2007 Lock screenThe iPhone Lock screen has not changed since 2007 and it is certainly boring, even outdated. Everyone loves a good Lock screen and we wanted to give a quick how-to for a simple tweak. Getting things looking fresh on your iPhone can be a jumbled mess while plowing through Cydia, looking for the right packages. A few days ago we had users submit their favorite Lock screens, screen shots, and tweaks, which led to this post. While this initial posting is simple, we hope it inspires you to construct your own beautiful Lock screens…



To make your iPhone look like the image above, inspired by a submission from iDB reader @CarsonFlores, follow the steps outlined in the article below.

How to replicate this Lock screen

Step 0: WinterBoard – To begin most all Lock screen theming, one must first locate and install “WinterBoard.” WinterBoard allows the majority of theming manipulation and keeps track of all compatible themes downloaded from Cydia in one location. It is a free package and the beginning of your journey.

Status bar:

Step 1: Signal Dots – This tweak changes the cellular band and Wi-Fi signal to black, white, or gray dots. Once installed via Cydia, turn it on in the theme section of WinterBoard.

Step 2: Springtomize 2 – Notice, the lack of cellular provider? Springtomize allows the user to eliminate a carrier or customize the text where the carrier information is traditionally located. It also provides a way to turn off the battery icon. Once installed, head to the “status bar” category and turn off/on the features you prefer.

Step 3: IntelliScreenX – Among many other features outlined in Jeff’s review, ISX provides the status bar new mail notification. Once installed via Cydia, head to Settings.app and locate “IntelliScreenX.” Inside, you will find a long list of features. To manipulate the communication icons, find “Status Bar Icons” and turn on/off either missed calls, unread texts, unread email, or silent mode.

Lock screen:

Step 1: Forecast – This is the actual weather tweak, as the name suggests. It replaces the time on the Lock screen and taps into Weather.app for local weather information. At most, it will refresh every 15 minutes to prevent battery drain. Note that this tweak does not appear to play well with “Lockscreen Clock hide,” which some users install to remove the default Lock screen clock. Whichever tweak you install last, whether Lockscreen Clock Hide or Forecast, the second will remain on your iPhone and the other is deleted or overwritten. It appears that Forecast still has the built-in ability to terminate the Lock screen status bar clock.

Step 2: Glasklart – This theming tweak, controlled in Winterboard, is a giant package allowing the user to theme almost any part of the iPhone. For the sake of this Lock screen modification, once installed, head to Winterboard and turn Glasklart Weather on, then respring. It also manipulates the weather in Notification center.

Forecast NC

Step 3: Springtomize 2 – The slider text is manipulated using the Custom Label Mode in the Lock screen settings section. Turn on Custom Label and type your string in the field below.

The wallpaper can still be set from the Settings.app, with default system settings. Unlike some other Lock screen tweaks, this particular one does not require any user adjustments to change the background image.

Lock screen modding

As you can see from the above steps, Lock screen modification can be a bit cumbersome. While the overall visual change for this particular option is minimal, there are a decent amount of mods necessary to make the slightest visual change.

Keep in mind, if you have never changed your Lock screen in the past, it is a tedious process. Pay close attention to which switches you are flipping on and off in your newly installed tweaks and I recommend doing it one at a time. Taking the extra step will help you learn each individual function, as opposed to flipping lots of things on at the same time, never truly grasping how each function manipulates your iPhone.

  • AlukaRulz


    • Yea forecast is gorgeous. When I first saw this during the iOS 5 days I could have sworn Apple was going to spice up the LockScreen in iOS 6 with something like this. Nope…

      • There’s always iOS 7 though 😛

      • Toni

        and ios8

      • JamesR624

        Keep telling yourself that. Meanwhile, cook is bathing in your money.

      • Why? Cook charge for iOS updates or block them by carriers to make us buy a new iPhone model to keep updated? .. cough: android :cough:

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      • CollegiateLad

        Cough: fucking little twat :cough:

      • cough: fucking little butt hurt.. :cough:

      • Siv

        You idiot, that’s not Google’s choice. The blame for that lies squarely with the manufacturer and the carrier.

        Android is just an operating system,anyone can use it and introduce their own silly rules.

        If you want to see Android in its finest and truest form, check out the Nexus lineup. No bloatware, beautiful unskinned UI and instant updates.

      • Yes, it is Google choice. They only care about marketshare, that’s why they are so.. “open”. Because since Google doesn’t own the hardware, they need to wipe the shit from carriers and brands to have Android installed on them.

      • Siv

        Isn’t that what you get with the Nexus lineup? Also they recently purchased Motorola, so expect to see their hardware on par with their software.

      • I hope so…

      • felixtaf

        U r right. Stock android is nice n fine. You have a nexus device. But, millions of Samsung, Motorola n HTC users are tied up in Gingerbread or ICS. It wasnt Google’s fault either. But, Google can make the carriers or manufacturers to push the update faster(Google can – I dono how). The above said Nexus devices are good. But are they readily available? Every-time I check in US Playstore – its out of stock (nexus 4). They r jus creating hype with nexus device. And am an iPhone fanboy, but I have android device too (waiting for latest OS)!!!

  • how u get the mail on the status bar?

    • It says in step 3 of the status bar section…

    • Damian W

      install libstatusbar or any of these tweaks lockinfo, open notifier, intelliscreenX, Notifier+

    • Mahdi

      opennotifier tweak from cydia

  • Andre Grey

    make a instruction video

  • Damian W

    LockSliderz and QuickDo add lots of goodies to lockscreen.
    Notifier+ is interesting too.

  • Siv

    It always amazes me to see iPhone users go the extra mile to fully utilise their phones. I hate to break it to you guys but this “tweak” is just a click away for Android users in Google Play.

    I honestly don’t understand why you bother with this crap. Even with a jailbreak, the ease of customization (plus more) you get with Android devices is just unmatched.

    I was a diehard Apple phone like you lot but after I went for the Nexus 4, my mind = blown. The device and the OS wipes Apple clean.You have to see it to believe it.

    • mafo5000

      Cool story…. But I prefer a phone that doesn’t lag and works smoothly.

      • Siv

        Those days are long gone, believe me. Since Jelly Bean, Android OS is as smooth, if not smoother, than iOS.

        Obviously if you jack Android up with like 100 tweaks, of course its going to lag, but what do you expect. More apps = more memory consumption.

      • I’ve used Jelly Bean and it still lags. That’s why businesses choose iPhone over Android, because its reliable. Never had any issues with work iPhones, but someone with an Android is always complaining how slow the device gets after mere weeks of use.

      • Siv

        The lag you speak off, what device were you running on and did you have many tweaks installed/running? Because Android is so open, people get crazy and uninstall way too many apps that are memory hogs.

        I’ve installed all the essentials and I am not experiencing a single lag. Nexus 4 here.

        Also to counter your point about why businesses use iPhone, well I think its because a) iPhone still has the “cool” factor which is better for the businesses’ image and b) You only get one iPhone, whereas there are hundreds of Android devices. Businesses stick with the iPhone for the sake of simplicity.

      • smtp25

        Wife’s phone, S3 out of the box, and then with the last update that just came out – laggy, honestly laggy.

        Oh and google maps really blows on Android vs iPhone too

      • “Because Android is so open, people get crazy and uninstall way too many apps that are memory hogs.”

        So really what you’re saying here is that Android needs to become more like Apples ecosystem and be less open to prevent people getting crazy and installing too many apps that are memory hogs. Your words not mine…

      • Kurt

        Android is smoother than iOS. At least its true for Note 2 on 4.1+ that is an awesome phone and OS!

      • So are you telling us that to be “smoother” than the iOS (wich is not, by the way…) , Android need a quad-core device, when a simple core device (like the iPhone 4) does that without any problem…? Tell us more… how that is a complement for Android…?

    • You sound bitter.

      • Siv

        Bitter about what? Not getting an iPhone 5? Ha, I was offered a very appealing upgrade actually but I turned it down after reading reviews of the Nexus 4. I was sceptical, but since using it, I have vowed never to go back to the iPhone (until they truly revolutionise it).

      • I don’t know what you’re bitter about. You tell me.

      • Siv

        You said I sound bitter, so I am asking you, what makes you say that? So someone has a different opinion to you and you make a spiteful comment like that?

        Sounds like you are the bitter one.

      • The choice of words and the harsh tone of your messages make you sound bitter, angry and defensive. I’m just wondering what you’re bitter about. How would I know why you’re bitter? I’m not a mind reader. I was hoping you’d shed some light on the situation. Maybe you had some bad experience. If you aren’t bitter, then just say so. I’ll stand corrected.

      • Siv

        I am not bitter. You stand corrected.

    • Gross.

    • You still need root access to do a lot of things, even to get updates.. lol

      So, why we need a laggy Android if we can have a better system, with the best apps ecosystem and with JB that leaves the Android in the dust…

      It’s really hard to understand that? Do you really believe that people will leave iOS over Android because of that kind of “customization”? Every system has ups and downs, but if we count them, Android is still a big mess, not user friendly, crappy Java based system, not user friendly, lacks of consistency, crazy performance, malware, and crazy lack of standards that make apps look great in some devices and shit on others.

      • Siv

        You are right on one point, Apple is more user friendly…because it treats its users like children. I guess there’s no point arguing with simpletons like you. iSheep are and always will ignorant and naive.

      • Kurt

        iOS is made for grandmothers. which is another way to say, no features for you.

      • That’s the most sad argument I’ve ever read here. That’s why Android is not user friendly? lol.. ok then…

        “Look, my android is so complicated and immature system that need to be treated like a baby do not crash or run slowly…i must be a Super Geek” Yuppy…

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        Not enough of a fag to hide behind a “guest” profile. Fag.

    • to86

      You definitely can’t be older than 13 or 14. No mentally capable adult would argue as poorly as this

      • Siv

        What argument? I am stating my opinion, which is that Android is superior to iOS.

      • Damian W

        superior in easiness to tweak it only.

      • Siv

        That’s a valid opinion. At least you can voice respectfully unlike the other iSheep here.

    • You came to the wrong neighborhood, motherfucker!

      • Kurt

        -1 for being a childish little girl

    • Kurt

      I dont know how easy it is in Android, but it must be less buggy than all the buggy tweaks we iOS users go through. Some tweaks work really well though. I thought by now we would have some of the cool tweaks you guys have like swipe. But no.

  • Ali

    When I install forecast, sometimes the weather portion is completely blank and I have to lock & unlock the screen to view it again and the phone continuously says ‘The springboard would like to access your location”, even after I give permission.

  • Hmm. Can’t seem to get Forecast themed.

  • I use Forecast with Fullscreen Lockscreen. It looks great.

    • deAllerlekkerste

      I already used Forecast, but the combination with Fullscreen Lockscreen did not work for me(5.1.1).

      • Sorry, I’m on 6.1 so I can’t speak for any other firmware version.

    • CarsonF

      I do too but I think Jim skipped that part! Definitely looks great
      Either way, making it big on iDB makes me happy enough

  • mdee4

    I can’t get Forecast to work at all.

    • Yeah me neither. What’s up with that?

    • What’s the issue you’re having?

      • mdee4

        I can’t get forecast to even appear. My clock on lockscreen stays the same and does not show weather. I know it’s a widget though because when I go to the media controls, the time stays there. I did have lockscreen clock hide installed before, so idk if that has anything to do with it.

      • Just re-check to make sure it’s enabled in the Notification settings. You can also try going to the stock Weather.app and letting the info load there first then check your lockscreen or notification center.

  • What wallpaper is that?

    • TristanWolfe

      Search ‘minimalistic iphone 5 wallpapers’ on google. Your first result should be one that’s practically identical. Hope that helps.

  • Yeah. Too bad my intelliscreen wont work anymore. Keeps telling me trial has expired despite me having had bought its upgrade to 6 2 days after Evasi0n day

  • Lots of steps but it’s nice, I will never support intelliborn or use Witerboard so it sucks we don’t have just one tweak to accomplish this. And as beautiful as it looks my iPhone has enough things going on. I don’t like to see my phone running under 500MB of RAM and I know all these tweaks will just put my phone over the top.

    • Ram is meant to be used, is it not? High numbers are pretty, but they accomplish more actually being used, dont they? 🙂 Im loving 1gb ram on the iPhone 5 though!

      • Yes but you have to consider you need to balance the amount of ram dedicated to tweaks so you have enough ram for a game like Real Racing 3.

  • Kurt

    @Jim Gresham This one little tweak, Forecast, is useful and looks good. Thanks!

  • sambuzzlight

    i have a thing with lockscreens.. love them but i currently have subtlelock installed since i choose not to slow down my iphone 4 with winterboard 🙁

  • Safe up some money and use Lockinfo, CleanStatus and any free tweak for the custom slider text.

    For exaple i purchased Lokinfo with iOS4 and it’s updates are free for me, Intelliscreen charges you anytime a higher Version of iOS comes up. And Lockinfo shows the weather even when you have no internet connection..

    Who needs Springtomize to change/discard the carrier name? Use the free CleanStatus, it’ll do it for free.

  • Keksz

    BUT all with those hacks/themes your iPhone will be slower and you will cut down battery life.
    I have removed all the winterboard stuff after 1 week…

    • tggt00

      “hacks”? you call these hacks??

      • Keksz


        Hack – heavy modification of the software or hardware of one’s own computer system

        Heavy – Icons, look and feel is not the original

        But do not argue about words.
        I have used winterboard, ayecon and some other LS modifications (also without wheater functions), but the battery life got bad.

      • tggt00

        dude.. heavy modification is definitely not this..

  • How has no one mentioned lockinfo? The time/weather looks just like that but a bit better i think.

  • is this compatible with Torch?
    I have torch on my lockscreen, and installing forecast doesn’t change anything.

  • which theme he is using?

  • MrDDify

    Lockinfo! Also a great tweak to customize your lockscreen!

  • Just tried to do this lock screen on my iphone but none of the themes will activate in winterboard. I’m guessing it’s not compatible with 6.1.2 yet. Just my luck I finally decide to start using winterboard agian and it doesn’t work. Lol

  • I love forecast. However, now my weather app crashes every time I try and open it. Anyone know any solutions?

  • Forecast seems to freeze my phone requiring a hard reset.

  • Sorry if I´m being dense, but my Forecast display looks nothing as nice as yours. Mine only show the days of the week and weather in small fonts/ icons across the banner. How can I change it to show the time and location like yours ? Thanks

  • maalox

    This worked fine until I installed IntelliscreenX. I then ended with another lockscreen clock. How do I hide it and still keep IntelliscreenX ( which I paid for ! ) ?

  • bloodshed

    i prefer my lock screen to be simple..and i’m a happy user of SubtleLock