with ics but dam it still goes Laggy and kills my battery a lot even when I have my extended battery,apple only things that’s missing features and revamp iOS

    • You speak well. Sums up my experience also. Lots of power on the one x, lots of features, still glitchy and poor battery. Overall experience was poor in comparison to iOS. Good job one x was my second phone.

      • Zero

        Thank you and you too. I can see android still have a lot work to do, I have a lot of bad experience with android I’m not trying to be an ass hole but I have experience with it, total of android people have been rooted or put custom rom on it to make it better, the stock rom it still isn’t good enough. I choose iOS over android I still have my 3D phone but I ain’t using that much, I use my iPod touch 5g and my bro iPhone lol….more than my 3D

  • Get over it already, some people like Apple, some people like Android. Why are we acting like children and fighting over whats better? Who gives a shit? Pick what works best for you and get over it. Don’t even get me started on the numbers for sales and percentages, they’re different in every single article even if it was posted an hour later than the previous.

    • Tech wars have gone on like forever… Nothing wrong with this anymore than Megadrive vs Snes.

      Bring it on Sadsung, Apple gonna beat you all day long!

      • Well_Said

        True but Phil is wrong on having to sign to 9 accounts to us android phone.

      • I think he meant like you download a calendar app for example and you need to sign up to their service to use the app… What I think he doesnt understand is you can sign into many many apps using your google account for calendars and docs :/ Maybe he just hasnt used an android device long enough lol

      • I’m really wondering where he got this number from…

    • MarcPhilippeB

      Apple and Samsung give a shit.

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  • TesticularFortitude

    For the Android people here, what is he talking about with the nine different accounts thing?

    • jo-macral

      He is talking FUD, plain and simple.

    • BoardDWorld

      He’s talking about the services that are automated by signing in just once during the set up process on iOS vs having all the same services setup on Android/Samsung Galaxy S2/3/4.

      • what services is he talking about? could you list them?

  • Kirk

    Talk about trying to sound relevant. Apple must desperately feel the need to stay in the news for him to poop on Samsung S IV release. I use both iOS and Android, good for the consumer to have choices so Apple stop dissing Android. I love my iPad so is my Nexus 7.

    • Zero

      Apple ain’t dissing they getting payback, also samesung diss apple

  • Well_Said

    Give me a break Phil, i just recently rid of iphone 5 and switched to LG optimus pro. I only signed to google account without having to connect to the pc.
    Also im getting alot of cool features than ios6

    • Zero

      What’s soo cool about android and LG Optimus pro, the only cool thing about LG is they’re tv and Refrigerators, but I’m also sure that apple would come out something new in the tv industry

  • jo-macral

    Why is Apple so worried about the SG4 launch, that they have to pull this childish crap? Steve would be ashamed, and truthfully, loses some of my respect as well.

    • shar

      if the situation were reversed, we would have seen many comments about how childish Samsung was. makes sense 🙂 , or is it the tide is reversing 😉

      • jo-macral

        Perhaps, but Apple is ‘the’ company that people look up to, and has historically set examples others try to follow. Lately, they seem to be trolling, and pushing FUD about Android instead of innovating something truly unique to set them apart from the rest.

    • Zero

      Why did samesung make those childish anti-iPhone ads?Steve would of get payback and to not let they’re company to get diss and apple ain’t worry, they just getting payback

  • Leo

    Not too many people cant afford an iPhone. Like he said.. they give out free android phones as a replacement 😉

    Apple Rules!

    • And the free iPhones you can get on contract as well? Apparently he forgot about those too.

      • Kurt

        Here in Korea they will give you a free iphone 5. why? no one wants them.

      • Zero

        Holy crap, I’m going to Korea to get myself and iPhone 5 for free!!!!

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    you sign in to your google account just like you do wit iOS and itunes…Schiller doesnt know what the hell hes talking about

  • BoardDWorld

    I have the opportunity to use multiple smartphones for extended periods. My opinion is based exactly on what I see and use. Android is getting better, it suits more advance users as it has many supporting apps for this area once rooted. But by far for the masses iOS is superior. Both OS’es are boring, Android has always been boring as it mimics iOS in a roundabout way.

    Android fans just admit it… Take Ubuntu Touch(been using it on a Nexus), Meego, Android & iOS, now group them based on similarities. Ubuntu shares a similar system gesture to Meego, completely different otherwise to anything else, Meego shares a similar app selection as iOS’s Spring Board but is otherwise different, still extremely disappointed Elop chucked it in.

    Window’s? what’s that?

    Now Android, you basically have to go with what’s not similar/exactly the same as iOS, as it was before iPhone made it’s huge impact when Android mimicked Blackberry. Android is just a pig trying to run up sales numbers from day one so Google can get it’s search numbers in. No honour or integrity, just millions of dollars in lobbying and billions in advertising each year.

    • Zero

      iPhone did made a huge impact, where was android back in 2007, that’s when google bought android, like i say in the previous comments they finally got out there cave homes

      • BoardDWorld

        Beta releases on HTC devices designed optimally to run in landscape. Much the way Ubuntu is now…

  • When I read about ios having more internet browsing percentage or playing twice as many more videos, all I hear is ios users are making my internet slower and more expensive. I have both ios and android by the way.

  • AMB_07

    Seems to me like Apple is getting a little jumpy ahead of the GS4 launch…

    • Zero

      It seem to me that apple is getting payback for Samsung doing those silly anti-iPhone ads, really Samsung, you forcing iPhone users to switch, if I’m sure I think there’s a lot of loyal fan that they won’t switch

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Apple’s Steve Ballmer 😛

  • Cornstarch

    now let’s look at what apple’s has to offer on their next phone, the Iphone 5s. It’s the same 4 inch screen and resolution with the new finger print scanner on the home screen and NFC. I don’t know much about the camera, though.

  • Of the 66% of android phones in use over 50% are outdate pieces of junk that dont even keep up with my 3gs.. Some androids have big processor and big batteries but the OS just doesnt work like iOS – its like comparing how a plane and car gets you somewhere! It doesnt matter if you have a Bugatti Veyron! My cesna will still get me there first

  • I have a 4th gen iPod Touch running jailbroken iOS 6.1 and a much cheaper phone running Android 2.3 Gingerbread… And I believe that Apple has got stuck in time at some point with their operative system, still their hardware is impresive. For example, I’ve just downloaded for my Android device TouchPal V5 which is a free swype keyboard which also features voice recognition. That just takes touchscreen devices to whole new level, solving one of it main problems: typing. And I could keep mentioning many features on Android that are superior to iOS, like widgets or quick access to wi-fi or 3g settings. They are all really simple, but extremely useful. Is it that hard to put them into iOS? Didn’t Apple ever wondered why many normal users like me jailbreak or devices? I just hope things really change when iOS7 comes out. Apple hardware and performance still blows the competition.

  • maverickmax

    christian zyberg ur a noob and ..this whole document is leaning towards that android is much sarcasm try and write something tat benefits tech lovers.i observed ur format
    2.quote by apple/svp/anyone at apple
    3. criticize/condemn
    4.troll about it by comparing with android
    5 show a document to prove point no.4