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Consumer reports is an American Magazine (and web resource) that has been bringing its readers reviews and comparisons of consumer products and services for nearly 80 years now. So needless to say, their opinions are highly regarded but many.

But I know a few iPhone 5 owners that aren’t going to agree with its latest report regarding flagship smartphones. In its February 2013 issue, the magazine ranks Apple’s handset as one of the worst high-end devices available on the larger US carriers…

consumer reports 2

As you can see in the above image, first posted by BusinessInsider, Consumer Reports places the $199 16GB iPhone 5 as the third highest rated smartphone on AT&T, behind the LG Optimus G and the Samsung Galaxy S III — both Android handsets.

It’s the exact same story on Sprint, again both the Optimus G and the S III place above the iPhone 5. And the 5’s not even on the list for T-Mobile. Obviously, that’s because the carrier doesn’t offer it yet. But Verizon does, and it’s not on that list either.

It’s not clear what metrics Consumer Reports used for this report. It has all kinds of data on these devices — from nationwide consumer survey results, to in-house lab tests and reviews — so there’s really no telling. Honestly, it could be all of the above.

But regardless of the methods, the findings are still interesting. And even though Apple is believed to have sold in upwards of 50 million iPhones last quarter, it’d be remiss to overlook data like this.

What do you think of Consumer Report’s rankings?

  • “Consumer Reports” either has some bad bias, or just isn’t relavant anymore.

    • Two years later, it must be bias. Every other iPhone before and after it has had high ratings everywhere, and the iPhone 5 was well regarded by every other reviewer.

  • Guest

    That is not the real opinion of the consumers, it is just what they hear all the time, about the Maps Issue and similar. It Psychology, people don’t really have their own opinions, but there’s a general opinion which most people share.

    • Kurt

      most people are sheep. if you control the media/hollywood/universites/music then you can change society in profound ways. thats why america has been going so wacky left wing

      • sgt schultz

        most people are herd followers. No problem with that when u don’t want to have to think for yourself!

  • Guest

    “Worst” and third out of 3 are very different things.

    • Thank you, I’ve seen several sites using this same title and it is completely incorrect and simply terrible journalism. Clearly used to get clicks. Whats worse is the readers here who are calling consumer reports biased even though they clearly didn’t look at the data and stop to think about it for a second. All the other phones on this report are only a maximum of 4 points away from each other, basically making all the smartphones there “the worst”. Journalist and reader fail to the worst degree right here.

      • Kurt

        a journalist and a blogger are not the same thing

      • A journalist collects, writes and distributes news and other information. Sounds like a blogger to me. Also I was talking about many other sites using the same headline, sites with non-blogger journalists not just this one.

      • Kurt

        a blogger, writes and distributes news and other information, but it doesnt really collect data as it goes to another news site and rewords it. am i right or am i right? 😉

      • When the blogger gets information he is collecting the data. If a blogger doesn’t collect data he literally has nothing to write about.

      • Kurt

        you’re seriously going to say that going to another website, reading what they wrote and rewording is collecting information? that’s not called journalism.

      • You just described today’s media. Sad but true. Basically every piece of information you find today could be considered a repost.

      • Kurt

        thats why i don’t watch/read liberal news: cnn, msnbc, abc news, pbs…etc.

      • Conservative news is no different, except for their thoughts on the matter.

    • winston

      many review website have bashed iPhone 5 and iOS 6, but it is clearly still selling very fast and i believe it will eventually sell over 100mil units before the next model comes out. at least 50mil iPhone 5 users didnt think it a bad phone for them..and counting..

      • That is because review sites are a different crowd than consumers. The average iPhone consumer is 18-30 and average Joe teen or soccer mom. They don’t care about ghz of the processors of PPI of the display. They go with fads of the time, what is popular in the media and with their friends, and stand in line for cell phones.

        When there is a fad there will always be sheeple following it. It does not mean that it is automatically the “best” out there because of high sales. It merely means they are good advertisers.

      • Kurt

        and these same idiots voted for obama-again. you should be in your 30s or 40 before being able to vote after you wise up

      • Yeah bc the alternative option had such a glowing record… and who would want to start voting in their 30/40s? At midlife, you should be thinking about more than just that.

      • Hoang Nguyen

        Could not agree with you more!!!
        F Obama!!!

      • nima

        It’s awesome with JailBreaK

    • Harshil Shah

      “Worst out of top smartphones” and just “worst” also have a similar degree of difference.

    • Melvco

      “Worst” and “worst of top” are two very different sentiments.

      “Worst” means dead last, and “worst of top” means last among the top contenders.

      Honestly I thought the headline was a great fit for the article. Because among the top set of smartphones, the iPhone finished 3rd and 4th for every carrier. Technically that’s the bottom half of the top 5, or “worst of the top.”

      • The title makes sense if people would actually take the time to read it and interpret instead of calling foul once the words “iPhone 5” and “worst” are used in the same sentence.

      • sgt schultz

        Don’t follow the Herd! Read and be open! Noone even cared about apple a few years ago except for the little people.

        Iphone is a media darling piece of crap

  • Lordthree

    Consumer reports has been losing credibility for years.

  • Well.. in my country the “consumer reports” always give better rating to the worst mobile phones and carriers, so I think that in the US is not that different… it’s the way they make to push competition, specially because this consumer reports are supported by carriers and guess what? Carriers prefer Android because they are allowed to control Android…

    • Blake

      I dont believe that. Carriers in the US did everything they could to get the iPhone. When ATT was the only one with the iPhone they were living the life! They had so many customers. So many customers left other carriers just so they could get an iPhone. Thats why Sprint and Verizon tried so hard to get the iPhone on their network because there was and still is so much demand for it. And you dont think they can control the iPhone? What about carrier locks, blocking facetime, blocking tethering? What is all that except for carrier control!

      • in that time android was very weak.. that’s why every carrier wanted the iPhone because of the “big boom” that he caused.. and blocking all those features doesn’t avoid the iPhone from getting updates from Apple.. one thing that they can control with the Android and making all devices getting “older” way faster… plus Crapware that they can install in those devices to earn money from advertisers.

        People who know how to get root acess and get ride of those crap are like 1% of all users…

  • consumer who?

  • defiantly some bias, from both parties though. people will most likely vote for the phone they have/want

  • Frank Ding

    There is absolutely no way that the iPhone 5 can be among the worst. It has pretty much the best camera, best user experience, most apps, and definitely the best design. The only reason why some other smartphones are “better” is because they have quad core processors that don’t even perform that well. These consumer reports are obviously biased.

    • nima

      It’s scores in geek blog are also a bit higher in every thing then s3!

    • Lets not forget the IPhone 5 has the fastest processor available in a mobile device and its only dual core yet it’s faster then any quad core as well. Just my two cents.

  • Or the reality that the iphone is simply not as relevant as it used to be in the mobile industry (coming from an iphone 5 and longtime iphone user here so don’t even try to scream Im bias).

    People simply don’t want to accept that the iphone is no longer the clear leader in the mobile pack and that the iphone 5 simply doesn’t offer anything that great hardware or software over what the 4/4S did, nor the top Android offerings. iOS is getting long in the tooth and outdated, and people are getting tired of the walled garden Apple forces.

    The ONLY argument I can make personally for keeping the iPhone is that some apps I need and have gotten accustomed to relying on are not on Android (presumably yet but will be)

    To the people who clearly cannot read the article, it was rated the ” ‘worst’ of the TOP few on each carrier” phones, NOT the “worst” of all smartphones.

    And worst of the top few (3) is all relative. I like the GSIII but I would not rate it over the iphone 5. It is nearly EOL with the GSIV being revealed in the next few weeks. Also interested to see the HTC M7. I would definitely rate the Note II over the iphone 5 on mostly all features/specs, and probably the Optimus/Nexus 4 (same hardware) too.

    Anyone complaining of bias has no legitimate argument. This is CS’s rankings, THEIR opinion(s). Just because you don’t agree does not make them “bias” anymore than it makes you an “mindless iSheep who agrees with anything Apple-based”

    • charlie

      How is May/June a few weeks?

      • Clearly said revealed, as in CES in a week or 2, not released.

      • Jon u really dont know what your talking about. Despite other phones having faster processors the iphone still scores higher than those phones and works smoother. Yeah people are getting tired of apple lol thats why they sell 50 million devices a quarter. Sorry but ive used all the android and they suck, they arent as smooth and user friendly and u know iphone will have any app u need.

      • Your opinion is merely that- an opinion. Like a-holes everyone has one.

        First, which smoothness test/data do you refer to? Oh merely your opinion?

        Second, I can show tests of 3 Android devices with benchmarks lower that the iphone 5, but 3 higher too. Again, your bias and not fact.

        Saying that “I don’t know what I’m talking about” shows your clear ignorance and bias (beyond clearly saying Android “sucks”)

    • winston

      “The ONLY argument I can make personally for keeping the iPhone is that some apps I need and have gotten accustomed to relying on are not on
      Android (presumably yet but will be)”…

      I agree with the above statement, and until the time comes for it to catch up with iOS’s apps store, i find it hard to make a perm switch.. (currently i am on an S3 now, but i am missing out on the apps on my 4S..and is thinking of switching back for it).

      the Android phones may be faster, larger..etc.. but ultimately i think its the software that drives the phone and the user experience.

  • seyss

    no methods = no credibility
    it’s like saying an orange is worse than a strawberry

  • There is an error in the first paragraph, last sentence.

    “So needless to say, their opinions are highly regarded by many.”
    It’s by not but 😉

  • iPhone and iPad are wanted by more humans than any other phones or tablets

    • Kurt

      not this human. i wouldnt take a free iphone 5. but ill stick with the ipads.

      • yeah my point stands

      • stitz

        I’ll take a free iphone… so I can sell it and buy a note 2 and pocket the change

    • sgt schultz

      Oh so the blind man, says he sees lol..
      Read LG optimus versus iphone 5 on PHONEARENA.COM FOR ANOTHER SHOCKER, Pookie!

  • Well all I have to say is I’m happy with my iphone 5, when me and my friend are waiting somewhere we exchange phones(he has a lte capable galaxy s3) and basically it’s a nice phone… A nice novelty device but I get bored with it very fast while my friend zooms through my phone, holds it answer my calls like a personal assistant lol I just don’t understand how the iPhone 5 could be “worst” when his galaxy even though its LTE capable, doesn’t even have 4g yet? ,

  • ndog21


  • Blake

    This is BS.
    -The iPhone 5 Was This Year’s Number One Obsession, According To Yahoo.
    -iPhone 5 is the number on tech item according to Time Magazine.
    I can go on. These types of articles are really starting to irk me!

    • stitz

      Two articles lie about the iphone 5 and suddenly you accept it as fact and now you’re on a crusade to rid the world of bias? Good luck with that one Poot. Iphone has always been at the bottom of the phone ladder, many of the feature phones off 2007 advanced beyond iphone capabilities, symbian was better than ios (now it’s Android). The ONLY reason iphone made it was because it was advertised. When people bought the iphone, they looked part the downgrade part because it had a touch screen (one that didn’t work well)

  • Latrese

    It amuses me how one very respected and WELL INFORMED magazine gets called “biased” just cause it doesn’t agree with you guys and praise the iphone to the ends of the earth. Now I think on Verizon it should be number one but other than that I think it’s absolutely correct. The LG Optimus G is a great phone,with a beautiful bright screen. Too big for me personally but if smaller is definitely be interested.
    Guys,the iPhone 5 isn’t all that. It’s a faster iPhone 4S that got stretched-_-
    (Bring on the down votes!):)

    • Maon

      It’s not really the issue that iPhone 5 is now behind other smartphones, I’d say more at issue is that just 2 months ago, the iPhone 5 was heralded as the best smartphone ever by Consumer Reports.

  • The Samsung phones are not faster. Yes they have better specs on paper but that’s about it. Every benchmark or comparison video I’ve seen not to mention I’ve used the GS3, the iphone 5 beats it in nearly every aspect short of it having a smaller display. The android platform despite “project butter” still leaves little to be desired, scrolling through various apps or screens should come with a disclaimer for chance of seizures. On the other hand I like the bigger display but I do like te form factor if the iphone so I guess I can’t have my cake and eat it but I can get pretty close. As for the LG don’t even go there I’ve owned a number of LG phones and I have never considered them even an option in the past 5 years. The build quality or rather the materials used in some of these phones make them feel “cheap” for lack of a better word

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Bfd, idgaf…

    • Kurt

      Best Farting Dog, In Dark Garages After Fridays

  • Dave J

    Follow the Money

  • SoCoMagNuM

    Id believe theres valid points here. Id rate my GS3 slightly over the iPhone 5. They both have their pros and cons, their advantages over the other..but id be foolish to say that iPhone 5 is the worst of the smart phones. Android and iOS users are really a different breed. Apple products are made to simple. They bread crumb their user base with simple ideas and simple strict UI. Android products (to me) is the evolution of smartphones. They take risks and are for the more advanced smartphone breed. Fully customizable to ones taste…every Android device has its own flavor…iDevices all look the same..since it first generation. Thats a good thing in many ways but also bad in many as well. Over the years my iOS has become stagnant to the point i wanted a new experience. Im happy i made that choice. Before the whole “if you love android so much why are you on an iphone website” ill reiterate…iDB articles show up on my google reader feed. If article intrigues me ill read it. I like to stay informed. If i feel the need to comment then i will. My opinions are not concrete facts that reflect the rest of the world…just mines. Mature thing to do is to just agree to disagree and move on.

  • nima

    So, if I write a report on s3, and put low random numbers, does that mean I can be a publisher?

  • nima

    Lol, some gay fag likes s3 and hates iPhone 5, and he just couldn’t afford an iPhone so he just wanted to say YA BITCH, s3 is better.. Lol

    • sgt schultz

      Do some research big bang lover!

    • Hi

      People who honestly think the only reason people don’t like iPhone is because they can’t afford them are pathetic.

  • Milo

    I agree that iPhone 5 is the worst of top smartphones even though i own it. Am considering selling it and get a better phone which is much cheaper than iPhone. Although i like iOS but guess i had to jump to android now.

  • Bull shit! iPhone has the best mobile operating system and that’s all that counts

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    iSheeps…..iSheeps Everywhere..

  • Clearly the people who have been stealing iOS devices from Apple, Microsoft and even NY City haven’t read consumer reports. We need to get them a copy.

  • sgt schultz

    Now that the hype by the media prone people of lies is over we see a true picture of global competitiveness and superior product performance!

    • Kurt

      well said

  • I’ve been using android for 5 years about and always had the best of the best. I worked at Tmobile for 6 years so when I say I had the best I literally at all times had the best for nothing. This is my second iPhone and I switched because of the freezing and lag from android. Never had one problem with my iPhone 5 yet and I had it since it first came out. Best phone I ever had!! Recommend anyone to switch that deals with the call lags and just general freezing people put up with, with the galaxy 3. I actually switched from a sg3. The specs may seem intriguing on the sg3 but in the end if you want a flawless device I recmend android. Unless your too cheap to buy an app here and there. Even when I had android I’d buy apps to support developers. So when people say there’s more free apps on android you have no respect for your smartphone and you shouldn’t use any OS or iOS.

    • stitz

      Lol you worked at tmobile so your credibility reached zero within seconds. And you don’t know anything about phones Dick