If you live outside the United States, you could be wondering why all the fuss about Super Bowl. But to many of our U.S. readers, Super Bowl is America’s favorite national pastime. Regardless of the camp you belong to, pretty much all of us love big-budget Super Bowl commercials, that much is a given. And speaking of advertising, Samsung ahead of Sunday’s Big Game has “leaked” its anticipated commercial.

Conceptualized by the Los Angeles-based creative shop 72andSunny and directed by Jon Favreau, it features Knocked Up stars Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd who are called in to pitch their concepts for Samsung’s Next Big Thing.

But despite their best effort to bat around crazy ideas with Bob Odenkirk (example: “crowdsourcing… we won’t have to think of ideas!”), Miami Heat star LeBron James makes a tablet cameo and lands the gig instead. Though it takes jabs at both the NFL and ad industry and mocks Psy and his Gangnam Style, interestingly enough the commercial isn’t about Apple at all, sans a subtle reference that almost escaped my attention…

The irritated Paul at one point asks Seth:

Are you sure that maybe you’re not here to see a guy named Sam Sung?

What’s the Apple connection, you ask.

Well, turns out there is a guy named Sam Sung and he’s an Apple specialist!

I ain’t kidding, Sam Sung made rounds on the blogosphere last November.

Here’s his business card, courtesy of The Loop.

Apple specialist Sam Sung (business card)

The obvious question: does he have co-workers named Ann Droid and Mike Rosoft?

Here’s the extended pitch.

And right below is Samsung’s 60-second Super Bowl teaser titled “El Plato Supreme”. It, too, has the two comedians running into hurdles while brainstorming the ad.

They spoof the NFL and poke fun of the advertising industry’s rules which prohibit use of trademarked words, like “Super Bowl”, “Baltimore Ravens”, “49ers” and so forth.

The witty banter where they consider alternatives like “San Francisco 50 minus ones” is gold.

That clip even manages to make a funny reference to Samsung’s legal woes with Apple.

Asked who might sue Samsung over the trademarked words, the deadpan Bob quips:

Everybody. Nobody. Who knows?

Their love for hashtags is also funny.

You can check out best of the best in this year’s Super Bowl advertising on the NFL’s official Super Bowl 2013 Epic Ads channel on YouTube.

Say what you will, but Samsung’s Super Bowl commercial manages to be both entertaining and memorable – and that’s saying a lot.


At the very least, it’s unmistakably a far cry from Samsung’s anti-Apple advertising which culminated with a 90-second 2012 Super Bowl Galaxy Note commercial directed by Bobby Farrelly and featuring The Darkness.

Called “Thing Called Love”, it predictably ridiculed people who’d stay in the line for an iPhone.

Samsung ad (iPhone 5 launch 001)

In case you were wondering, the Galaxy maker paid $15 million to secure a two-minute Super Bowl ad slot which guarantees more than a hundred million eyeballs nationwide.

That shouldn’t be too much of a problem for the South Korean conglomerate: its marketing expenses eclipse ad budgets of its rivals, including Apple’s.

Like in years past, Apple passed on Super Bowl XLVII.

What say you: has Samsung scored a game-winning touchdown with its Super Bowl ad?

Maybe you can spot additional digs at Apple that slipped under my radar?

  • Blaqheart

    All the more reason for us to get the Jailberak sooner than later…we’ll see who’s laughing then…

  • May I ask when is the Super Bowl goes on TV? In CA time please.

  • I think samsung have ad inovation … Bull shit !!!!

  • Schalkb

    Long live jailbreak….
    (Let’s hope the next post will be about the Jailbreak at 100%)

    • Kurt

      Why don’t you love stock iOS?

      • Hassan Xia

        Why would you love stock iOS? Tell me that.

      • Kurt

        Ughhh. You’ll have to give me some time with that one

  • Boyan Georgiev

    As a Non-American I find those ads really stupid. They really have no purpose. They don’t actually advertise anything. And what’s with the 2 minute ad?! $15M for that bull. Oh well.

    • JaeM1llz

      When you have a guaranteed audience of over 100 million people, it’s well worth it.

      • Boyan Georgiev

        I acknowledged that, but as I said they don’t really advertise any features or functions of the device. Maybe they think that the Galaxy is so popular it needs no introduction.

      • JaeM1llz

        The point of a Super Bowl ad is to draw the viewer in immediately, Super Bowl ads are known for being over the top, full of cameos, and downright outrageous. It’s not a typical commercial, you only have a few seconds to draw the viewer in otherwise they get up to make a new plate of food.

      • Theortically speaking you were right. But what do you see in this 2min, 15M$ ad?

      • JaeM1llz

        I saw 3 major Hollywood actors and a professional basketball player, the word “Samsung” repeated several times throughout the commercial and I’m sure there will be more Samsung commercials in the future following this storyline. It was an effective super bowl ad as far as I’m concerned.

      • Hmm ok yeah that what we saw from our naked eyes. But what the message, the value, the theme … it tried to convey? I suggest u have a look at Apple 30 sec ad, Toyota Rav ad, … and previous Samsung ad. Good luck my friend 🙂

      • JaeM1llz

        The “theme” was brand recognition, and as I already pointed out, they did a good job of that.

      • Kurt


      • Kurt

        Actually you didn’t acknowledge that.

    • arguing with him sucks dude. He is like an empty can, all noise, no sense.

  • Every time I refresh this site and I see a new post I get all pumped just to see is not about the jailbreak

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  • Exactly what I wanted post…. Jialbreak. I’ve been counting and refreshing and closing and opening. Waiting for the new post to say, “ready, set, GO!” H I can’t wait. The longer the days goes, the more I feel like tomorrow or Tuesday will be the day.

  • I think you’re looking WAY too far into it.

  • disqus_h92

    Is there a guy named Sam Sung, who works at Apple? 😀 HAHAHAHA

    • Not sure who he is, but there was an Apple invite card to their last keynote with the name “Sam Sung” on it

  • The Next Big Thing is Evasi0n, IMO! 🙂

  • This is how Samsung waste their money for stupid ad that only a few people can understand. Poor Samsung!

    • Kurt

      Rewatch the commercial and listen for “Samsung…Samsung….Samsung….”

      Now who is dumb enough not to understand they are getting their name out in a clever way? ahh, Apple fanboys. Gotcha.

      • 🙂 It’s a tv ad, 15$ ad on Super Bowl, I kno it said Samsung or Sam sung (apple staff who kno) but what the message it’s trying to convey my friend? I think if u r in the US u might also watch Super Bowl live. Have u observed ad other ad there: wether by Mercedes, Toyota, KIA, u name it? I wish also You should have watched Apple ad old or the recent one during Christmas my bestbuy featuring a kid searching abt Santa (VS Samsung Santa ad). Open our heart and mind to truely understand thing. If Apple does good I like it if not i dislike and criticize it same to Samsung 🙂

      • Kurt

        15 dollars is cheap for an add during Super Bowl 😛

      • Thank for correction it’s 🙂 15M$

  • imot65

    I find this ad retarded. The only cool thing is to see my favorite lawyer Saul (Bob Odenkirk). And as for the other two morons…

  • Evasi0n would be a hell of a half time show. Just saying.

  • “Better Call Saul” © Braking Bad

    • Gabriel

      Breaking Bad* said same thing

  • i think he meant to say “put it out on the internet that you want people to send you ideas so you don’t have to STEAL ideas”.

    • Kurt

      Apple is far less innovative that Samsung, that was just a stupid comment from you. Makes you look like a fool.

      • If it wasn’t for Apple you would still be using a Samdung ClamShell… Fool.

      • Kurt

        Their phones are better than ours. They innovate.
        By the way, you continued with your stupid comments, “Samdung”…congratulations, so creative.

      • samdung or sadsung, take ur pic.. .

  • is it just me or are droid trolls keeping a low profile on here at the moment…. . haha, i wonder why that might be.

  • samdchuck

    Anyone notice the massive barrel distortion when Seth Rogen is taking a picture of Paul Rudd? And it wasn’t even real!

  • Jacor74

    Better call Sam

  • f96lrs

    90% onevasi0n

  • 90%: Final testing and preparation.

    Next step: Release!

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  • planetcoalition

    I don’t understand why iDownlodBlog (as well as some other Apple blog sites) keeps taking the bait from Samsung. Apparently they are poking fun at and alluding to things about Apple to grab attention.

  • Nvrhde

    Is this idownloadblog?

  • Tom

    “Super Bowl is America’s favorite national pastime.”

    Anybody else find this sentence weird and perhaps incorrect altogether?

  • iDevizes

    I now know why Apple doesn’t buy commercial time for the Super Bowl… with such ‘enemy’ commercials you don’t have to score anymore. What a crapy marketing ad of Samsung.