jailbroken iphone 4s

TechCrunch has published a lengthy article today entitled “Behind The Scenes of The iPhone 5 Jailbreak.” The piece takes a look back at all of the jailbreaks that have been released over the years, as well as at the work being done on the current jailbreak.

While the report doesn’t offer any new information regarding the progress of the iOS 6 JB, it does have a couple of interesting tidbits sprinkled throughout its contents. One of them, for example, is the number of devices that are currently running Cydia…


The chart you see above comes from Cydia creator Jay Freeman, better known as Saurik. And it shows the percentage of each device seen running Cydia over the past two months. The total number of iPhones, iPads and iPod touches equates to some 22,780,029.

The breakdown isn’t very surprising. Of course the iPhone 4 would be most popular device, because 1. it’s the latest iPhone model that’s jailbreakable on iOS 6 , and 2. most carriers are offering it for free right now. And the other figures are similarly predictable.

Keep in mind that in between the releases of jailbreaks, Cydia installs tend to trend downwards. And then when a new jailbreak gets released, the number of Cydia installs climb again. Saurik says each time, that number is higher than it was after the previous release.

So needless to say it’ll be interesting to see these numbers in a few months—or whenever it is we see the iOS 6/iPhone 5 jailbreak. It may not even take that long though, as the last we heard, pod2g and planetbeing were making some great strides in their hacking.

Which of your iOS devices are currently jailbroken?

  • jose castro

    i have my 4 but waiting on the 5

  • who still has a iphone 2g or 1st gen ipod?

    • poor friends of sons of who had them a million years ago, i guess 🙂

    • Johnathan Jennings

      Like 3 of my friends have iPod 1g. I still have my 2G too.

    • TonyVee73

      I have an 1st gen ipod touch that I use solely as a music player on my alarm clock dock.

  • I have my ipad 2 jailbroken on 5.1.1 and patiently waiting to jailbreak my iphone 5. I came from a Jb i4 and got the 5 on release day so I’ve been living without it for what seems like forever now..

    • Johnathan Jennings

      Same here. But I restored my iPad 2 to iOS 6 cause the jailbreak on an iPad just is pointless, I didn’t find anything useful for the iPad In cydia. But iPhone? I can’t wait for the i5 jailbreak.

      • “the jailbreak on an iPad just is pointless,” – crazy

      • Johnathan Jennings

        Okay what isn’t pointless on the iPad.

      • I use winterboard, old school game emulators, folder enhancer, kb shortcuts, sbsettings, and kill background just to name a few 🙂

      • Johnathan Jennings

        To me, all of those are useless.. Even Sbsettings. NCSettings is much better. Which I don’t use on my iPad anyway, the wifi always stays on and bluetooth always stays off. No need for settings. For people like me a jailbroken iPad is pointless.

      • Noob lol

      • language!

      • smtp25

        P i r a t e A p p s – Arrrr!

      • Johnathan Jennings

        Installious is gone now dumb ass.

      • Dude language come on stop! but theres appcake dont forget about them

      • smtp25

        Back at ya dumbass. vShare and AppCake both still work, both still provide automated pirating – DumbAss because you didn’t know it and probably went to IOS6 because of it – Aaar!

      • Free games pandora downloader iap cracker sb settings ect?

      • Damian W

        ok pointless is not….Infinidock, iconoclasm, shrink, dimmer, cardSwitcher, 5row keyboard, delete word, octopus, dimmer, intelliscreenX, zephyr folder enhancer, quasar, retianpad, fullforce, safari browser tweaks, and many many many other tweaks which are just better on ipad than iphone.

      • smtp25

        vShare and AppCake ! yes it is pirating. But I like it becuse I can then play/try stuff I will never use again

        4S and iPad3 are both jailbroken, for that reason I have no interest in
        buying an iPad5 (upcoming) with marginally better specs and loosing a
        jailbreak, i only use the iPad for Movies, Browsing and the oldd spate
        of gaming

      • ExRoot

        I agree. I have an Ipad 2 running ios6 because I had no interest in jail breaking my pad. My sons Ipad 4 is obviously running 6. I absolutely did not upgrade my 4s. I agree, I could care less about my pad being Jailbroken. My phone is a different story.

      • Damian W

        first of all….you can change the icon layout completely which play out just perfect. Use for this Iconoclasm, Infinidock, and Shrink.
        Next, you can have really nice multitasking and notification centre. For this INtelliscreenX and CardSwitcher. Zephyr works great on ipad too. Every tweak on iphone works just Better on iPad. So yeah just try it, and dont say it is not interesting.

      • ExRoot

        Can you read or was that just a knee jerk comment. I didn’t say it was not interesting. I SAID I’M NOT INTERESTED!!!!!!

      • Damian W

        you are pointless

    • The waiting has been longer and longer, I don’t blame them, because they are doing it for free, and for fun.

      This is why I don’t rely on jb app anymore.

      I still remember back to the first generation iPhone, it took them less than a week to jb + unlock.

  • As soon as there is an untethered iPhone 5 jailbreak I am selling my 4S and picking one up. Can’t wait!

    • n0br41ner

      Same here, just waiting for the iPhone 5 jailbreak and i will do the same.

  • only 5.1.1 on both of my iPhone 4 and iPad 3.

    • Johnathan Jennings

      Jk. Update the iPad, it’s worth it. But not iPhone, keep your jailbreak

      • iPad without jailbreak is crippled, and the default UI is boring as hell

        colorkeyboard HD, winterboard with ayecon for ipad, whatspad, retinapad, fullforce, intelliscreenx, protube HD, bridge, springtomize…just to name some very useful jb tweaks for jailbroken iPad

      • Johnathan Jennings

        The only jailbreak tweak I liked on the iPad was dreamboard so I could make it behave like an android tablet on the home screen. Besides that it’s pointless for me to jailbreak iPad

      • Damian W

        ipad had tons of good tweaks, and I dont even think of silly theming or coloring.

  • Johnathan Jennings

    My iPhone 4 was jailbroken tethered and now it’s stuck in the respring loop and a restore will not fix it.

    • S Davis

      First open itunes, don’t hook your phone to the computer yet, now hold the power and home button down at the same time while connecting to the computer, when apple logo appear release the buttons. That should work.

      • Johnathan Jennings

        Can I iMessage you?

    • Hold down home button and then connect to iTunes .. Keep holding down the home button though.. The screen on the device will show the connect to iTunes logo.. Just hit restore from there..
      After that it will put you on iOS 6.0.1.. Just do a downgrade to 5.1.1 after and jailbreak…
      Only if you got your blobs

      • Johnathan Jennings

        iMessage me please, johnathan.j@me.com

      • Johnathan Jennings

        Listen. My home button doesn’t work. What do I do now?

    • Or you could press home and power button to force shut down the device.. Then hold down the up volume button and keep it down and Press the on button .. That will put you in to safe mode.. Uninstall the last tweak(s) that you put on the device, that could be causing this..

  • Wow) More than a Country. Apple should be careful or Jailbreakers will go angry. U know what that means..

  • Mark

    iPhone 4 is the highest, probably because of the lim3ra1n exploit.

  • Interesting, ~5% of iOS devices are Jailbroken.

  • iPhone 4 iOS 6.0.1

  • ipad 2 wifi and iphone 4s

  • Tim Johnson

    Which cydia app is that in the picture?

    • Intelliscreen X

    • Melvco

      It’s actually just a couple of NC widgets. I can’t remember the name of them all, but I think the top one is NCSettings

  • AC

    I have my ipad 3 iphone 4s had an ipod touch 4g sold that my gf has a ipad 2 all jailbroken on 5.1.1

  • iPad 1..
    Jumped ship on the 4s and put it up to iOS 6 and I couldn’t be happier .. Still when the jailbreak is out the 4s will be back with all those lovely tweaks

  • ExRoot

    I actually tried to read this article earlier through TechCrunch but it kept constantly crashing.

  • ghulamsameer

    This is the longest time I’ve ever had without a jailbreak. I lived for cool new tweaks and showing my friends that I got all the expensive apps for free. I’ve stopped pirating and buy all apps now and that morality has been nice, but I really wish I could have a glossy notification center and NC Settings back. I hope the pod2g and planet being are making good progress to give back what the people deserve. Freedom.

  • Yuri

    My iphone 4 and my wifes iphone 4
    My iphone 5 and ipad 4 …..

  • I got my ip2g running ios 3.1.3 jb, ip3g 3.1.3 jb, ip3gs 5.1.1 jb, ip4 6.0.1 jb and ipad 2 5.0.1 jb

  • Iphone 4s 64gb 5.1.1 facyory unlocked :)) greetings from croatia

  • Crristic

    If i read this correctly saurik says this is the number of ios devices accesing cydia during the last 2 months. Thus the number does not reflect the actual jailbroken devices. For instance i went into cydia to purchase auxo (the only tweak that caught my attention lately) after at least 3-4 months of inactivity. I reckon the number of jailbroken devices should be way higher. An interesting dilemma for apple, who needs to balance the security of ios while at the same time leaving loopholes to be exploited for jailbreaking (yes, there are people buying the iphone just because they can jaibreak it)

  • The Music Player thing in the Notification Center above, what is that?