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Apple’s recent update to iOS 6.1 may be important more for what it says about users and the never-ending competition with Android than what new features were added to the software running iPhones, iPods and and iPads. Released earlier this week, iOS 6.1 could become the most-quickly adopted version of Apple’s mobile software. Nearly 22 percent of iOS users have installed the update in less than 48 hours, one developer claims.

Apple’s iPhone users were the fastest to adopt iOS 6.1 with nearly 24 percent installing the updated software in less than one day. Tablet users were only a bit slower with one-fifth of iPad owners installing 6.1 by the 20-hour mark. By comparison, it took a week for 44 percent of users to update to iOS 6…

According to TechCrunch, “iOS 6.1 is growing at a faster rate, and looks to be on track to top that should its momentum continue.”

The adoption figures come from the developer of OnSwipe, a service which presents traditional websites in a format better suited to touchscreen devices.

After polling its more than 13 million iOS users, Onswipe CEO Jason Baptiste told Darrell Etherington Wednesday that the record-setting adoption pace could be due to over-the-air updates, an iOS technology less than a year old.

iOS 6.1 adoption (TechCrunch, OnSwipe)

By eliminating the need to plug your iOS device into a wall, OTA makes updating to the newest version of Apple’s OS as simple as touching the screen. In the iOS versus Android wars, the prize for faster OS adoption is more developers. More developers, of course, means more apps, increased buzz and in the end more customers.

The news that iOS 6.1 has already spread to nearly a quarter of Apple’s iOS users means developers working on the latest app don’t have to wonder about users still operating with iOS 6 or even earlier.

Etherington explains:

They can create experiences that will be the same for a larger number of customers at once, without having to take into account different software versions with idiosyncratic quirks.

Where is Android in adoption rates?

According to Google’s own numbers, just ten percent of Android users have adopted Jelly Bean software, released in July 2012. Meanwhile, 300 million Apple devices out of the 500 million in the wild have upgraded to iOS 6 or above in just five months, enough for a 60 percent adoption rate.

Openness doesn’t always win…

  • believe or not, but trust me, because jailbreak is coming =P

  • AppleFan

    thanks to untethered jailbreak

  • Guest

    what a coincidence..right after iOS 6.1 jailbreak was announced 😛

  • I’m sure the upcoming jailbreak plays a crucial role in the increased upgrades this time around

    • I really wish Apple would see this as a clear indicator that people WANT jailbreak features.

      I just wish they would officially recognize that and work WITH the devs instead of against them.

      Bring them in to work on security and open up the same kinds of features and tweaks that people have been wanting on their devices for years.

      This is the biggest complaint with apple devices is the “walled garden” approach.

      • fatyss

        dont get me wrong open source is a great advantage but it also has great disadvantage take the example android highest piracy of apps ,second thing without walled garden we would not have quality apps, and last of all, viruses (eeewww).apple just need to allow developer to go throught system level of ios.

      • pawfyd

        Do you know that Android doesn’t have viruses untill you install them by yourself? Even then you know what the apps do, you can read this in permissions. Quality of apps have nothing to do with open source. It’s about how much effort developers want to put in them. This is based on piracy and I agree, there are many pirates on Android, so that’s what Google should work on.

      • Dude, I’m not even talking about open source, I’m talking about allowing the hackers / devs to come work for Apple. Let them work on security and bring most of the most popular jailbreak tweaks to the OS. Why not? I don’t think we need to throw open the floodgates and make the OS completely open source, but there’s no reason for Apple to continue to disallow the features that most of their users want. Who the hell DOESN’T want SBSsettings, or Auxo, or theming capabilities, or Lockinfo… Etc.

        You don’t have to make everyone use them, but why not make them into official tweaks, or bring the devs in to work on incorporating at least the most popular tweaks into the official OS with the option to opt out?

  • Ray V

    Don’t update until you know it’s safe!

    Never mind, it’s safe they say.

  • Mr.E

    I wonder why? 😉

  • Is this counted in accordance to genuine downloads of Apple’s servers or does it include the people, like myself, who downloaded 6.1 through direct download and used iTunes to Shift-restore to the pre-downloaded IPSW?

  • Pepeloso

    Every One Moving To iOS 6.1 Fast Because Of The Evad3rs Jailbreak… Apple Needs To Give Some Credit To Evad3rs Because If It Wasn’t For Them Everyone Would Still Be On 5.1.1.. Agree?

  • Not suprised because of this awesome upcoming jailbreak!

  • sarimkhan

    Well, if you have a iDevice, you can always update, but in a android device, the update comes from the manufacturing company, not google. Users can’t update if he still wants to unless the company provides update. Maybe google can take a step to develop this situation ?

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Jailbreak FTW !!

  • Apple what have we learned? Oh yes that when a jailbreak comes out you ios adoption grows.mmmmmm…

  • I’ve never been one to upgrade my iOS devices. But I upgraded my iphone 5 and my ipad 2 to 6.1 when I read that it would be supported with evasi0n.

  • Darek Slaby

    Everyone saw this coming after the jailbreak was announced. This should be an indicator to Apple just how crucial jail breaking is for people.

  • hasan51h

    And because the LTE available in more country .

  • JaeM1llz

    Everyone’s preparing for the jailbreak 😛 Without the jailbreak being released this weekend, the adoption rate would be 2% lol.

  • batongxue

    and that does not even take me into account
    Still waiting for the FUNDAY

  • Maybe this has something to do with a very glitch 6.0.1. Hadn’t been able to use app store properly since 6.0 update. Read somewhere that 6.1 will fix, I’m sure at least 25% of that figure is down to this. iOS becoming very glitch since Steve’s no longer around, I know you’re after our money buy you could always be relied upon for quality. Sort it out!