ipad alive tv spot

Apple has posted two new TV ads for the iPad and iPad mini on its YouTube channel this evening. The two spots, entitled ‘Alive’ and ‘Together,’ showcase some of the 300,000+ apps made specifically for Apple’s tablet.

The adverts themselves seem to be of a very different style than previous iPad (or iPhone, for that matter) commercials. Between app demos, several action and descriptive words are flashed across the screen. Here, watch…

Here’s Alive:


And here’s Together:


What do you think about the two new iPad spots? Effective?

  • Caetano

    There’s nothing like an iPad.

    • Ben

      Not until Samsung…

      • Mohammad Ridwan

        There’s nothing like iPad.. at least not yet.. Samsung tablets doesn’t even come close in terms of reliability, frame rate or optimization

      • Kurt

        ipad = app launcher. Samsung tabs do way way more. They are better. But we have better 3rd party apps. Don’t kid yourself into thinking the ipad is superior. It doesnt come close.

      • AforAppleAforAndoid

        o.k sammy boy

      • Kurt

        My iphone and ipad laugh at you.

      • lol keep telling yourself. Your not impressing anyone here. If thats all you think an iPad can do then you obviously have never truly used one.

      • Kurt

        Dang I was trying so hard to impress you with samsung devices I don’t have.

        So tell me, what does the iPad do besides launch third part apps. Native apps suck btw. Since I have had I devices since 2007 and the iPad 1 once it came out. Teach me. I bet you won’t reply.

  • Joonyaboy

    Not bad.

  • I can’t wait to see the iPad expand in the next few years. It’s a great product with A LOT of potential. As soon as the iPad matures with features I could of never imagined, I will definitely invest. Let’s see what Apple implements in the next iteration of the iPad in March.

    • Ahmadjoon

      Apple wont release an iPad this March

      • because you know Apples schedule so well….. They have been quite unpredictable lately.

      • Hey you might be right and might be wrong. I’m just assuming so it’s not guaranteed, but if Apple gets lazy and pushes back the release of the iPad until later on the year, they could be at risk to loss a could chunk of market share… although, the iPad is still a very dominate force in the tablet market.

  • Truly beautiful.

  • Raj

    The best product ever built…

  • Does antibody knows the apps in the ads like the two or three about anatomy?

  • Desmond R F Foulger

    Succinct and to the point. Much better than samsungs ads. Wonder how long it will be before they copy the ads as well as the ipad

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    I think ‘Together’ was way better than ‘Alive’.. ‘Alive’ kind of fell flat… :

  • Apple commercials are all amazing in my opinion.

  • Matthew

    I like these commercials a lot better than the other ones they’ve posted a lot lately.

  • Apple have a way to make you hungry for their product.

  • Good spot. That only makes this even better in my eyes.

  • Does anyone know the app with the cell exploration ?