A new jailbreak tweak has recently surfaced that will be of surefire interest to Pebble watch owners. The tweak is called BTNotificationEnabler, and it’s created by Conrad Kramer, the same developer behind tweaks such as Graviboard, Gesturizer, etc.

The description for BTNotificationEnabler promises that you’ll never miss a notification again. That’s thanks, largely in part to its ability to send all Notification Center notifications to a Bluetooth device. The Pebble watch, obviously, is one of the first things that comes to mind. A jailbroken iPhone running iOS 6, mated with a Pebble watch just got a whole lot more interesting.

Pebble Tweetbot

One of the chief drawbacks of the Pebble watch, from what I can gather from reviews, is the limited interactivity between it and the iPhone. BTNotificationEnabler won’t solve all of these concerns, but it is certainly a step in the right direction for early adopters.

You can download BTNotificationEnabler right now for free via Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Do you have a Pebble Watch? Have you tried out BTNotificationEnabler? Let me know what you think in the comment section.

Image courtesy of Blake Olinger.

  • Sweet! Now all I need is my pebble…lol.

  • mattkin22

    “I’m gonna send the notifications from the HD 4-inch screen in my pocket to the less-than HD screen smaller than an iPod nano on my wrist!”….yeah, I don’t get it.

    • Jeff

      Well, your watch is always _there_ on your wrist. The iPhone could stay in your pocket while you still can read the notification. I think you’re underestimating the usefulness of this. You will see once Apple drops a refined iWatch.

      • mattkin22

        I get what you’re saying Jeff, but I personally am just going to continue to reach into my pocket lol. I keep trying to imagine having an interactive watch on my wrist and I’m not sure I’d want to have to position my arm a certain way every time I want to interact with it, seems kinda awkward and restricted IMO.

      • Chance Daniel

        I have the Cookoo watch, it is quite similar to the pebble, and I find it convenient to see what the notifications I have without having to pull out my phone every time I have a vibration. The cookoo can also play and pause music as well as act as the shutter button for the camera.

      • Now you need to read notification then you’ll need to control your music with you watch then you want to call/facetime then you’ll want to dictate message via siri … so why do we waste time with this thing from the past and don’t we make thing from the future such as iPHONEwatch 🙂

      • mattkin22

        Or you can be task-oriented and control what your finger touches and not get side tracked. At least that’s what I do.

      • mattkin22

        Plus, I’d be WAY more tempted to waste time playing with something if it was attached to my arm as opposed to something that is in my pocket. Just sayin.

      • mattkin22

        My ears will perk up once Apple invests in sixth-sense technology (look up the TED talk if you aren’t familiar, amazing stuff), that seems more Apple esque than an iWatch. Not to say that Apple isn’t going the iWatch route or that the demand for one isn’t there, thats just my opinion.

      • iWatch?

        Wasn’t that the old iPod nano? 😛

      • Will this work with the I’m watch?

      • Scott Sterling

        How did i install it on my iphone

    • jorith

      unless you wear your iphone on your wrist, you seem to have missed the idea behind the pebble completely, so dont bother with trying to understand this….

  • jose castro

    ugly watch

  • can i send them to my android phone???

    • why would you want to do that? just look on the iphone that the message is on in the first place.

      • Maybe he has an iPad and he wants to get his notifications on his android phone.. Maybe

      • Maybe he wants iMessage on his android phone?

  • Unless the notification comes to the watch via 3g whats the point. Its like your buying a watch to see your notifications.

  • Zorvage

    Now all we need is an iWatch!

  • I wish they do it for MetaWatch too!

    • Carter Davis

      My Stealth paired with iPhone 5 gets email notifications on 3 accounts, no issues.

      • How!? I can only get notifications from Facebook and all the apps except email notifications for MetaWatch?

      • Carter Davis

        I have an iPhone 5 with iOS 6.1 I learned that if you toggle “view in Lock Screen” on and off in Notifications for each email account, all emails will show on the Metawatch. If you lose BT connectivity you will have to do the toggle again, but it only takes a few seconds.

  • Some people love wasting of money … (Would you rather to buy new TV or glasses?) = Would you rather buy pebble or put you FUCKING AMAZING iPhone from you pocket?! Hmmm?

    • I’d rather buy a Pebble. The convenience of just checking my wrist for any notification instead of pulling out my phone. Lets me quickly glance at something and let me determine if I really need to pick up my phone to respond. I don’t see how it wouldn’t be useful unless you do nothing with your day but look at and play with your phone.

      • no touch screen, small screen => you have to spend to much time to check message, find and play song that you want to listen …. but yes there can be someone who wants to do that 😉

    • John156

      Is English like your second language?

  • Will this work with the Nike+ Fuelband?

  • cydialover

    some tweaks are so meaningless. i love tweaks but some of them doesnt make sense. for examle, music on notificition center is one of them. why would i go to my nc center to open up music? i would directly click to music app. and this tweak is also one these meaningless tweak. why would i check my watch? it is the same thing with looking my phone. come on guys!!! seriosly!! this watch tweak is so meaningless…..

    • I guess you just don’t understand where computing is going? People can’t be bothered to have their phones out and in their hands all the time. Say you’re in class or in a meeting. You can quickly glance at an incoming notification on your watch instead of taking the time to take the phone out of your pocket needlessly just to check it. I don’t see how you don’t understand how looking at your wrist is far quicker and not the same thing as taking out a phone from your pocket, bag, or whatever and looking at it. Far less effort and allows you to quickly move on with whatever you’re doing.

  • Alex

    I have a Pebble watch and I was one of the first to download BTNotificationEnabler and it does work pretty well, I still don’t get email notifications to show, but I rather not have email notifications bother me in the morning, one major benefit was that Google Voice texts now displays as well and paired with IFTTT recipe.

    For those who don’t have it and are making fun of it, don’t knock it until you try it 🙂 yes it is a ‘convenience’, if you don’t want the convenience, don’t buy it, simple as that. It works well for what it is and will (eventually) have an sdk to make your own apps.

    Yeah its ‘low’ resolution, but it also lasts a week, I’m not sure if apple’s rumored iwatch could manage a full weeks charge with a color screen

  • Dlevi309

    Viewing notifications in class ftw ;-P

  • Works with I’m watch just confirmed on mines. Actually looks pretty slick

  • xchen

    I’m gonna send the notifications on Android4.3 Phone , but I could not get all of information in Third party application‘s notification

  • vimal vijay

    will it work with U8 smartwatch?