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A brand new SKU (Stock-Keeping Unit) in the full-size iPad lineup that one blog obtained from retail sources suggested that Apple’s readying to add a new top-of-the-line fourth-generation iPad model with 128 gigabytes of storage. The development corroborates an earlier finding of code hooks in iTunes 11 and iOS 6.1 that points to the new 128GB full-size iPad model. And now, the same publication that leaked the 128GB SKU claims to have pinpointed the prices for this “Ultimate” iPad model…

9to5Mac has amended its post with purported pricing information, as follows:

The pricing is in line with a higher storage capacity, coming in at around $799 for the WiFi-only model and $929 for the Cellular-compatible model in the United States.

Here are your SKUs the site obtained from a “high-profile U.S. retailer”.


P101 and P103 denote WiFi and Cellular units. Storage sizes are 16GB (“GOOD”), 32GB (“BETTER”), 64GB (“BEST”) and 128GB (“ULTIMATE”). Additionally, “A” stands for the black model and “B” is the white option.

The “Ultimate” designation probably indicates just a storage bump rather than any additional features as this new 128GB iPad 4 is expected to look just the same as the 16/32/64GB models.

The author of the post speculates that Apple might target the 128GB iPad for specific agencies, like universities and government, though that remains to be seen.

  • Gray

    Not sure how “ultimate” is somehow better than “best”, but you know what, I’m just not going to question these iDevice rumours anymore, especially after the whole “iPhone Math” fiasco.

  • Falk M.

    16GB needs to be dropped. ASAP.

    • Kurt

      will apps increasing in size for retina displays, yes get rid of the little 16gigger

      • Falk M.

        If Apple wants to throw in the iPad into the statistics to boast they are one of the biggest personal computer producers of the world, they need to step up their game on the iPad front big time.

        And I can only repeat myself: Meanwhile the iPod Classic is having a laugh not even knowing how to fill itself with apps, HD movies, shows, etc…

        And then there are folks working on 1TB thumb drives (Kingston I believe)… Expensive as sin? Sure, but at least they are moving forward ffs…

        No way to carry around a significant selection of my movies and shows to friends, vacation etc when you need choice available to you.
        Alternatively push carriers to drop the ridiculous data caps (not gonna happen) and offer iTunes Match for video.

    • Mohammad Ridwan

      But Apple like money… :/ they won’t do it

  • Kurt

    almost 1,000 bucks for the 3g version. thats just laughable. why should the upgrade from16gb to 32gb cost 100 difference and 64-128 cost 100 in difference? apple should think about not ripping us off (as much)

  • $929 for a Cellular model? You have got to be kidding me..

    • Kurt

      ipad is a toy. a nice toy, lots of fun…but 1,000 bucks for that toy? no thanks.

      • I got my iPad 2 for $400 and am loving it, but that is to much I agree with you.

      • Kurt

        a celeb friend got a few from his fans and gave me a 64 gig one. so i got mine for free. i enjoy it but i want the ipad 5 🙂

      • That’s pretty sweet. Get the new 128GB iPad lol.

      • Ben

        In New Zealand it’s $729 for the base model, no 3G.

      • Kurt

        ughhh…sorry to hear that. they can fit probably 10,000 ipads in a 40′ container and it costs maybe 3 or 4 thousand for shipping. but they tack on 230 dollars per device? amazing

      • Ben

        I know right. It’s the same with everything though.