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Not sure what to do with your old iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch? Instead of throwing it out or selling it for a fraction of its original value, what if you could get some more use out of the device by turning it into an AirPlay streaming box?

AirFloat is an open source tweak that’s been in development for a while, but hasn’t been released on Cydia until now. (It was actually removed from the iTunes store last year.) With AirFloat, you don’t need to buy an Apple TV or an AirPort Express to stream music through your house. All you need is Wi-Fi and a spare iOS device…


To enable AirFloat, all you need to do is install it from Cydia and launch the AirFloat server app from the springboard. Once the app is open, you can connect to the server from iTunes or any AirPlay-capable device. AirFloat even supports backgrounding, so you can play games and browse the web on the server device just as you would if you were listening to a standard music app.

I’m very impressed with how well the tweak works when streaming music from my iPhone 4 to my 3rd generation iPad (and vice versa). The sound comes through crisp and clear through my office network, with no skips or interference. There is a familiar half second delay when pressing play/pause, but the volume controls seem to be separate, as they respond instantly.

airfloat backgroundAirfloat backgrounds like any other music player

AirFloat is an incredible jailbreak app and is only improved by the fact it’s available for free in the BigBoss repository on Cydia. Since you can’t get AirFloat from the App Store, this app has officially become another reason why I jailbreak.

What do you think of AirFloat? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

  • Ian

    I use this all the time. I found it just a couple days ago too! It is AWESOME! I’ve searched far and wide for a good Airplay device app, and this approved to be the best.

    • Fl Nc

      hi Jonathan, what you think about airfoil? May you can compare with this airfloat?

      • Jonathan

        While I’ve never had the chance to use Airfoil (except from what I’ve seen from a quick Google search) I would say it’s near the same. If all you really want is dock one device to a speaker, then Airplay music to that device from another device (you still with me?) then yes, Airfloat will meet your needs. I’ve had some slight problems with it though.
        1. If you disconnect, you cannot reconnect the Airplay unless you go and turn the screen back on on the Airplay receiving device. After you reconnect, you can shut the screen back ofv.
        2. It randomly crashes. This was on an iPod Touch 3rd generation, which is very slow and weak compared to today’s standards. I’ve also used a 4th generation iPod and it crashed, but not as much. So perhaps using it with a device of today (iPhone 5s, 6, iPad Air, etc) you won’t experience those crashes. That’s no guarantee though.

        Actually, I don’t even know if it still works on iOS 8 devices. I haven’t used it. I switched to Spotify, which allows remote controlling. (they offered 3 months for 99 cents as a Christmas, eh, gift. Then it jumps back up to the normal $9.99 a month)

        TL;DR You get pretty much the exact same, except sometimes it crashes when streaming music, and you can’t reconnect if you disconnect until you turn the screen back on

  • Justin

    I do the same thing for a fraction of the price with my Raspberry Pi…

    • This tweak is free

      • iDon’tWantToShareMyDetails

        Not really you’re using atleast $199 device as a streaming server. Raspberry FTW

      • The 3.5mm output on the Raspberry Pi is supposedly pretty bad. You’d have to get a USB sound card for it, and at that point you might as well save the trouble and get an airport express.

        The benefit of using AirFloat is you can repurpose an old iPod or iPhone you have just lying around.

      • iDon’tWantToShareMyDetails

        Why would you you a 3.5mm on a server? That’s the whole idea – use an old i** device as a server. And people don’t just have laying around – you either use it or give to someone.

      • I suspect you’re thinking of a different use case than I am.

    • The practicality of this isn’t to go out and purchase a second iDevice, it’s to use one you already have. So our method is cheaper than yours.

  • m

    is there difference between AirServer and Reflection apps on Mac/Windows with this tweak?

    • Ian

      No really. I tried AirServer and I don’t like it as much. You can’t turn off your screen on your iOS device, and you need to install things on your Mac/Windows. For AirFloat, just launch, and play.

  • Guest

    Air server will do video & audio and its been in Cydia for a while, this app you speak of is merely audio..

    • It’s been out for a while, but it’s not open source and doesn’t support iOS 6.

  • Hotrod

    Airserver is the way to go

  • Gustaf

    Cant seem to find it, do i have to update to 6.1?

  • This post just saved me $30 because the past few days I have been contemplating on buying a bluetooth adapter for my stereo, so glad I held off. This is one of the many reasons why I love idownloadblog!

  • I’m still waiting for the day we can share things through AirPlay between our Apple devices (besides the Apple TV) à la Samsung S Beam, except better.

  • sadaN

    I wish there were a tweak that would turn iOS devices into an actual Apple TV receiver, allowing us to mirror one iDevice’s screen to another…
    That would be cool… Perhaps hooking my iPad to the TV through HDMI cable and mirroring my iPhone to play games on the TV.

  • AirServer, airtunesd.plist,…

  • thepies

    Idownloadblog is always the best blog! I swear.

  • Varun Deepak

    Hey can you please tell me a source where i can download BiteSms cracked full version for free .
    Please do reply.

    • Ray V


  • Dennis

    sorry if this isn’t the best place or post to ask this, but can someone tell me a tweak or software that can stream video (also in app video) from the iPhone to the pc(windows)? thnx in advance

    • iTunes + iPhone/iPod with AirServer installed in it [jailbroken of course]
      but you will have to have the video where AirPlay is supported
      like stock
      It would be better that your iDevice is on iOS 5.1.1
      or else you will have to wait for the AirServer people to update thier packages to support iOS 6.x
      hope this helps

      • And yeah there is no other thing than this
        I guess…

  • disqusted

    There’s been an app in the regular AppStore for like at least a year, easy that one ups this even— it turns your iDevice into a DLNA server that serves up all content on it. That means it shows up on my PS3, PC, other iDevices as any other standard DLNA server. Streams it OTA and even shows thumbnails/album art. All without being tied to proprietary AirPlay crap; which opens it up to many more platforms (though AirPlay support is slowly growing… it’s still not as widely adopted as DLNA).

    The app is called “AirMusic” and the company that developed it is “Plutinosoft”. Available through the normal App Store… for those who would prefer DLNA over AirPlay (or hell, why not have both?)

  • Thx idownloadblog, just what i needed!!!!!!!

  • but now you can regulary use itunes and ios6 device to stream media to ios device from shared folder via home sharing…. just hdmi to 30pin to tv an voila! 🙂

  • I’m having trouble with it. It won’t background the app so when I go to music app it shows airplay source for a split second and then disappears again. Not working.

    • You have to connect to the app before you background it. If you’re having trouble connecting, try rebooting. The problem could also be external; I’ve had some difficulty streaming to an AppleTV on a crowded WiFi network.

  • Joe Leonardo

    Can someone please help me install Airfloat. It says above to simple launch it from Sringboard. Well I have SB installed,, but I can’t find it to launch Airfloat.

    • Huh? The springboard is iOS’ built-in app launcher. It’s the place where you go to open apps.

      Search for AirFloat on Cydia, install it, and launch the AirFloat app.

  • D21

    This is an awesome tweak but I just can’t find that airplay button on my idevice… 🙁 Can anyone help me?

    • Ian

      First, you must have the app open and your screen on. Once you connect and start playing music, you can turn off your screen. However, if you pause it for 10 seconds or so, it will disconnect, even though it says it didn’t. When you hit play again, you won’t hear any audio. You will have to turn off airplay and switch back to the built in speakers. After that, turn on the screen on your other device, and connect to it again. I think this is a bug (or I hope it is) so that is how. 🙂

  • Hi, is there any way to watch anything from ipad to samsung 68** class led screen tv? I meant without cables..

  • XBMC on iPhone/iPad does this too… just sayin’.

  • Gautam Pahuja

    Does this work for anybody on iPhone 3G? Mine seems to do nothing when I click the airfloat icon.

  • Is there another cydia tweak that does this BUT through Bluetooth??

  • Crashes on my iPad 2 streaming from iPhone 4s or iTunes whenever i press play…