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The National Rifle Association, a US organization that promotes firearm ownership, safety and self-defense, has released an app for iOS entitled NRA: Practice Range. The app contains several links to different NRA resources, but the focus is obviously on its built-in mini game.

The game itself isn’t anything special, it’s a shooting range that offers 3 gameplay modes: Indoor Range, Outdoor Range and Skeet Shoot. But what seems to be causing waves in the tech community today are its in-app assault weapons upgrades, and its ‘ages 4 and up’ App Store rating…

Here’s the description of the shooting range mini-game from the App Store:

NRA: Practice Range also offers a 3D shooting game that instills safe and responsible ownership through fun challenges and realistic simulations. It strikes the right balance of gaming and safety education, allowing you to enjoy the most authentic experience possible.

  • 9 firearms
  • 3 immersive shooting ranges
  • 3 distinct difficult levels
  • Analog & Gyroscope game controls
  • Game Center integration

In the app’s defense, it does do a good job of promoting gun safety. I received a tip, for example: “Gun Safety Tip #5: Be sure the gun is safe to operate,” before every new round. But I can see why folks have an issue with its ‘4+’ age App Store rating (though doesn’t Apple have a hand in that?).

It also seems like an odd PR move, given the huge gun control debate going on in the country at the moment, and all of the criticism the NRA has taken over it. But I’m no expert. If you want to see what all of the controversy is about, you can find NRA: Practice Range in the App Store, for free.

What’s your take on the NRA’s new app?


  • Guest

    If the NRA wants to make an app it should be a guide to gun safety, not a game. Weren’t they the ones making the “Violent Videogames” argument??

  • mattkin22

    If the NRA wants to make an app it should be a guide to gun safety, not a game. Weren’t they the ones making the “violent video-games are ruining America” argument?? Bueller?

  • It shouldnt be for kids age 4 and up… I already have enough criminals playing my games…

  • would have no problem if i had a son tht was 4 that would use this app! it would show that he should only shoot at a range, and not at a real person!!!!! YOU PEOPLE have to look at the better side. its not A Grand Theft Auto Game!!!

    • charlie feathers

      I completely agree with you on that! Atleast this app is aimed at educating the population at a young age to view guns in the proper manner and not the way all these other senseless games are doing.

    • Kaptivator

      Learned to fish and shoot at 7. Was a better shot than fisherman. lol But had BB guns and snap guns since 3 or 4 (mom showed me pictures). Never had an accident with a gun and always take a refresher class when I can. I’m anxious to teach my little girl, but the wife said that she wants to take her to the all women class at the range that we frequent. If you have a firearm in your hours, everyone needs to know how to handle it.

  • disqus_2tJ9CVBJ5v

    The targets are human figures, and obviously you are expected to hit the head or close to the heart. You shoot to kill! What are these NRA guys smoking all day?!

    • Mark M

      Where else would you aim to stop a dangerous criminal from attacking you?

      • somewhere on the body this will not kill them.

      • Mark M

        The purpose is to stop the attacker, not kill him. Shooting someone in another part of the body is much less likely to stop him. Shots to the center of mass (chest) and/or head will stop the attack. If someone does not wish to be killed, he should not go around attacking other people. If, due to his own decision to attack someone, he dies as a result, it is his own fault and responsibility.

      • Or he is mentally ill like many people are saying are the people doing this then you should try and help them instead of ending a trouble persons life. A way you could do this is to shoot their legs so they can no longer confront you. If your reply to this is that it’s hard to shoot someone in this region then maybe they should take some gun classes so that they can have a more accurate shot.

      • Mark M

        A mentally ill person has my sympathy and best wishes for recovery, however if he tries to kill me, my sympathy will not prevent me from shooting him where it is most likely to stop the violent attack. There are many news reports of people sustaining 4, 5, 6 shots and continuing to attack, so a shot in the leg may be a wasted shot from a very limited supply of shots. If the attacker has a gun, a shot in his leg will not stop him from shooting back. I’ve had gun classes and read books on the subject. They teach to shoot center of mass (chest area) and head. They never recommend shooting somewhere less lethal.

      • Kaptivator

        Your view would change if it was your child, wife, mother, father, sister. Only way you are hitting someones leg is with a shotgun or a riffle (marksman). One will not just walk around with a shotgun or riffle on their person. Shooting someone in the leg from a distance is hard a hell with a sidearm. The further away you are from your target the less accurate your shot is. Just Google any sidearm and it will tell you your percentage of accuracy at a given distance. Then you have the effects of your ammo, wind, nerves and surroundings. Ever notice practice targets have no legs? Further more, if that person is troubled and running wild with an assault riffle, yes they have sympathy, but my sympathy stops the moment he/she starts shooting at an innocent person. Take a firearm class at your local range and fire off a few hundred rounds. The come back and report your accuracy to us when shooting at the chest. Then try to aim for the head. Tell us how easy it is. Then rethink about shooting at someones leg as it is moving.

        Take your emotions out of it. Think about this, if someone is trying to harm you (mentally ill or not), do you think that they are thinking with their emotions to spare your life? Probably not. So why should I sympathize with theirs.

  • jose castro


  • I’m pro the 4+ age group. I learned proper firearm safety at a young age (7-8) and have been raised to always respect weapons and to always treat each one as if it were loaded. The only safe place to point it is at the sky with your finger off the trigger and the safety on. If more kids learned this, we would have much less idiots checking if the safety is on or not by pulling the trigger at their friend’s head…

    • TriguyRN


    • Tr1pTr0p

      Or NOT give guns to children in the first fucking place? Oh, and please tell me how drugs and alcohol are not for minors, but deadly weapons are. You fucking brainwashed hypocrites. Read your entire goddamn second amendment!

      This is insanity!

      • seyss

        hormones also kill

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Not if kept within normal levels.

      • No Whammy

        Are you pissed my 5 year old uses knives? I’m giving her a lifetime of safety knowledge ingrained into her behavior from the earliest age I could. She’s safer around knives than most adults I’ve seen. Insanity!

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Knives are only deadly within a few feet from the person holding the knife. Unless the person is a good thrower. That’s the damn difference! And I can pretty much guarantee you’ll survive being stabbed by a 4 or 5-year-old. But a gunshot? Hardly. Guns and rifles are made to kill others, and your right to own weapons ends with other people’s right to live, no matter how bad criminals they are.

      • No Whammy

        Why the fuck would I be shot by a 4 year old?

      • Tr1pTr0p

        That’s not what I meant, genius, but gunshots in general.

      • No Whammy

        Since you obviously know nothing about guns, why don’t you quit acting like a bitch and go shoot one? Tell me how many people the gun kill.

      • EpicFacepalm

        Because sometimes childs think it is a game. That happens every year in developing and developed countries including the country I live.

      • Kaptivator

        Actually, guns and rifles are not just for killing others. One can use a gun to hunt (that’s the only reason a minor should be in possession of a firearm IMO), fish (try getting that tuna on the boat alive when deep sea fishing), to repel invasion and to facilitate a natural right of self-defense. Doing the latter 2 does not necessarily involve killing someone. Google TN man stops intruder. Remember we are entitled to LIFE, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness. These are natural born rights that no one should jeopardize. So Ill try to make it simple. You respect me as I respect your and yours and we have no problems. But when you trying to take from and or attempt to jeopardize my (or my family, a friend, or even my next door neighbor) natural born right to live, all bets are off. Its quite simple. Just like the Golden Rule. Treat others as you want to be treated. I don’t see whats so hard to understand about that.

        I see your point about guns being in the wrong hands, but honestly there are more guns in the right peoples hands than bad. Just like anything, you hear more of the bad than good.

      • charlie feathers

        Thank you! I dont see why that is so hard for some people to understand! : )

      • Viktor_Zweig

        Reading through your long comment, one assumes that you live in some dangerous place like Kandahar or Mali. But then again we may be wrong…

      • Kaptivator

        No! However, I’m not ignorant to the fact that with the economy the way it is now, it is separating the haves from the have not’s. Robberies are at a all time high and so are home invasions. People are getting hit with bricks in their apartment complexes (that are gated ) when all they are doing is coming home from a days work.

      • Mark M

        This is asinine: “your right to own weapons ends with other people’s right to live, no matter how bad criminals they are.” If a criminal is bad enough to try to take my life, then my right to defend my own life supersedes the criminal’s right to continue living. I refuse to be a victim.

    • seyss

      totally agree.

  • charlie feathers

    Very nice app and useful gun safety tips! To those complaining, quit
    your sissy crying over contreversy already! The NRA are the only ones
    fighting for your right to own a firearm. So that you can protect
    youself and your family! Show some appreciation. If there was an armed
    intruder in your home what would you rather have a phone or a gun? I
    chose a gun. You can call the cops and they’ll eventually get there when
    your dead.

    • mattkin22

      Your right to own a firearm was written in 1776 when the only guns available were muskets and pistols.

      • Mark M

        Thank you for stating the obvious. Did you have a point to make about that?

      • mattkin22

        The NRA is protecting an outdated law that is contributing to 10K+ more deaths than any other country with the same amount of mentally ill people as us.

      • Mark M

        There is nothing outdated about the right to self-defense.

      • mattkin22

        I agree. Own all the muskets you want. Musket ≠ Assult Weapon/Handgun.

      • Mark M

        Tell that to the all British who where assaulted by muskets.

      • charlie feathers

        Oh, please! You need to go and get your facts straight brother. You think that by banning the peoples right to keep and bear arms that it’s gonna stop criminals and murderers? You think that they abide by those laws? Do you think it will stop them from getting guns illegally and continue to commit the same crimes that they’ve been commiting? Use your brain before you speak. Gain some knoweledge and put it into practice! Only then will you have some wisdom.

      • mattkin22

        Never said I don’t think people should be able to own guns. See below, own all the muskets you want.

      • charlie feathers

        Yeah, sure! Whatever man. You’re just a troll with nothing to contribute but misinformation! Make up your damn mind.

      • mattkin22

        Make my mind up about what? What have I said that has been misinformed?
        This is the problem with this issue, I never once insulted anyone or questioned integrity. I sincerely do believe in people’s rights to bear arms. What I don’t agree with is the types of weapons people are trying to justify as a “sport” or “hobby.”

        Make love not war.

      • You need to understand that the 2nd Amendment isn’t about “sport” or “hobby”. It’s part of the Bill of Rights, all of which are designed to protect the rights of the people from the government.

        You can choose to disagree, however the real reason the 2nd Amendment was written was as another check on the government. Not so people could hunt with muskets.

        To that end, you argument that only muskets should be allowed is completely invalid.

        Did the founding fathers envision the weapons we have today? Of course not.

        Does their premise that the people should have access to the same (to a point; semi-auto instead of full auto) rifles that the military would use to quell a potential rebellion? ABSOLUTELY.

        The entire point of the 2nd Amendment is to ensure that the people are never helpless against government, and can defend their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

      • mattkin22

        Again, I never said that I think the 2nd Amendment right is about sport or hobby. I said I don’t agree with how many people who support the NRA’s recent publicity stunts justify their ownership of military grade weapons for activities like shooting ranges, hunting, and gun collection.

        I honestly believe if the founding fathers had access to the vast amount of weapons made in the past 200+ years, there would ABSOLUTELY be a ban on certain weapons and that would fall under the second amendment. But we will never know.

        I do however appreciate the fact that you are one of the only people on the other side of the spectrum from me on this issue who seems to be able to articulate your point without jumping to hasty conclusions or insult.

      • Well then, we agree to disagree.

        However IMHO, I don’t think anyone should be able to tell me that I can’t defend myself and my family.

        If you choose not to, that is your right, but your right for yourself and family alone. It is not your right to tell me I can’t.

        BTW, I don’t agree with the NRA, and I am not a member. I’m just a citizen concerned about the amount of misinformation and ignorance I see thrown around about this topic.

      • mattkin22

        Again, never said I don’t think you or anyone else shouldn’t be able to defend yourself or family. You can defend your family with a pistol/handgun with 6 or 7 rounds just the same as an AR-15 with 30. My argument is there is no need for certain types of guns, and when people continue to play the “2nd Amendment” card, they are doing so in the wrong way.
        FTR, I have shot multiple guns at a gun range before and just don’t see the point. But I understand that is just a personal preference, I simply just don’t agree with it.

      • But you understand the underlying premise of the 2nd Amendment which is to protect the people from the government?

        Also, if you have ever shot a handgun, you would realize that being accurate with a handgun is infinitely harder than being accurate with a rifle, especially when under the stress of a life or death situation.

        You see, handgun marksmanship requires a LOT of fine motor skills. It is not as simple as point and shoot like a rifle is. Doing something as simple as pulling the tigger too fast, or tightening your grip slightly, or anticipating the recoil can cause you to miss your intended target by a matter of FEET, even within the average engagement distance of 7 yards. That’s the difference between shooting your target, or the your pregnant wife standing next to him.

        You see, physiologically, when the human body body is placed in a life or death situation, the body reacts with a fight or flight response. Blood is pulled from the extremities and into the internal organs to put your body’s vital organs into overdrive.

        Unfortunately, this also makes all of your fine motor skills go right out the window. All you have left is gross motor skills. Google it if you don’t know the difference.

        Basically what it means is that all of the little things you need to do in order to be accurate with a handgun become almost impossible for you to do.

        On top of this, handgun runs are much lower energy rounds which tend to punch nice neat little holes in non vital parts of the human anatomy. Rifle rounds have a much higher cavitation effect.

        Unfortunately, due to my line of work (EMT in the Camden / Philadelphia area), I have seen and treated MANY gunshot wounds over the years, many of these patients still in handcuffs. I have seen and heard of MANY cases in which an aggressor was shot 3, 4, 5, 6 even 7 times with a handgun and was still able to continue his assault.

        So, I completely disagree that a handgun with “6 or 7” rounds is enough to stop a determined attacker, or multiple attackers, due to the fact that it is exceedingly difficult to be accurate with a handgun, and the fact that a handgun round simply is not sufficient to instantly incapacitate a person if your shot placement isn’t 100%

        Unfortunately, I’ve seen it first hand.

      • Kaptivator

        Couldn’t agree more.

      • YoJohn

        Why must you keep replying? Your comments keep getting down voted and plus Temple Run 2 is coming on the app store tonight.

      • mattkin22

        I KEPT responding because I could (people are so busy talking about the 2nd amendment they forget about the 1st). I actually stopped yesterday, and before you troll and say I’m responding now, it was just to tell you to shut the fuck up.

      • YoJohn

        umad bro? Please don’t cry. You’re so ugly when you cry

      • mattkin22


      • YoJohn

        Awwww really?

      • Kaptivator

        Kinda like that war on drugs. How is that working?

      • Kaptivator

        Remember this…The gun is not the killer, the person that pulls the trigger is. If more people would educate themselves about gun safety and defense by spend about 6 hours on a Saturday to take a gun safety class or a gun defense class there would be less accidents. And about the mentally ill people…maybe they should be banned, not the guns. A gun can do no harm if its left alone on your counter. It can only do harm if that is the intent of the person holding it.

      • Viktor_Zweig

        So, after putting more armed assholes in schools, we should “ban” mentally ill people?
        Care to share yet another commendment from NRA’s cookbook?

      • Kaptivator

        Ban mentally ill people from attaining guns. Its funny how you have to take a test to drive and to further your education (entry exams) but they sell a gun to anyone. Makes you wonder. Like I say, guns don’t kill, it’s the person pulling the trigger.

      • Viktor_Zweig

        What kind of mandatory exam is there in every single state in the US for purchasing an automatic rifle? Not a handgun, I’m talking about an assault rifle? Please do enlighten me.

      • Kaptivator

        That’s my point…There is/are none. Re-read my post. “Its funny how you have to take a test to drive….but they will sell a gun to anyone.” Should a mentally ill person own a gun…Hell no! How do you ban mentally I’ll people from attaining guns, research their mental history (extensive background check) and or test them or anyone else for the matter. And please tell me where can one go and purchase a fully automatic assault rifle legally? Not because I want one, but because you cant..legally. Read and research for yourself, stop listening to the news and media outlets.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Guns don’t kill people, people with guns kill people? And guess what people without guns do? They don’t kill people.
        goo gl/XFdRK

      • YoJohn

        Are you trolling again?

      • Kaptivator

        What? LMAO. So you saying that people cant kill without guns? How do you think wars were fought before the invention of the gun? I have seen someone beaten to death in a brawl that broke out. Women are raped and beaten to death without guns weekly. And you proved my point that people kill and not the gun itself. Sit a gun on the counter…It cant do anything until its in a persons hands. Try it. Don’t let the thugs paint the picture that guns are bad. In the wrong hands, yes. But rest assured, your views will change when you hear your door unlocking but everyone that has a key to your house is inside.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        I don’t even lock my doors at night because I don’t live in a deranged paranoid society where all people do is kill each other. Thank you for showing your support to thugs by allowing everyone, including them, to own deadly weapons. By keeping yourself safe, you’re also arming the other side. When someone does come into your house to rob you, you’re both going to end up in the hospital or two feet under. I truly do not understand how mentally challenged you have to be in order to think how deadly weapons make you safer. What I also don’t understand is how blind you must be in order not to see the giant financial benefits for gun manufacturers throwing the second amendment and weapons in your face! Get a fucking alarm system! The government is collectively fucking you people over, and you just don’t give a damn and roll with it! IDIOTS!
        www youtube com/watch?v=Vcuq6MCrS-A

    • Mark M

      Totally agree. A 4-year-old kid is old enough to learn gun safety and shooting skills.

      • Viktor_Zweig

        Wow! This is probably the most moronic post I’ve read in a long time.

        Not only you have 0 credibility to say something like this (based on your previous comments) but also the demagogy of your inbred way of thinking oozes with every word you typed.

      • Mark M

        I wave my private parts at your aunties, you cheesy lot of second hand electric donkey-bottom biters.

      • Viktor_Zweig

        Incredible what a mere mention of NRA brings to this tech blog… A bunch of jerkoffs who like to pretend that they know something about lethal weapons. I really don’t know what’s more pathetic: your fixation on defending idiotic concepts or building fantasies around weapons that will protect you from imaginary enemy?

      • Mark M

        Your juvenile smack talk is totally laughable. Is that the best you can do?

      • YoJohn

        How does Mark have an inbred way of thinking?

      • Viktor_Zweig

        Did you read his idiotic comment? Who in his right mind thinks that a 4-year old kid needs to learn about anything to do with guns?

      • YoJohn

        How is that inbred way of thinking?

      • Viktor_Zweig

        Do you even know what “inbred” means?

      • YoJohn

        Yep. Inbred-Person conceived of breeding between two closely related couples

      • Viktor_Zweig

        Are you trying to prove something or you’re just shooting shit?

      • YoJohn

        I’m trying to prove that Mark doesn’t have an “inbred” way of thinking. Please explain to me what Mark said that was a way of “inbred” way of thinking please. Look at the definition and then look at his comment. It would have made more sense if you would have said That’s a hillbilly’s way of thinking. Not an inbred way of thinking. Get the point? Hillbillys are known to be gun people. So I’m going to say this Do you even understand what “inbred” means?

      • Viktor_Zweig

        I prefer redneck instead of hillbilly… Less cute.
        Anyway, one sentence that relatively well describes a redneck is “I married my cousin!”. Therefore, not refreshing the genetic pool of a given population usually leads to lower IQ, reactive thinking, fear of differences, etc.
        Now, I’m not saying that Marc necessarily married his cousin but chances that someone in his family tree did, are high based on his ridiculous arguments. Thus, reducing his ability to respond to a perception of danger by any other means than having a bigger stick.

      • YoJohn

        You made me laugh. Why are rednecks called rednecks?

      • Viktor_Zweig

        Dude, what is this? A Spanish inquisition?

      • YoJohn

        I only speak English.

      • Viktor_Zweig
      • YoJohn

        A 60’s show

    • Tr1pTr0p

      You don’t even have that right! Have you read the second amendment? What part of your ass is a part of a well regulated militia? Your society is fucked up to the point where you need apps for 4-year-olds to learn how to use deadly weapons! Fucking insane! Only in the fucking amurrica do people need firearms to protect themselves! Why don’t people in Europe need that shit? Or in Australia? Japan? Tell that cute little story to a father who accidentally killed his own son thinking he was an intruder! Get a fucking alarm system, you violent cunt! People like you make me sick!

      • YoJohn

        You sound angry. Please calm down

      • Tr1pTr0p

        I sound angry? You don’t say!

      • YoJohn

        Grow up.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Is that your mature reply? Well kudos, sir! Have a freaking cookie!

      • YoJohn

        It’s a better reply then calling someone a cunt. Learn to respect people.

      • The problem with your argument lies in the fact that you assume no one already takes those steps already. (Alarm system)

        The problem is, there are over 300 MILLION firearms in America. They’re not going anywhere. No matter what laws pass, bad people will ALWAYS find a way to get guns. Unfortunately, most bad people with guns don’t care about signs saying they should’nt have them, laws, alarm systems… Etc. When it comes down to it, the police can not get there in time to save you. At least not 90% of situations.

        Besides, some countries have banned guns, and as a result, their violent crimes rates SKYROCKET.

        In the UK for example, according to the FBI’s statistics and the Home Office’s statistics, the violent crime rate for the US is 466 per 100k people. The UK’s? 2,034 per 100k! That’s over FOUR TIMES as high.

        You see, criminals don’t like armed people. Which is why in cities in the US have banned handguns and CCW, the violent crimes and murder rates are astoundingly higher than cities which don’t ban handguns / the right to carry them.

        Btw, the US is the #1 country in the world for gun ownership (88 per 100 people), yet only 28th for gun murders (2.97 per 100k people)

      • Do we have higher rates of gun violence / gun murders? Of course.

        But is Europe a magical place in which everyone obeys the law and so people don’t need guns? Obviously not. In fact I would say that BECAUSE people aren’t allowed to own guns, criminals are less afraid of the chance that their victim could be armed, and therefor there are many more of them, and they are much bolder.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Is Europe a magical place where everyone obeys the law? Well, apparently, far more people do, compared to the US. Guns are illegal in my country and there is usually one large shooting a year, where two people get into a fight and kill each other. That’s how extreme this damn socialist Europe is. Since the Newtown shooting, more than 600 people were killed by firearms. That is 30 Newtown shootings IN ONE FUCKING MONTH! One Newtown shooting every single day!

        The thing is, if you’re already that brainwashed and spouting that amount bullshit, I doubt that any reasonable statistic I bring up (such as that one above) will change your crooked opinions. Besides, I’ve got far better things to do than argue with a bunch of bigoted amurricans!

      • Don’t understand the anger my friend. Is it because you can’t argue with the statistics I listed above?

        Honestly, put the emotion aside and come up with a reasonable rebuttal to the FACTS I posted above:

        UK’s violent crime rate is #1 in the world at 2,034 per 100,000 people. How is this an example of how more people follow the law when the US’s violent crime rate is at 466 per 100,000 people, including all of those “statistics” that you listed. ( of which you didn’t state the source of)

        I don’t understand where the “bigoted amurricans” anger is coming from. Simply because someone disagrees with you politely and shows you facts to the contrary makes me bigoted?

        Anger is the lack of a rational response my friend.

      • charlie feathers

        For someone who throws around violent accusations you seem pretty angry and violent yourself.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Way to divert the conversation from the topic. Knowingly presenting false information annoys me. Who would’ve thought?

      • charlie feathers

        I’m not diverting from anything. I’m actually tired of this topic and don’t plan on continuing to waste my time with you. I think by now most of us have deduced that you are in fact an idiot but to each his own. I hope that violence never reaches that wonderful utopia you call home and you find yourself lacking and needing some firepower to defend your life.

      • YoJohn

        Finally someone notices that Tr1pTr0p is a fool!

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Your information is dead wrong. But congratulations, you’re better than El Salvador, Jamaica, Guatemala, Swaziland, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia! What an achievement! You must be so fucking proud!

        Why haven’t you bothered looking at the bottom of that list? Firearm deaths per 100 000; Japan (0.07), South Korea (0.13), Hong Kong (0.19), Singapore (0.24), UK (0.25), Taiwan (0.42), Australia (1.06), Germany (1.10), Iceland (1.25), Italy (1.28), Sweden (1.47), Norway (1.78), Canada (2.13), Belgium (2.43), Austria (2.46), France (3.00). Then we have the US of A with more than 10!

        Here’s some homework for you: compare the US with Australia, for example, and other countries where gun ownership is restricted. (Gun control.) www gunpolicy org/firearms/region/united-states Have fun!

      • How is my information dead wrong? It comes directly from UK’s own Home Office and the US’s FBI statistics.

        Are you telling me that you are more qualified to speak for the UK’s violent crime rate the the governmental body who’s sole purpose is to track those statistics?

        They’re not made up my friend. They are facts. I understand it doesn’t jive with the point you’re trying to make, but attacking me and telling me I’m “dead wrong” does absolutely nothing to dispute those facts.

        Again, put the emotion aside and look at things objectively.

      • Also, deaths by guns isn’t the issue here. It’s violent crime. I never said that we had less gun violence than the UK because that’s clearly impossible, but that statistically speaking, we have much less violent crime overall. F

        You can’t dispute facts my friend.

      • Since you seem to fancy links to YouTube videos in your comments Tr1pTr0p, here’s one you should honestly watch which pulls stats directly from both agencies before your eyes. Completely unbiased and really doesn’t mention guns at all, just violent crime.

        Their stats are a little different from mine because they don’t include Scotland / Northern Ireland and are from a different year’s data set , however the premise remains: the UK has MUCH more violent crime than the US does, just not as many homicides. In this example, 3.5 times as much actually.

        Still think my information is dead wrong? Or are you starting to open your eyes a little?

      • EpicFacepalm

        Europe is not just about UK. And it is absolutely bs when you compare UK to Mexico, Brazil, Africa etc.

      • You’re right. Countries such as Switzerland are also in Europe. A country which issues military grade, FULLY-automatic assault rifles to every able bodied male, along with ammunition and “hi-capacity assault clips”.

        They also have one of the lowest violent crime and murder rates IN THE WORLD.

        Switzerland is second only to the US, Yemen and Serbia in firearms per capita, the majority of which are “scary assault weapons with hi-capacity assault clips”.

        What effect does this have on their gun homicide rate? Oh it’s also one of the absolute lowest in the world at .5 per 100,000 people, and most of these were committed by foreigners, not by Swiss citizens.

        These facts are pulled from a TIME MAGAZINE article by the way, so don’t talk to me about a biased source, as if anything this source is liberally biased. Independent research using unbiased sources confirms this. (Specifically the Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development, an international study conducted internationally in 2004.)

        Why is the Swiss example such a departure from the idea that guns CAUSE violence?

        Mostly because the Swiss take gun ownership very seriously and responsibly. Military service is required by every able bodied male and children are taught from a very early age to respect firearms, and how to be safe with them. Precisely what the NRA was attempting to do with this app. Was it also a publicity stunt? Yea, probably. Did it have good intentions? I would say so.

        Here is the link to that TIME article BTW:

        You may have to copy paste the URL into your browser. For some reason, DISQUS won’t let me copy paste.

      • charlie feathers

        How, exactly does my belief in the right to own a gun in order to protect my wife and children from violent criminals who will probably not hesitate to kill me and my family in order to get what they want make me a “violent cunt”? You say my society? An alarm? And this is one of my favorite moronic things that you said- “Thank you for showing your support to thugs by allowing everyone, including them, to own deadly weapons. By keeping yourself safe, you’re also arming the other side.” What part of “thugs” as you called them getting guns ILLEGALLY don’t you understand?! Don’t get me wrong I am very happy that you get to live in a WONDERFUL UTOPIA where “you don’t even lock your doors at night because you don’t live in a deranged paranoid society where all people do is kill each other.” Pray tell where this Magical land is! So, that we too may become part of it’s wonderful blanket of security! Let me take a wild guess is it a quarter mile east of OZ or maybe just south of Neverland? Unfortunately for the rest of us we have to live in the real world! Where your best friend is robbed at gunpoint in the comfort of his own home and is then shot 14 times after he complied with the robber’s demands. So, please forgive me if I don’t share in your blissful ignorance. I am by no means a violent man. I am a husband, father, son and a friend. I love and respect everyone for their qualities and I don’t focus on flaws but believe me that when it comes to those that I love I will not deny myself the tools nor the rights availble to me in order to keep them safe from harm! Good day to you sir.

  • The earlier you learn how to treat a gun with knowledge and respect, the safer you will be.

    • or if you don’t have a gun at your disposal, the safer you will be

      • Kaptivator

        Tell that to the lady that had her door kicked in and she was shot to death while hiding under her bed. Then compare that to the lady that had a gun at her disposal and pumped 6 into the intruder while he broke into her house with a firearm of his own. Think I’ll take my chances with my firearm than without it.

  • Wasn’t the NRA whining that video games were the problem?

    • YoJohn

      Shooting targets isn’t violent.

  • weapons are part of human nature… trying to stop weapons is like trying to stop sex

    • Tr1pTr0p

      “Weapons are part of human nature…” Not in the civilized world.
      www youtube com/watch?v=Vcuq6MCrS-A

  • mwpitt52

    The NRA is not that stupid. This is a set up. Just saying…..

  • arthur

    guns are a tool dont blame it on the guns for murder u can kill a person with a knife should we ban knives now ? there should be stricter gun control but not banning guns it should be harder to get a gun permit with extensive background and mental illness checks instead of banning a tool u can kill people with everyday objects dont blame a tool becuase of the man that uses it if a persons set out to kill they will find a way to kill be it gun knife or anything else is not the tools fualt its the mans true u can kill alot of people at once with a gun but which is more scary homemade bombs or guns one way or another shits gunna go down it better to prevent the person instead of taking away right

    • you cannot kill 26 people with a knife as quickly as you can with a gun.

  • I never knew there were so many geeky-gun nuts that visit this site… Steve Jobs is rolling over in his grave at this app got approval

  • Why doesn’t the US take a note from the UK, no one apart from farmers or shooting range members are allowed to have a gun licence and they are not allowed to take them out in public anyway. Police officers do not either.

    This is an extremely successful law is we have one of the lowest gun homicides in the world compared to the US where there is a rampage every other week! It may be time to admit that for the safety of everyone in your nation that EVERYONE should support laws to tighten gun control

    Also there is no gun permit in the uk to carry a handgun and therefore no one is permitted to carrying one.

    • Lowest gun homicides rate, but one of the highest violent crimes rate IN THE WORLD.

      UK’s violent crime stats according to the Home Office : 2,034 per 100,000 people.

      US’s violent crime stats according to the FBI: 466 per 100,000 people.

      Just because they’re not being assaulted with guns, doesn’t mean they’re not being assaulted, and at an alarmingly 4x higher rate.

      • According to UNODC homoicide stats from 2009 (when the data from the UK was also collected) there were 41 homicides from firearms. Where as in the US there were 10300. That is 3.3 hbf per 100,000 compared to the UK’s of 0.1 hbf per 100,000.

        This is JUST the firearm homicides. You can find more information on their stats which are recognised by the entire world as being credible.

        This is some indication that there might be too many firearms. It baffles me that the US don’t trust their police force enough to protect them from violence. Lets say instead of getting rid of all guns would you be happy for specially trained police officers (like we have in the UK) to be the ones to carry guns.

        The UK may have more crime that the UK but very few people compared to other nations die from these crimes.


        15399 total homicides US (2009) 10300(66.9%) of those were with firearms.
        722 total homicides in UK (2009) 41(6.6%) of those were with firearms.

        I could go on and on but my opinion is that we do have strict laws on firearms in the UK and it seems be paying off. In my opinion the constitution needs to be updated. The world is a very different place than it was in 1787 & laws need to reflect that. – My Opinion

      • But again, the argument here is one of violent crime.

        Of course there are going to be less firearm related deaths in a country which basically doesn’t have guns. That’s OBVIOUS. How do you not see that what were talking about here is VIOLENT CRIME.

        The UK has an ALARMINGLY higher rate of violent crime ranging from 3.5x – 4x depending on what years / whether you include Northern Ireland and Scotland.

        Conservative figures taken from 2011’s data set show the UK has a violent crime rate of 1,361 per 100,000 people.

        The US’s for the same year is 386 per 100,000

        The point here is that while guns result in more firearms related deaths (obviously), they keep the violent crime rate lower, simply because when criminals don’t know who is armed, they are much less likely to commit crimes.

        Think about it. If you’re a criminal who mugs people with a knife, are you going to feel more comfortable robbing someone in Chicago, where there is a complete ban on handguns, or Austin, Texas, where there is a good chance there is someone carrying concealed?

        This is why you see much higher rates of crime and homicide rates in cities with handgun bans and states with “tough gun control laws”. The only people who abide by the laws who are by definition law abiding citizens; the people you don’t have to worry about.

        When you prohibit law-abiding citizens from carrying concealed, you give every gangbanger and two bit criminal a free pass to rob, assault and kill, because they know there will be no opposition.

      • People don’t trust their police force because they can’t protect them.

        Do you know what the average police response time is from the time you call 911, till the time they arrive at your door?

        OVER 10 MINUTES.

        Just enough time to take pictures of the bodies, and catalog the evidence. A lot can happen in 10 minutes, and I’m sure if it were your family’s life on the line, you would find over 10 minutes to be totally unacceptable.

    • The UK does have one of the lowest rates of gun violence / gun homicide, however unfortunately it also has the highest violent crimes rate IN THE WORLD according to statistics from the Home Office.

      UK’s violent crime rate according to published statistics from the Home Office: 2,034 per 100,000 people.

      US’s violent crime rate according the the FBI’s statistics: 466 per 100,000 people.

      Just because the people of the UK aren’t being assaulted with guns, doesn’t mean they aren’t being assaulted, and at an alarmingly higher rate (over 4 times that of the US)

  • mattkin22

    I’m saying that for them to use video-games as an argument and then turn around and release a video-game for 4 year olds, it doesn’t matter how violent it is. You honestly think a 4 year old is going to pick up this app and care about learning how to use a gun correctly? No. They are going to try and shoot the crap out of the targets on screen.

    The NRA are paranoid hypocrites hell-bent on keeping guns nobody is trying to take away from them in the first place.

    • Krnl

      Why do you insist upon calling names and throwing insults? I have a few choice words for folks of your stripe as well, but I’ll keep them to myself. However, your last statement “nobody is trying to take away from them in the first place” is a bald-faced lie and you damned well know it. Look at the news, friend. The Dems and some filthy RINOs are doing just that – trying to restrict gun ownership into oblivion.