Let’s Talk Jailbreak – 01: Thanks Alyssa Milano!

It’s been a long time in the making, (remember this?), but we have finally started our first weekly podcast. This particular podcast, entitled Let’s Talk Jailbreak, will be focused mostly on jailbreaking, and the jailbreak community. We hope to have some great developers and influential members of the community on soon. In this first episode, we talk to iDB founder Sebastien Page, as he gives us a high level overview of iDownloadBlog.

Episode 01: Jeff and Sebastien talk about iDownloadBlog’s history, morning routines, the official iDB app, a site redesign, favorite jailbreak tweaks, and more.

Please, please give us feedback in the comments below. We understand that this is a brand new venture, but we hope to get your thoughts and opinions on how we can improve this podcast and meet the needs of our listeners. Happy listening.