Archos unveils new ultra-slim Bluetooth keyboard for iPad


Archos, a long-time producer of tablets and media players, announced this week that it’s getting into the iPad accessory space with a new keyboard called the G10XS. It’s the first product of a new division in the company dedicated to sharing its technology with other platforms.

The keyboard uses Bluetooth to connect the iPad, and is largely based on the keyboard found in the company’s Gen10 XS tablet. It features Smart Cover-like magnets, a built-in kickstand, and with just a 0.2-inch depth, it’s one of the thinnest iPad keyboards available…

Here are the main features of the keyboard, as listed in Archos’ press release (via Engadget):

  • Ultra-thin Design – At only 5 mm (0.2”) this is the thinnest iPad Keyboard available; it’s almost as thin as a Smart Cover
  • Adjustable kickstand – Allows one to adjust their iPad for the best viewing experience possible
  • Magnetic bonding to the iPad – The keyboard is magnetically held to your iPad
  • Automatic screen switch on/off Function – The iPad will turn on or off when the keyboard is removed or placed in the cover position
  • Long battery life – Enjoy with your iPad for months thanks to a long battery life via a Bluetooth connection
  • Aluminum Back casing – Stylish aluminum back casing to match your iPad
  • Full QWERTY keyboard – Type easily with a full keyboard and work quickly with iOS shortcuts

Archos has been around for decades, and is highly regarded in the portable electronics field. It currently has multiple successful Android tablets on the market, as well as a few portable and console gaming devices. This bodes well for this new iPad keyboard, it should be well-made.

But how will it stack up to the plethora of Bluetooth keyboards that are already available, such as the Belkin Folio, ZAGG ZAGGmate and Logitech’s popular Keyboard case? We’ll find out in a few months, as the Archos G10XS is expected to land in March with a price tag of $79.