On January 28th, a mere five days from now, iOS 6.1 beta 4 will expire. If the past is any indication, then Apple will act, either releasing a 5th beta for iOS 6.1, or releasing the iOS 6.1 golden master — a final baked version, which shortly precedes a public release.

Since the firmware expires on the 28th, then I don’t see Apple waiting until that day before making a move. The most realistic time period for it to drop a new release — whether it be beta 5 or the golden master — would be tomorrow, the 24th, or Friday, the 25th.

The big question is whether or not Apple decides to push out another beta release, or feels comfortable releasing the golden master (final) version of iOS 6.1. While it’s not unheard of for Apple to go more than four releases deep into a beta period — iOS 5, for instance, saw seven different beta releases — it would be only the second time that this has happened for a non-major release.

The reason why the timing is so interesting for us, is because we believe that the hackers working on the iOS 6 jailbreak are waiting for a final version iOS 6.1 to be released, before finishing up and releasing the long awaited jailbreak. How do we know this? They basically told us as much…

Yesterday, someone asked me in the comments of my future of jailbreaking post, when to expect the iOS 6 jailbreak to be released. In reply, I stated that it would likely be released after the iOS 6.1 firmware.

Well, if this tweet from pod2g doesn’t confirm that fact, then I don’t know what does:

While it’s not exactly rocket science that the team working on the jailbreak would want to wait until iOS 6.1 dropped before burning its exploits, the fact that pod2g is basically begging Apple to release its firmware speaks volumes for how confident they are, and for how far they have progressed.

When considering this, although we still don’t know the exact release date of the iOS 6 jailbreak, it does help paint a clearer picture in our minds as to a potential release window.

If Apple drops iOS 6 golden master within the next couple of days like I think they will, then a public release isn’t far behind. With that in mind, it’s not outside the realm of possibilities to believe that an iOS 6 jailbreak is much closer then we think.

What say you?

  • zack

    jailbreak iPhone 5 – i have i phone 5 iso 6.0.2 can be jailbreak or not

  • jilex

    now a new tweet from pod2g, they cannot guarantee the jailbreak will work, that’s why the want the 6.1, hope it does, but if it didn’t, we’ll have to wait another long time 🙁

  • Mark

    I hope there will be a way to restore 4S to iOS 5 soon after they release the 6.1 Jailbreak.

  • Edwin

    Dear Jeff what version do you recommend us Iphone 5 users to be on? If we are still on 6.0 do you suggest we update now, or wait for 6.1?

  • Toon

    Yes yes yes JB my 4S .. I can’t wait !!

  • My iPhone 4S is dying to have them tweaks back

  • Ernesto Urquidi

    Can’t wait to jailbrake my iPad 4!

    • iPadBrony

      I can’t wait to jailbreak my iPad 3 😀

  • Luis Salazar

    I just cant wait 🙂 but i need a unthered jailbreak urgent i have the ipod 5th generation and its no fun without jailbreak.

  • iPadBrony

    So to answer a few questions, if im not mistaken, this upcoming jailbreak will be an iOS 6.X.X Untethered Jailbreak that will work on all devices. It’ll be real soon 😉

  • Math

    My ipad 4 is now 4 monts i am hoping th jailbreak koms varry soon good work

  • Lautaro Guevara

    I am in iOS 5.0 will i have to upgrade to 6.0.1 before the jailbreak comes out?

  • I have my SHSH blobs from 5.1.1 and ios 6.0.1 iSHSHit lets you download the copies cydia stores(for ios’s you have installed on and future ones without installing that os it signs it for you so you dont have to upgrade but can get the blobs) and emails them to you. Also I am running 6.0.1 tethered on my 4…(cant wait for untethered) and I am running Acid Siri and TetherMe they both work perfectly

  • Chelsea

    4s on 6.0 will have a jailbreak?

  • Cam

    Might be a stupid question but isn’t the iPad 4 A6X and iPhone 5 A6. Will both have support, just wondering if anyone might know.

  • disqus_mwrrd0MBZa

    i just want the 6.1 to be public already

    • Tpittman

      6.1 is public

  • Tpittman

    iOS 6.1 is out

  • Is it gonna be a jb for ipad 2 ios 6.1, right?

  • KockBurn

    I just saw this reply so it’s a lil late. Re Restore is aimed at A5 devices not 5.1.1 Cheers Mofo