Accessory maker Logitech just announced its $79 Ultrathin Keyboard for the iPad mini. Billed as “the other half of your iPad mini”, it’s really thin and light and connects to your tablet wirelessly, over Bluetooth. Just like the Archos ultra-slim iPad keyboard, Logitech’s baby incorporates the QWERTY key layout which comes in handy for prolonged text entry. We also love its aluminum cover which protects the iPad mini’s display…

According to a media release, the built-in Bluetooth EasyType layout fits the seven-inch form factor while providing iPad mini function shortcut keys for oft-used commands, such as copy and paste.

Like Apple’s Smart Cover, the Ultrathin Keyboard attaches to your device magnetically, with the comforting click, and automatically wakes the tablet when you open the cover and sleeps when closed.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard for iPad mini (image 001)

It also doubles as a hands-free view stand so you can use your iPad mini without having to hold it.

The Ultrathin Keyboard is also available for the iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4.

More information is available at Logitech’s web site.

  • Kurt

    Looks much better in white. But Surface’s keyboard is much nicer and better built.

  • samdchuck

    Can you really call it “ultrathin” when it’s about the same thickness as the iPad you’re using it with?

  • Doesn’t this defeat the purpose?

  • notewar

    When u say ultra thin i expected it to have the same thickness as the surface’s touch cover

    • voyaflexel

      surface keyboard sucks… i tried it.

      • bigzjoseph

        At least it looks good and really thin

  • M Last

    the best keyboard is virtual keyboard iOS
    never pay for these keyboards.

  • lol it’s sexy I gotta admit, but I still don’t see myself typing research papers or dissertations on that thing. Debatable as to whether it’s really needed. Who uses these keyboards anyway?? Long E-mails? I’m still lost on the issue.