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Hot on the heels of releasing the new iOS 6.1 software with iTunes Match improvements, Siri movie ticket sales and enhanced LTE carrier support, Apple just posted a matching firmware update for its $99 Apple TV set-top box.

As indicated back in December 2012, one of the biggest new features the new software brings out is awesome support for Bluetooth keyboards, making the little hockey-puck much more than a “hobby” device. Other improvements include enhanced iTunes in the Cloud and iTunes Up Next. Go past the break for the full breakdown…

The new Apple TV software version 5.2 is now available as a software update right from your device.

According to the below image provided by Jordan Kahn of 9to5Mac, the Up Next feature (first introduced in iTunes 11) is now available to Apple TV users so they can see upcoming songs when playing music and choose what plays next.

Likewise, it is now possible to browse and play individual iTunes song purchases directly from iCloud (and without having to use iTunes Match) similarly to how you’ve been able to access previously purchased movies and television shows.

Jeff previously made a nice video explaining how the new Bluetooth support works, making content searching much faster, here’s that clip.

By the way, it looks like that some people also discovered a new Apple TV designation in the code, Apple TV3,2.

This has been corroborated by iOS hacker iH8snOw.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and speculate that perhaps this Apple TV revision could bump up storage and introduce support for Ultra HD resolution? After all, both the chips and codecs to drive ultra high-resolution displays are already here.

Or, as others speculate, this not-yet-released “AppleTV 3,2” revision could introduce a version of the A6 chip, possibly opening door to games and apps, with your iOS device acting as a Bluetooth-enabled remote.

If you guys spot anything else worth sharing, please do so down in the comments.

  • No jailbreak 🙁

    Atleast my iphone 5 will be…. Hopefully.

    • No need to jailbreak it, XBMC 12 for iOS + airplay mirroring 😀 (tested on 4S)

      hopefully on iPhone 5 soon 🙂

  • How did you connect your Apple TV to your MacBook? Intruiging!

    • We have also asked this question last time, and we didn’t get the answer…

    • Matthew


  • Guest

    *Crickets* … “Anyone care about Apple TV?” … Lol

    • yes…

    • I shut off cable and watch 100% of my TV and listen to a lot of my music through the Apple TV 2, so yes.

  • Looks like the AT2 is coverd by the jailbreak too ..but not the AT3

  • What I really wish for is safari comes out on Apple TV.

    • It is already there, with Airplay, whatever on your iPhone/iPad is on Apple TV.

      • This update completely screws up Airplay. I do not recommend this update until Apple resolves this.

    • If you have a Apple TV 2, you can jailbreak it and load firecore black. Then install Couch Surfer which is an Internet browser.

  • Can we just use iOS device as an input device.

  • Sounds good, keyboard for my ATV2 yes please, do I want to lose my Jailbreak? No thanks.. .

  • How do you find out which version apple tv2 or 3 you have?

    • marco1993

      you can find out the version with the box (on apple tv 3 there would be a 1080p icon would be there under the HDMI and the wireless icon) if you dont have the box you can go to Settings>>General>>About
      here the name would be the same (Apple TV) but the model number would be different
      a simple search of the model number on google would tell you if you have an Apple TV 2 or 3
      hope it helped 🙂

  • does the apple tv 2 also have the bluetooth feature?

  • ssombra

    Hi, I recently bought an Apple TV 3 and, although I know there is no jailbreak available and no signs of one coming sometime soon, I keep the hope. With that in mind, is it wise to update it to the latest iOS?
    What would you recommend.