Flusterless is an upcoming jailbreak tweak that will bring a handy Do Not Disturb (DND) toggle to the iPhone’s Lock screen. The elegantly designed tweak positions the toggle to the left of the Lock screen clock, and it is invoked using a simple swipe gesture.

Enabling DND using a swipe displays a moon icon that matches the status bar icon indicating that DND is enabled. Disabling DND using a swipe gesture briefly displays a sun icon, which quickly fades from view. If you’re someone who often uses DND, then Flusterless is a jailbreak tweak that you should keep an eye out for.

Flusterless Screenshots

Flusterless will be available shortly on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. It will be a free jailbreak tweak once it is released. It comes from talented developer, RiDan. Stay tuned.

  • I wonder who the developer of this tweak is. It actually looks really nice.

    • RiDan.

    • RiDan, but I think he’s pathkiller29 too (dev of WeeRoll)

  • Well_Said

    looks cool & clean

  • Om Soni

    Is it compatible with Forecast?

    • I was going to post the same thing

      • JoshS

        As was I.

    • Guest

      me 3

    • Just tried, it is, but looks ugly :/

      • Om Soni

        Thanks for your reply. I was really hoping for this tweak to work with Forecast. Thanks anyways.

    • Well u can use both but i doesn’t look good when u turn both on. Just try and u’ll see.

  • I just use a actavater gesture of two flicks of the mute switch, make cens since it is the ultimate mute.

    • what’s the difference between mute switch and DND? is it just the options? (scheduling, allow repeat, allow specific callers)

  • fffffiiiinallllyyyyyyyy

  • Dexter

    Hope it is compatible with LockInfo! Great tweak btw 🙂

  • Bob

    Chances are you will occasionally accidentally toggle it and miss anyone who calls/texts you, not for me, looks like a polished tweak though.

    • Jeff

      No, it pulls from the side. There’s little to no chance you can do that by accident. It’s not just a tap.

      • Question… Intelliscreen X also is activated thru a swipe gesture on the clock part of the lockscreen. Will this tweak change that

      • Everythingapplespro

        Im developing the toggle for notification center.

  • Damn I ‘ve been looking for a tweak like this since the jailbreak came out!. Can’t wait for the release.. I hate going to settings to enable ‘Do Not Disturb’

    • There is a toggle for it in Sbsettings. You dont have to go all the way to settings.app

      • Guest

        SBSettings is crap.

  • Great, but I already have a toggle in sbsettings

    • Where did you find the toggle?

      • Ryan Petrich made it.. Here’s a Cydia link: cydia://package/com.rpetrich.donotdisturbtoggle

      • Go to cydia>search sbsettings do not disturb toggle. There is an ayecon theme for that toggle also

  • wonderboydave

    im kind of old school and stickin with 5.1.1 on ip4. I wonder if there is anything like this that would integrate with the tweak “bannerdisable”

  • Everythingapplespro

    Im working on one for notification center,

  • mwpitt52

    Compatible with Intelliscreen? That would be awesome!

  • It’s released!

  • Mads Teland

    It’s out.

  • This came with a crappy little circle instead of the actually eye-appealing, minimalistic grabber featured in these screen shots. Damn.

    • Nabil A Swileh

      Me too, the grabber looks much cooler

    • PathKiller29

      This is an issue with the attributes of the images; today’s update should resolve this.

  • Why can’t i find it in Cydia.

  • Interferes with IntelliscreenX everytime i pull the grabber, intelliscreen gets activated. Cool tweak but cant use it