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Over 100 million people are expected to gather in front of their TV sets tomorrow to watch the Super Bowl. But for those of you that for one reason or another can’t get in front of a television, there’s other ways to catch the Big Game.

If you’re going to have access to a computer, you can watch it there. The game will be streamed live via CBS Sports. No computer? No problem, iDB has you covered. We’ve compiled a list of ways to follow the action on your iPhone…

NFL Mobile

This is by far the best solution for watching the Super Bowl on the go tomorrow, as it will feature a high-quality live stream of the game. There’s just one caveat though: since Verizon owns exclusive NFL mobile streaming rights, the app only works for its customers. But hey, if you happen to be a Big Red subscriber, you might as well download the app and pay the $10 subscription. Click here to download.

It’s also worth noting that Bell Canada customers can also watch the game live on their iPhones via Bell’s Mobile TV app.

CBS Website

If you don’t happen to be a Verizon customer, Times’ Doug Aamoth is reporting that CBS’s video streams on its website are currently working on both the iPhone and iPad through Safari. I can confirm that, as of Saturday afternoon, he’s correct. From my iPad, I was able to play commercial and interview clips. So it’s definitely worth trying out tomorrow. The website is

ESPN ScoreCenter

Ever since ESPN redesigned its mobile app late last year, it’s been my exclusive score-keeper. And if you’re not going to be in front of a TV tomorrow, you’ll want this on your iPhone’s Home screen. It will provide you with play-by-play of the game, player and team stats, highlight videos, injury reports and anything else you could want outside of live video. The app is totally free, and you can download it here.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been able to catch a close football game or a no-hitter in baseball because it was mentioned in my Twitter feed. And I believe that, if you’re following the right people tomorrow, you’ll be able to keep up with everything from interceptions to Beyonce’s half-time performance. Here’s some accounts to get you started: @SuperBowl, @49ers, @Ravens @1045theteam, and @NFL.

And for more diversified tweets, you can try these hash tags: #CBSSuperBowl #Ravens #49ers #Niners #SB47 #SuperBowl.

That’s about it for our list. If you can think of something we missed, definitely let us know about it in the comments below. Also, make sure you check out our post on 5 free iOS apps to help you get ready for the Super Bowl. I hear it features a killer Recipe app.

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  • coejam

    I want to watch the super bowl on my jailbreak iphone 5 tomorrow.

  • >implying people care about the superbowl
    >implying jailbreak isn’t more important (and release of new MBV album)

  • Super Bowl: Biggest sport event in America.
    Europe: What..?

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      True, I don’t even know what sport are they going to do in this super thing.

  • Falk M.

    Need HD stream to my Mac! Anyone?
    (note: I’m from Germany, but do have a VPN provider 🙂 )

    • B.G

      Use latest Sportsdevil addon inside XBMC..

      And hopefully you will be all set.

      • Falk M.

        Is that a HD stream?
        Is it one channel or a network and the particular channel will be easy to find?

        Thanks already! 🙂

      • B.G

        Google is ur friend 🙂

      • Falk M.

        Well… I got XBMC 11.0 and it keeps crashing my XBMC when I try to open the video addon after a successful installation.

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  • I rather watch the evasi0n website

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      You and me both. Super what?

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    For those who are wondering if I just made my name chuck Norris in honor of him well I’m actually named Chuck Norris 🙂

  • no thanks I don’t like handegg

  • Wait since I have Verizon do I get to watch for free or I have to pay 10$

  • U forgot about Facebook.. It’ll keep u update on all the plays and scores.. Every touchdown, interception, field goal, etc.

  • macboy74

    Hmm watch the SB on my 4″ iPhone, SGSIII or my 62″ LED. Decisions Decisions.

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    no, not super bowl but evasi0n jailbreak !!

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    watch with MansCaveFootball online