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Orchestra’s anticipated email client aptly named Mailbox has finally hit the App Store, following months of private beta testing. In between Google’s slow pace of adding necessary new features to its Gmail iOS client and Sparrow lingering with maintenance updates but no new stuff, Mailbox is Godsent. Not only is it arguably the best-looking iOS email client, Mailbox outsmarts Apple’s stock Mail, Gmail and Sparrow with its chat-like approach to email, crisp UI and the cool ‘snooze’ function…

A little bit on the technology that’s working behind the scenes:

Mailbox checks your email from the cloud, then delivers it to your phone securely.

This cloud-based approach to email makes a world of difference (and yes, Mailbox supports push alerts for new messages).

By the way, Mailbox is currently for Gmail only, but support for other email platforms is “coming soon”.

For starters, know that Mailbox has launched as an invite-only private beta.

Orchestra explains:

Demand for Mailbox has been incredible, and in order to deliver a world-class email experience we’re filling reservations on a first-come, first-served basis. If you’ve already reserved your Mailbox, download the app and enter your reservation info.

If you don’t have a reservation, download the app to get your place in line. Everyone can watch the line move in real-time from inside the app.

In addition to getting in line by just downloading the app, you can sing up for your reservation code right now. Just be patient as Orchestra will fill reservations on a first-come, first served basis. Upon running the app, you’ll be able to watch as the line moves in real-time, right inside Mailbox.

The software features a clean and friendly user interface that makes heavy use of gestures to help you sort through your messages and reach the email nirvana known as “inbox zero”. Chat-like layout makes scanning long conversations a breeze and the ability to “snooze” messages just as you would calendar events has never been seen in a mainstream email program before. This ability to move non-crucial messages into the future (options include: Later Today, This Evening, Tomorrow, This Weekend, Next Week, In a Month, Someday and a date picker) is one of the reasons that all email handling happens in the Orchestra cloud, where your stuff can be rescheduled and handled more efficiently.

Mailbox 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)Mailbox 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)


Mailbox 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 004)Mailbox 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 003)

Here’s Orchestra’s promo video. Mailbox is free to download on your iPhone right from the App Store. Orchestra’s goal is to have a free version forever, with a premium set of paid features added over time.

Mailbox 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 005)

First reactions are overwhelmingly positive. The Next Web Managing Editor Matthew Panzarino calls Mailbox for iPhone “the first email client built for our most personal computers”.

  The Verge writes that “Mailbox just fixed email on the iPhone”. TechCrunch notes that “Mailbox seeks to make going through email a breeze”:

To archive or delete an email, simply swipe to the right. To save for later, swipe left. The save for later feature is particularly helpful in clearing out emails that need responding to, but not immediately, allowing users to delay or “snooze” mail and come back to it.

And here’s a hands-on video by The Verge.

Feel free to share your Mailbox impressions with fellow readers down in the comments.

  • NoBrainer

    Nice, only 260 000 people in front of me…

    • mattkin22

      263,000…it’s gonna be funny to watch this number get higher as the day goes on haha

      • ImBakedAf

        I’m at 303,830 and its moving 1 per minute. It’s going to take more than half a year

      • mattkin22

        I’m just gonna smoke one huge bowl while I wait.

      • ImBakedAf

        Haha you read my mind

      • mattkin22

        One hit for every spot I move up in line.

      • First confirmed case of marijuana overdose.

      • NoBrainer

        haha thats exactly what i thought

      • NoBrainer

        Haha i’m in!!!!! I was number 260 000 but i managed to get free access with Flex! I love this App so much.

      • mattkin22

        Please teach me your magic ninja jedi ways. Install Flex then what?

      • NoBrainer

        I think i will do a video tutorial on youtube tomorrow. With over 200 000 people waiting that’s gon give me some good cash

      • mattkin22

        Meh, I don’t wan’t to buy Flex, i’ll just wait in line for Mailbox, get access sometime next decade, and then uninstall it after a week of using it.

      • NoBrainer

        You dont need Flex for that. You can also do it for free on your desktop but since i’m in my bed already Flex was an pretty convenient way for doing this without the need of a PC.

      • Guest


    • NoBrainer

      Can somebody invite me as soon as he gets in?

  • booo not available for canada
    if anyone gets it in canada let me know please thx!

    • Booo not available on iOS 5… Haven’t had time to update and JB… :-

    • jockamo

      i was able to download if thats what your asking,,, dunno if i csan use it yet 289,977 ppl in front!

  • Nice, i only have like 267.413 people in front of me. And like 3000 behind

  • not on the US app store either…

    • search ‘orchestra mailbox’.. should be the 2nd or 3rd hit.

  • Woohoo only 96775 people to go, then it’s me..

    • This is going to be like trying to get cydia working after a jailbreak.. You know it’s going to but you just going to have to wait your turn.. 96767.. It’s getting there..

    • jfong

      96502 for me

      • You pushed in…lol..

  • how to make reservation?

  • 240955 people in front of me, but watching that number behind me grow is crazy.

    • I think the number of people in front of someone is determined on when the reserved their spot.

  • SchoolBoy

    well!!! i only hv 275.615 people in front of me 🙁 i think this is gonna take longer tham the JB on iOS6….

    • makolpiyush


  • Weird. I live in Canada, and when I search for it in iTunes, I can’t find it. But if I open the link in this article and then click “View in iTunes”, it opens up and lets me download the app.

  • leon lay

    i got 280.759 spot.. in a minute already 300++ peoples behind me.. lol

  • Awesome only 76,477 people in front of me

  • Timothy

    I feel very spiteful watching the number of people behind me grow and grow >:D

  • Mohammed Sahib

    I don’t get it. If it’s gonna be free eventually, why stand in line to test the beta or download the app?

    • Timothy

      Why download it at all? 😛

    • It’s not in beta. It’s finished. And it’s free. The line is just to not overload servers all at once

      • 30 in hour, is that a rate for not overload servers.
        are you kidding.
        that a rate for not overload a 1990-pc not a server

  • makolpiyush

    am pretty sure it will take long for a 92k spot to fill up. This crazy way to keeping people intrigued and building hype is getting quite annoying and frustratingg.

    • Mohammad Ridwan

      It’s not a gimmick… they have to move slow otherwise their server won’t be able to handle it

  • That damn ‘people behind you’ is going about three times as fast as the ‘people in front’.

  • ImpatientWaiteroO

    Wow, 140,039 in line and it only moves like 1 every 10 minutes it seems, this is going to take AWHILE. : Oh well I can watch all the people behind me!

    • They said on their website that it will gradually get faster

  • am i lucky ? 27.570 front of me

    • NoBrainer

      Yep you are. For you it’s only going to take one year instead of ten.

      • 12625 for me

      • NoBrainer

        Okay i’m not 260 000 anymore. I’m number 1 now.

        And in.

  • iiku

    there is also an app named “seed” which is really like mailbox.

    • Ulf Elfving

      Where do you get “seed”?

      • iiku

        it’s in the appstore.

  • I can’t trust them, they can read my whole Communication that’s terrible!

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    71,642 people in front of me… :/

  • 76,762 people in front of me. 🙂

  • ImBakedAf

    At this rate it would be months before they get to my number. I’m sure by that time it would be pointless to have reserved a spot

  • mwpitt52

    It’s going to be like all the Google betas. Only by invite for hype then everyone not invited looses interest. FU Orchestra!

  • Al

    I’ve only got 100,300 in front of me!

  • rosssimpson

    205,501 in front of me 🙁

  • Ali

    “388,681 people in front of you”

  • WTF, At this rate my turn come in 9 months.
    did this company use a server or a nintendo 64.
    No..Wait I think a nintendo 64 will do the job faster.

  • Funky Space Monkey has posted a nice tutorial on how to bypass the wait and start using the app right now!

  • vegavnil

    I think the 1.0.1 version of Mailbox broke the patch from Flex and other places. I can’t add my Gmail, it says it’s rejected every single time.

    Does anybody have the first version of Mailbox still, and wouldn’t mind uploading it?

  • Al

    Woww! Mailboxapp has only been available for a day and they’ve already had they’re 1st update.

  • mtfr

    @mailbox I just don’t get it with Reservation and gmail only and bla bla.. people in front and behind me, just make it a normal email app

  • Ian

    328,784 people in front, 229, 480 behind… wow.

  • Ulf Elfving

    Dont’t rush away and make it avaliable to other mail clients.
    Fix the most obvious that the video tells about.

    I want to be able to see my existing lables, be able to label a message.

    This is very importent, since I realy heavy on filtering my mails out of inbox and auto label them to have a clean mailbox.

  • Gekko

    Is there a tweak to make Mailbox the default email app? Something like the Sparrow+ tweak…

  • No more waiting! do this and enjoy the app!

    Use iFile, go to var/mobile/Applications/Mailbox/Library/Preferences/

    edit file com.orchestra.v2.plist

    Find this :


    Change it from FALSE —> TRUE

    Just for JB devices, no intention of piracy or whatsoever…I’ve just had enough of waiting 🙂 Sorry Jeff for any inconvenience