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We’ve been keeping close tabs on the popularity of the evasi0n jailbreak since it was released on Monday. Within the first 10 minutes, it saw over 100,000 downloads. And yesterday morning, Saurik said that it had crossed the 1.7 million mark.

Today, pod2g shares even more interesting stats on the jailbreak, noting that the evasi0n website has seen more than 5 million unique visitors, and 40 million page views in the last few days. Here’s a breakdown of all of that traffic by country…

From pod2g’s blog:

Interesting questions from my followers regarding origins of traffic:

  1. China – 2,991,211 (20.12%)
  2. United States – 2,508,269 (16.88%)
  3. France – 860,355 (5.79%)
  4. Germany – 789,878 (5.31%)
  5. Italy – 666,669 (4.49%)
  6. United Kingdom – 540,544 (3.64%)
  7. Russia – 500,908 (3.37%)
  8. Spain – 385,005 (2.59%)
  9. Canada – 327,255 (2.20%)
  10. not set – 268,004 (1.80%)

Overall, not many surprises here. China and the United States are Apple’s top two markets, so it makes sense that they are at the top. For the time being, though, the order is reversed. But Tim Cook says it won’t be long before China overtakes the US.

So far, the stats have been impressive, and it’ll be interesting to see what they look like at the end of the week. For comparison, the Google Maps app saw 10 million downloads in its first 2 days on the App Store. And I’ll bet evasi0n has done at least half that.

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      Got Damn?!
      HOT MILK!

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        +5 for you

  • End result….very well paid JB’ers.

  • Had Hoped to see India there.

    • Siv

      Likewise. India > China.

      • batongxue

        What is your point??

    • Dude many people have iPhone but I know they are not tech savy like us , so many people I know have iPhone but don’t know what jailbreak is , I have few frnds , I do their jail break and they think like that i am a some kind of tech genius ๐Ÿ˜‰ ,but I tell them you can get all this info from net , but they just ,meh , like not interested in it at all.

      • One of my frnds cursed me coz he couldn’t find Cydia in the App Store ๐Ÿ˜€


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    Al these people overload cydia? lol

  • wow jallbreaking jis huge

  • Long Live China ๐Ÿ™‚

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    From iran ู‡ุฑู‡ุฑู‡ุฑ

  • Damian W

    how come there are no Chinese hackers who could work on jailbreak. Obviously there are enough brain and man power behind the stats.

    • Siv

      Planetbeing is Chinese-American xD

      But if you are referring to native Chinamen, they probably do, but I imagine they work for the Chinese government and utilise any jailbreak for oppressive means (i.e. spying on iPhone users at home and abroad, US most likely).

      That, or the Chinese sell it to Apple to earn some good money.

      • Damian W

        yeah planetbeing does not count since he is practically american with chinese heritage.

        but yeah, the rest is interesting. Where are these billion asians and their jailbroken iphones. They for sure know how to hack.

  • How many are from Ukraine??? I jeailbreaked my 3 devices…

  • Me wonder what they make of donations. How is the numbers there compared to downlaods??

  • Not surprised. How many of those were downloads though? :3 And I wonder why they didn’t provide a .torrent for it. With so many people downloading it, it would’ve gone faster, and not slower.

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    don’t download it will break ur device

    • Oh shut-up Tim Cook.

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  • 20% of each country probably from Chinese people in that country too…

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    Oh, my Chinese folks

  • batongxue

    In China there is a saying that 90% traffic from the US are made by Chinese in America. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • i bet if you showed % of population or % of iphone users per country (instead of raw numbers) the list would look very different

  • What really matter is how much has been donated. Has that been released yet?