evasi0n sees over 100,000 downloads in first 10 minutes

page limit exceeded

About 20 minutes ago, the moment everyone has been waiting for finally arrived: the evad3rs released their untethered iOS 6 jailbreak called ‘evasi0n.’ Now, everyone with a device running iOS 6 or higher (except for the ATV) can jailbreak their devices.

And it seems like everyone wants to. Unless you got in within the first few minutes, you probably received the above error when trying to download the evasi0n utility. That’s because there’s over 270,000 people trying to access the site right now…

Here’s pod2g’s tweet shortly after evasi0n was released:

And those people aren’t just looking around, they’re downloading. Planetbeing says that within the first 10 minutes of evasion’s release, their website had already blown through a terabyte of bandwidth, which he equated out to over 100,000 downloads.

So as you can imagine, the evad3r’s servers are super slammed right now. If you come across the above error, the best thing you can do is, as the site suggests, try again after a few minutes. We’ve also heard that opening the page in a separate tab works.

Once you’ve downloaded evasi0n, feel free to check out our step-by-step guide on how to use it, and our video on what some of our favorite jailbreak apps look like on the iPhone 5.