Pod2g and planetbeing make progress on iOS 6 jailbreak

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So here’s something we haven’t heard in a while: good news on the jailbreak front. It looks like now that pod2g has completed his first iOS app, entitled podDJ, the security expert has turned his attention to hacking iOS 6.

His return alone is great news, since it seems like he’s been gone from the community forever. But to add to the excitement, the hacker just announced that he and planetbeing recently discovered two new vulnerabilities…

Here’s planetbeing’s tweet regarding the hacking session:

And here’s pod2g’s response:

This is great news, obviously, as iOS 6 has thus far proven to be a tough nut to crack for hackers. In fact, back in December Mark Dowd said that Apple has practically overhauled security in the latest version of its mobile firmware.

Don’t get too excite yet though, as pod2g notes that they still have a ways to go. Even after they’ve completed the jailbreak, they’ll still have to test it across all devices, and build and test the desktop software, to ensure that it’s stable.

But still, progress is progress. Well done guys.