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One of my favorite jailbreak tweaks, AssistantLove, just received an update for iOS 6 compatibility. AssistantLove was featured in our top jailbreak tweaks of 2012 list, and would have been added to my “perfect iPhone” feature, if it had iOS 6 compatibility at the time.

If you’re a Spotify user like I am, then you will really appreciate what AssistantLove brings to the table. Along with allowing you to integrate GPS apps with Siri, and launch apps using shortcut names, AssistantLove meshes Siri with Spotify. This means that you pretty much search for any song or artist you can think of using your voice.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but it never seems like AssistantLove get the respect and attention it deserves from the community. Perhaps I’m overestimating how many jailbreakers use Spotify, but it’s always a little surprising when I don’t see this tweak getting due praise.

AssistantLove 02

Out of the box, AssistantLove is compatible with both Spotify and Grooveshark. The tweak is smart enough to detect automatically which apps you have installed, and will enable the functionality for each of those apps by default.

I don’t use Grooveshark at all, but anyone who follows me on Twitter knows that I’m a pretty big Spotify proponent. Although Spotify’s API is a bit on the limited side, you can still get some pretty decent use out of AssistantLove. Saying things like “Play Harlem Shake” will immediate search Spotify’s database of songs, find the song, and launch Spotify. You can expect the delay between command and result to be somewhere around 5-10 seconds.

You can also opt to ask Siri to play a specific artist, and she will play a song by the artist, or at least a pretty close match. The great thing about this whole thing is that you obviously don’t need any music stored locally on your device. For example, if you were headed on a road trip, you could easily play any song you could conjure up, solely by using your voice.

AssistantLove 03

Maps integration is a whole lot deeper, as AssistantLove works with Google Maps, Waze, TomTom, Navigon, Motion-X, Motion-X Drive, and Motion-X Drive HD. Just like the music portion, AssistantLove will automatically detect which map apps you have installed, and act accordingly.

Maps functionality acts just as you would expect as well. Simply use your normal “get directions” command, followed by your desired location, and Siri will find the location, and launch the Maps app that you have configured in AssistantLove’s settings panel.

AssistantLove 04

Another nice feature of AssistantLove is the App Aliases function. App Aliases function just like the name sounds — you can create an alias for a specific app, and speak the alias name, instead of the app’s real name, to launch the app using Siri. For instance, I create an alias for Chrome called bubblegum, and now when I tell Siri to “launch bubblegum,” Chrome is launched. Simple, but very handy for those apps with hard to pronounce or elaborate names.

If you haven’t seen my video walkthrough covering Assistant Love, then you can watch it below:

Nostalgic intro music in tow

Overall, this is a good update. AssistantLove was already a wonderful jailbreak tweak, but now it’s been spiffied up and, of course, packs iOS 6 support. If you’re on a jailbroken iPhone, you can download the tweak directly from Cydia using this link. What do you think? Have you taken AssistantLove for a spin on iOS 6?

  • SimonOrJ

    Off topic, but do you think there’ll be Siri port for older devices, just like Spire?

    EDIT: I meant Siri, not the port

    • If you need a Siri port, it also mean that you should upgrade your device.

      • SimonOrJ

        Thank You. I actually meant Siri but asked for Siri port. -_-

    • Try [Ac!d]siri. Its compatible with iOS 6.


    Thanks, been checking for this and Handsfree.

    • asdlb4

      Can’t wait for Handsfree! I emailed the developer but got no response. I sure hope they’re working on it…

  • Muhammad

    I think for one day, you should bring back the old intro (the one in the video), just for nostalgia purposes

  • While I was admittedly stoked last night when AssistantLove was updated, considering it was one of my most missed tweaks, I think you ought to give the BattSaver update some IDBLove too.

    • JAG

      Off topic but…I too was waiting for BattSaver. After I saw your post, I went to check it out. Convinced it was ready for 6.1.1, I bought and installed it on my 4S. Wow, what a mess it made. Radios stopped working and would not come on after wake, 3G/4G would not come on, stuck on Edge. Tried uninstalling and resetting everything. I’ve managed to get back to working order but Wifi still does not work like it used to. Occasional flaky behavior even after uninstall. Next step – restore and re-JB and re-install JB tweaks. – now I’ll wait for official review somewhere before I try this again.

      • Strange. I used it on 6.1 and now on 6.1.2 and it is working flawlessly. I’m on the iPhone 5. I can’t speak for certain, but I know on my 4S, at first, a lot of times it showed that it was on the wrong setting, while it actually was functioning properly (maybe it’s happening again?). The only flaws I’ve noticed are that 1. occasionally it causes my phone to respring and shows the wrong battery label for the setting and 2. sometimes it likes to tell me that data is off when it is in fact on.

  • Does it work for languages other than English?

  • Does anyone know if assistant extensions is iOS 6 compatible

    • For me, it kind of works.. I only have really tried the ChatBot, and it loads, but whenever I try to use it, SpringBoard crashes, which makes me guess it hasn’t been updated yet

  • Hotrod

    You pay a monthly service thru spotify to be able to listen to any music you want, to many other alternatives (fee free) …my thoughts on why you think spotify and/or assistant love don’t get the respect they deserve…too many free options for us 🙂

  • pauleebe

    I was disappointed. I thought it would open Google Maps instead of Apple maps, but it doesn’t…

  • what about deezer integeration in Siri

  • Anyone have any idea about MyAssistant being compatible with iOS 6 some day?

  • @Jeff Does the “AssistantExtensions” actually work for you ? Seen it in your settings and mine always crashes on an iPhone 4S with 6.1.1

    • I emailed the developer of assistant extensions and he said was not compatible at this time but would be soon

  • Eldaria

    I was so waiting to get this on my iPad 3 to Control Spotify.

    And finally the update for iOS6 hits, and I purchase it. But don’t think it works so very good.
    While listening to Spotify: “Play next track”, Sorry, I can’t do that, you are not listening to the music app.

    “Play some Rock” Will launch the Music App, and play the one or two songs I have in there that are Rock. Even if Spotify is in the foreground.

    So, not working so good.

  • im not able to install…it says cannot comply ?? any help

  • John714

    I bought this last night, but groove shark doesn’t work with assistant love. I went on settings disabled Spotify and left groove shark on but it still doesn’t work. I’ll say something like “play lil wayne” and ill get “lil wayne was not found on your iphone.”

  • This tweaks rocks! I already tested it using MotionX drive and it works. Sadly the aliases never worked (at least for me). 8 out of 10 times the tweak crashed when I was trying to put the alias. After several times,I could change the name (alias) but Siri never recognized the name/command. I emailed the developer to see if he can shine some light into this.

    • I had the same problem on my 4s. still haven’t got it to work yet.

  • I had assistantextensions installed, and subsequently lingual, but siri would randomly freeze. so annoying. So I hesitate to try this out.

  • Would much rather pandora integration as I don’t use spotify at all.