It’s been a long time in the making, (remember this?), but we have finally started our first weekly podcast. This particular podcast, entitled Let’s Talk Jailbreak, will be focused mostly on jailbreaking, and the jailbreak community. We hope to have some great developers and influential members of the community on soon. In this first episode, we talk to iDB founder Sebastien Page, as he gives us a high level overview of iDownloadBlog.

Let's Talk Jailbreak

Episode 01: Jeff and Sebastien talk about iDownloadBlog’s history, morning routines, the official iDB app, a site redesign, favorite jailbreak tweaks, and more.

Please, please give us feedback in the comments below. We understand that this is a brand new venture, but we hope to get your thoughts and opinions on how we can improve this podcast and meet the needs of our listeners. Happy listening.

  • sweet.

  • Bob

    Jeff >> Sebastian.

    • True. Unfortunately I don’t have Jeff’s extensive experience recording stuff. I’ll get better. As for the French accent, there is nothing I can do about that. Believe me, I tried 🙂

  • What does Alyssa Milano have to do with this. Can someone fill me in. Thanks. lol

    • That’s when actually listening to the podcast comes in handy 🙂

  • Bob

    Does sebastian also own the Youtube channel? All this time I thought Jeff owned and ran everything.

    • Although Jeff created and manages the YouTube channel, it belongs to iDB

  • FTO

    I Wish iDownloadBlog would stop reviewing some really crap tweaks in cydia, and also please ban these childish iDB from the Comment’s section! That would make iDB Even awesomer 🙂

    • pegger1

      They review all sorts of tweaks. Some you can’t tell they’re crap till you’ve used them. Those especially should be reviewed, so I know to stay away from them.

    • From their bad tweak reviews it stopped me from wasting money on certain ones, and also showed me that there were other alternative tweaks That were free.

  • Great first episode. iDB is one of my favorite Apple sites & is THE BEST for Jailbreaking by far. Thanks for all you do! It’s great to hear some history & future improvements to make it even better than it already is!

    • Thanks for the support, Blake. Much appreciated!

  • Bradley Wyatt

    iDB has gotten way off track. Crap stories, bad tweaks (as mentioned below) and just about no themes. The site is filled with ads and is overall confusing and ugly. I just go to ithemebig instead because there are no ads, theme, tweak and more section and they actually respond to problems when prompted via email, website, twitter and more! very useful.

    • Bob

      Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


    • pegger1

      You have some major attention deficit disorder if you get that easily distracted by a few ads.
      Nobody cares about themes.
      If all you have is bad things to say about this site, why are you even here? Let alone commenting.

      • Bradley Wyatt

        I just don’t see the point in the adverts as well as well as a store on an informational site…Sorry for giving an opinion pegger1…

      • does is how they make the money to run the site… if it boders you so much use adblock

      • Bradley Wyatt

        Also iDB has done some themes with an overall positive response so I am not quite sure where you get your info…

    • ithemebig. Seems legit.

  • TesticularFortitude

    Wow. I have a new level of respect for Sebastien.

    • I knew faking a French accent would do it, haha :p

      • Kurt

        Are you French or Canadian or Northern African or?

      • Dan

        I would wager that he’s French (France), I’m French (Canadian) and my accent doesn’t sound like that =)

      • Kurt

        I would have never known that about you. Your English is excellent. Seems strange to say that to a Canadian 😉

      • French French

      • You can call it the real French 😀

      • Dan

        J’ai raison? Français de France ou Canadien français? 🙂

        En tout cas, c’était intéressant et j’espère en écouter d’autres sur ce site. Bravo.

      • Francais de France

      • yader

        can you please make the podcast available in stitcher? they emailed me back and told me to contact you about it. Apple’s podcast app is a joke. thx

      • We can look into it, yes.

  • Cool. This is exciting.

  • nice job guys. I loved listening to Sebastien and his beautiful french accent. And Jeff.

  • Very good news ! subscribed ! I felt like iDB needed a podcast. Great 1st episode. Good work guys and thx Alyssa Milano !

  • Mark

    Cool! Where did you guys record this podcast from? Did you record this from a proper studio? it sounds like you are in a hallway.

    • We did this from our respective homes. Jeff actually sounds good. My side definitely sounds like I was in a hallway. I was in my office, a room with not much furniture in, which might explain how the sound would bounce on the walls and create this sound. I’ll work on improving this for sure.

  • Justin H

    Great job! This was a fantastic way to get a good insight into iDB. I like the fact that you guys are trying to come closer with the readers and talking about everyday problems with the site and the strategic choices you are trying to make. This makes us feel like you aren’t just doing it for the money but doing all this for the readers.

  • I believe this is the post Seb was talking about?

  • This is a really great idea! The first episode was interesting to hear from you both.

    I hope this podcast gets some momentum so that you can get interviews from big and small developers in the community. I think this may also help readers become closer to the guys behind the tweaks/jailbreak. We would get a better understanding not to mention attach a personality to the code.

    Might even fight piracy with pathos but I’m less optimistic about that.

    • That’s the plan, and we’ll do our best to stick to it.

    • Piracy can’t really just be stopped. In fact, despite popular belief, the majority of piraters do so because they aren’t able to pay for the software due to restrictions where they live, not because they don’t want to spend money. (google “thekirbylover jailbreak survey” for more)

  • Great job guys!!! This is really interesting. Sebastian your accent is not bad its just a little different! Mine is horrible im (mexican) but im proud to be who i am. By the way, i know it will sound stupid but how do you make profit out the blog?

    • Thanks for the feedback. We made money via advertising (some people pay to advertise their product on iDB). Although there are different ways, that’s how most blogs generate revenues.

  • Sebastian, you need to come up with a good sign-off in French. A tag line that you’ll use every time. I think that would be really cool.

  • Nice first podcast episode fellas!

  • Cabral Donovan

    C’etait vraiment bien 🙂 J’ai bien aimé ! J’éspere que vous aller faire ca plus souvent 🙂

    • Oui merci, on va essayer de s’y tenir.

  • iDon’tWantToShareMyDetails

    Correct me if im wrong, but are you saying that finding a front-end web developer for the most popular CMS is hard???

    • What I said is that there are plenty of WP devs. It’s just not easy to find the right one that fits your needs and who has experience working with online publications.

  • Jeff

    Glad you guys are liking what you hear. Stay tuned for more.

  • luis gonzalez

    Sebastian congratulations on your awesome site. Im a big fan of Idb. I have lots of respect for you and your staff. I have learned so much and i visit your site about 7 x per day and btw i would love to see an app for idb. Thank you for sharing your ideas and the future plans with us!

    • And thank you for taking the time to leave a comment here.

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    I would really love to hear about battery life after jailbreaking. My iPhone 5 battery gets about 5/6 hrs after JB. It was 8 to 9 before JB. What apps or tweaks that you use everyday that are really useful.
    Thank you guys everything. The podcast, and those app ideas sound perfect. But do you really think Apple would Pass an
    app talking about jailbreaking?

    • Apple actually approved the podcast, which should now be in iTunes. As for battery life after jailbreaking, it seems to be a recurring topic that we might address in a future episode.

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        Nice to hear about both subject, again love the site thank you and the staff for the always up to date news.

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    I would love it if your guy would have a set date for releasing new podcast. Maybe releasing one every Tuesday or Every other Tuesday. Maybe even have a top 5 or 10 list of subjects to cover in the podcast.

    • Jeff

      It will probably be every monday or every tuesday afternoon.

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        Again thank you guys. I feel this side of iDB is gonna really take off in a great way for you guy. Can’t wait.

  • I just wanted to know. How many people actually go on this site a day?

  • Milo

    I agree that the site need a redesign

  • Thanks for the insight. Couldn’t do a Google Hangout like TheVerge to give us some video?

    • We thought about it but we don’t really see the point of showing our faces at this point. We want to be like the Daft Punk of podcasting. Just kidding. We may do video podcasts in the future but there is just no plan for this at this time. We’re gonna take things slowly and build from there.

  • FasiYoo

    Love IDB. Never leave home without it. Is it just me or does Sebastien sound like Kim Dot Com? Prob just me. Keep up the great work fellas

    • First time I’m being told that I sound like Kim Dot Com 🙂

  • JV

    realy nice job guys

  • babybaby95

    Is it available on Apple Podcast app?

  • I’m relatively new to podcast. What would be the link to put into PocketCast to subscribe?

    • I’m not sure but it seems that Pocket Casts has a search feature. Just look for “let’s talk jailbreak”. It should show up. Or else, you can probably subscribe via the links listed above in the post (ie iTunes link). Hope that helps.

      • That worked for pocketcast! Many thanks

  • Well_Said

    Just ditched my iphone 5 for the latest LG Optimus G Pro, I bought from Korea two days a go and finally I got a phone I have full control over. Dont have to wait for a jailbreak to us my phone the way I wanted.

    • Jeff

      Well said.

    • Joy

      Hmm. Honestly, the LG is not bad. But, neither is the iPhone. I would be doing the same thing to *any* phone I own, but I really just can’t stop tweaking it.

      I suspect jailbreaking is just as much about the enjoyment of modding, as much as what your iPhone can do, either as is or with hacking.

      But it’s awesome you found a phone you like.

    • Kurt

      Congratulations. I’m looking forward to making the switch also.

      • Well_Said

        I love the complete freedom of android.
        I’d recommend LG optimus g pro over any android device

      • Kurt

        Just saw a review by CNET. That is one nice phone. Can you type with one hand as you can with the Note? Since it can have a smaller keyboard that shifts to the right or left depending if you are right or left handed. More and more I’m so excited to make the switch.

      • Well_Said

        Ive been feeling like Apple is us for granted. We have to wait for years for minor upgrade

      • Kurt

        I don’t expect more from Apple. They innovate in the beginning of a products life, then they quit. I said, iOS 6 won’t have many new features. And I was right. Just a lot of bugs. I expect even less with iOS 7.

  • Al Jay Aoas

    I’ve always wanted to know the people behind this awesome site. And my description of them being awesome, didn’t fall short. Kudos to you Sebastian! I cant wait to see the app and the refreshed site. Rock on.

  • My battery is running low and still downloading the podcast ahaha

  • I love how you can hear their Iphones vibrating in the background lol! Nice podcast, keep it up!

  • Pls make a iDB app

    • Kurt

      Why is it needed? What would you want out of an app? I think the webapp works great. But maybe I’m not thinking of something that would be useful in a native app.

      • Reeder in conjunction with the web app has been fine for me.

  • Pretty sure someone already wrote an iDB app (didn’t release it though, just tweeted about it for a bit). @Mr_Russ1an I believe.

  • Leandro

    Sebastian congratulations on your awesome site. I’m a big fan of Idb. I have lots of respect for you and your staff. I have learned so much and i visit your site about 7 x per day and btw i would love to see an app for idb. Thank you for sharing your ideas and the future plans with us!
    Leandro – Brasil.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Leandro.

  • felixtaf

    Thanks guys…. I was a redmondpie reader for long time…. I came to this site by your youtube channel.. Thanks Jeff for the awesome videos. Then i started to visit, jus to download the IPSW files(download speed is relatively good than the site i was using). Started to read the blog about 3-4 months ago…. Very inpressed by your posts. And i like the comments section in iDB. So i can share my thoughts and things i know too. Also, i have commented in several blogs and never ever a MOD responded to my comment. Thanks to you, Sebastien… happy to see that you are not jus posting the contents. but following up with them…Thanks to all the MODs in iDB and keep up the good work….

    • Thanks, and glad to have you aboard the iDB boat

  • Rania Abdin

    loved the podcast and can’t wait for the next episode. iDB is my favorite Apple news related site ever. I started to read the blog year and half ago and never missed an article by Jeff since then. I love your tutorial videos, Jeff. Keep up the good work.

  • Love the podcast. I think I will be great for people to get together to know developers if you choose to go that route. Honestly I wouldn’t download your app unless it had unique features to other apps. I use Mac hash app which has your stories. It’s a one stop app for apple news. Keep up the good work

  • WOW, for the first time in my life, i actually sat and listened to a podcast and yes, subscribed to your channel.

  • Joonyaboy

    2 thoughts. I like the podcast. Perhaps after you record it you can list a few bullet points to give a prospective user an idea of what’s contained, as many users may not have even listened to it thinking it was jailbreak only.
    2nd thought is that you didn’t need that tweak Sebastian. You can use Activator to bypass the lock screen. I have it on my iPad, I press the home button one and it goes straight to the springboard. If for some reason I wanna see the lock screen I can just hit the sleep/wake button

    • Yes, we shall include show notes in the future

  • David Howe

    Sebastien and Jeff great job on the poscast! I read iDB religiously for about a year now. Sebastien I really want the skip lock tweak that you had made for you. Would you be able to send that .deb file to me? Please?

  • Great first episode guys.

  • I didn’t know alyssa milano was in whos the boss.
    I only saw her in porn, charmed, and commandos

    • Oh, alyssa milano is still a great actor, and very pretty

  • Thats how i start hear “Alyssa Milano” talk about it :0)

  • Dr

    It’s good to know the people behind this excellent website IDB, it helps me a lot with technicalities ,up to date information and video tutorials just to name the least.
    Kudos to Sebastien and Jeff on the premier of IDB podcasting , keep up the good work guys……I’m a fan of IDB!!!