FlashArmyKnife (iphone screenshot 001)FlashArmyKnife (iphone screenshot 002)

You’ll wanna act on this one right now coz Apple’s gonna pull it sooner than later. The innocently titled FlashArmyKnife combines seven little utilities into one iPhone app: flashlight with adjustable brightness, built-in web browser with bookmarks, fully functional trigonometry calculator, satellite view map, currency converter, compass and battery indicator. As useful as these are, you’ll want FlashArmyKnife for its hidden tethering feature.

We’re not really sure how it managed to escape the attention of Apple’s eagle-eyed censors, but you can bet Apple’s gonna nuke the program out of orbit the instant they find out about tethering. So, if you’ve been looking to share your brand spanking new iPhone 5’s Internet connection with other devices without purchasing a tethering plan from your carrier, this app gets the job done and without requiring a jailbreak, too…

To enable tethering, run the app and hit the Calculator tab at the bottom.

Punch in the following (without comas): 1642M+, C, 1452, M+, C, 1943, M+

If you entered the combination correctly, the calculator display should read “run”, as shown below.

FlashArmyKnife (iphone screenshot 003)FlashArmyKnife (iphone screenshot 004)

Tethering is now enabled (HTTP port: 6667, SOCKS port: 6668).

To stop tethering, tap the “C” button on the calculator.

Here’s a video of tethering on the iPhone 5.

The app’s optimized for the iPhone 5 and supports the iPhone 3GS/4/4S, third-gen iPod touch or later and iPads running iOS 5.1 or later.

FlashArmyKnife costs two bucks a pop.

Developer Eric Blase was kind enough to pass along a few promo codes and we’ll be sharing these on Twitter so follow us there if you haven’t already.

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UPDATE: well, it only took two days since we first reported about this app for Apple to pull it out of the store. I guess we all knew this was going to happen, right?

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  • Dlevi309

    im making one hidden in a hello kitty app xD please contact me for more details on twitter ( @Pix3lDemon ). and btw if you werent lucky enough to get this app, get BSOD reaction time, that tethers too 🙂

    • Just tried the BSOD as well and it is little better and easier than this FAK. Thanks.:)

      • Wanli Zhang

        I downloaded the app. Haven’t tested it yet. Is the tether done via WiFi only, or can it be done with USB as well?

      • Sure! just have to use usbmuxd. There arent guides around but its a pain unless you know your way around terminal

  • Now we’re messing with Apple… NICE 😀 !!

    • JaeM1llz

      Apple could care less, it’s the cellular companies whose profit margins are being impeded.

      • Your Gramma’

        Apple couldN’T care less.

      • JaeM1llz

        Wow, you create an account specifically for correcting people’s grammar? Pretty pathetic. By the way, it is said both ways.


  • How would you teather an ipad?

  • seyss

    It is an ABSURD that tethering requires carrier support..

    • MagicDrumSticks

      Unless you have an android device.

      • Correction: Unless you have an android device on a carrier that doesnt charge extra…
        Iphones can tether natively, its just that AT&T (and other international carriers) charge for the feature (they do it on android too…)
        Oh, Native iPhone Tethering is WAY better than this, and way better than android tethering too… (no adhoc)

    • seyss

      Actually tethering does not require carrier support.. it is regular cellular data just like any other data. Apple and the carriers lie to us so they can charge you separately for this.

      • It’s actually not regular cellular data. Tethering data is handled differently and has a longer TTL than regular cellular data. (TTL is Time-to-live which is what limits how/when an endpoint tries to “give up”). So yes the network and source of data is the same, but aspects of the connection are very different and affect the network load.

      • seyss

        Is there any documentation on that? I don’t see why it needs it be treated differently.. I see it just like a VMware ethernet card driver

      • You can go look into network protocols if you wish… But also, tethered phones use a different APN on many carriers. Your analogy doesnt work really… its just traffic being piped, but the connection being used changes also. Think like the difference of using wifi or ethernet at your house, same local network, different connection, which has different properties to it.

      • But your ISP doesn’t know if you are using ethernet or wi-fi. Same logic with tethering. Via jailbreaking, you can modify the APN settings for tethering.

      • Not the same logic, i didnt say ISP i said local network, hence the distinguishment. Your laptop’s connecting to your local network is different via wifi/ethernet just like your phones conection to the carrier is different via normal/tethered. Yes via jailbreaking you can modify the APN settings for tethering, which is why with a jailbreak you can tether native for free. It alters the connection so AT&T wont notice…

    • I agree.
      I’m so glad I don’t live in USA with those crazy carriers. Here in Denmark I’m currently using a carrier called Oister. 6 hours talk, free talk between Oister users, free MMS/SMS and 12GB data per month for 119 DKK which is about $21. And plenty of 4G speeds for everyone.
      I actually think it is illegal for carriers to block features that the phone is born with. Such as tethering and FaceTime.

  • Verizon is good. Free tethering and an unlocked out of the box iphone 5

    • Yea, no kiddin’!!!

      Dang, did you watch that Tutorial??? Yea, “that was easy”….. For a geek, certainly not for the average user like me! 🙂

      My AT&T data plan includes the teathering feature – so, I don’t see the point either, and like you said Verizon has it too.

      But, I will give credit to the developer, pretty clever, and just awesome to slip it past Apple’s reviewers.

      Which poses the REAL questions – how safe and secure are the App Store Apps really????!!!!!

    • Jo

      After 22 years with Verizon Wireless (and its predecessor companies), I will never, ever, ever give another dime to Verizon Wireless.

  • mdee4

    Does this support wireless tethering or just tethering through USB?

    • Guest

      watch the video you fucking moron

      • mdee4

        I did and it didn’t show the botton of the iPhone as far as I could tell. It was either out of shot or blocked by the persons hand.

      • It works only through wifi. Not USB at all.

  • When I try to purchase the App, I get a pop up box saying the transaction can’t be completed. I tried to purchase a different app right after and in worked fine. Weird.

  • Do we know if this works from your iPhone to iPad?

    • jdshorrock

      Does not work. You have to be able to create an ad-hoc network.

  • The funny thing I found is the screenshots in the AppStore are from a Jailbreaked iPhone ..Lol that’s a big hint

    • JamesR624

      Except they’re not. The signal numbers can be achieved without jailbreaking.

      • Would you share how to achieve it?

      • How about the weather icon? And the lightning bolt next to the battery?

      • You mean the Do Not Disturb icon? Thats what the Moon is…
        as for the “lightning bolt”, i think you’re seeing the locaiton icon (i dont see any lightning bolts…)

        And finally, numeric signals, enter fieldtest mode and force quit phone app… basically:

        Dial *3001#12345#* and hit “Call”, hold power button until “slide to power down” appears, then hold homebutton until it kills phone app.

        You can also do a weird backup plist hack to achieve

      • The screenshots are different on different devices. The iPhone 5 screenshots are stock as there’s no iPhone 5 jb. On my ipad though it shows old resolution iPhone 4/4S screenshots on a phone that is definitely jailbroken.

      • HAHA!!! I just checked that on my 4s!!!

      • wow, now i see the numeric signals. Thanks!

      • Dlevi309

        Hi there, can you contact me on twitter @Pix3lDemon ? I need to ask you a question 🙂

      • David Villamizar

        OK, this conversation thread is about the App Store screenshots you find from an iPhone 4, iPhone 4s or iPhone 3GS, the screenshots you see in the App Store from an iPhone 5 (which you find in this post, in iTunes and in the App Store website) are different than those you see from an older iPhone. I guess the developer used a jailbroken iPhone 4/4s for the pre-5 screenshots and an iPhone 5 with the numeric signals on purpose.

  • Looks like they already pulled it

    • Damani Brown

      Nope it’s there. Seems you didn’t even try looking. It’s the first one.

    • Can’t get this to work. Gah…

      • That video is just cut, maybe try following the directions better… I just tried it and it works perfectly…

      • Guest

        I’ve tried it 6 times exactly as said. I’m not an idiot with this stuff.

      • It works just fine.. The only annoying fact is that you have to open the app and enter the code every time:(

      • Sadfiroj

        if you have https enabled, try secure web proxy(HTTPS): ip address: 6668 then it may work. mine did

      • This is what I did.

        1. Opened the app
        2. Entered in those numbers and it displayed “run”
        3. Went the wifi and created a new network
        4. Went to the phone to connect to the network I just made
        5. Went to the knife app to get go to a website to get an IP
        6. Went back to the wifi settings on the phone and got an IP
        7. Typed the IP in the advanced section under the proper spots as said with the IP in where it goes and HTTP 6667 and SOCK 6668 ports and ok/applied.
        8. Went back to the app, it still displayed “run”. Had to clear it to type in the same numbers again to get it to say “run” again as the video says. Did not work. Tried again, the app crashes.

        Am I doing something wrong because I swear i’m not

      • Yes, you are doing something wrong. Set up the network FIRST, then hit the tethering activation.

      • Thanks for the reply. Didn’t I do that with Step 3 – 7. I tried doing it without the numbers in the first place as well. Mind explaining what you did step by step? I have no idea why this isn’t working for me I clearly must be doing something big wrong.

      • If you do it just how the video does it (skipping the first 25 secs or w/e that just tells you how to activate):
        1. Set up adhoc on MBP
        2. Connect iPhone to MBP adhoc
        3. Open FAK browser to get a dhcp IP assigned (or wait…)
        4. on MBP Settings->Network->Wifi->Advanced->Proxies enter in ip and ports
        5. on iPhone, in FAK, enter in the activation stuff.
        6. Profit?

        works doing it that way every time for me…

      • Yeah dude, tried those exact steps as well some others to try to work with it. No luck. Think its my mac or something. When I go to check the proxies a second time, they aren’t saved in there even when I hit apply. Could that be it?

      • That would surely be /why/ its not “working”, however whats causing your proxies to not save i do not know…
        try this: When in Settings->Network click Locations->Edit Location, add a “new location” (these are basically profiles you can toggle). Set proxy settings in there, apply, save, then see if they’re saved. If it works, you have the added benefit that next time you set up, you just need to change location and ip address :D. (make sure to change locaiton back to automatic when done)

      • Thanks ill try it out in a bit.

      • Rod

        How come my IP address disappears after a few seconds?

      • Mine does that as well

  • Downloading right now.. Oh and i’am tethering my iPad from my iPhone to download it.. I’am going to change carrier who don’t do tethering on the standard plans

  • I use T-Mobile HR, tethering is free so this app is uselees 🙂

  • how u tether an ipad?

  • Rod

    How do you do this on windows 7?

  • ic0dex

    I don’t need it Verizon gives us free tethering.

    • jdshorrock

      thanks for the useless info.

    • JaeM1llz

      Only if you are on a shared data plan. I have unlimited data with Verizon and they charge an additional $30/month if I want to tether.

  • SimonReidy

    Cool. Now someone build a calculator app with a hidden untethered jailbreak 😉

    • seyss

      I always wondered why JB devs never did this?

      • Apps are sandboxed due to Apple’s policy. They don’t have root access to set up a jailbreak

      • seyss

        this app sneakily enables tethering.. are you saying this can be done sandboxed?

      • David

        It doesnt enable tethering, it contains the feature, not the default one on the phone. For a jailbreak the app has to be able to access all the iDevice files, which apple does not allow.

  • I have a feeling we all got duped, this does not work. I am trying on iphone 5 and Windows 7 Dell, and not matter what I do no internet.

    Also the IP address changes every time I leave leave the app. Cheers, Julian

  • Guest

    Anyone can explain how to do this on pc.
    Can’t seem to edit my ad hoc settings. Like the Mac can

  • Peter

    Tested and confirm working for Windows 7

    Create & setup ad hoc in windows. Follow video instructions. Open web browser
    (Firefox). Go to options > network > connections settings. Check
    manual proxy enter info in HTTP proxy and sock host. Open FlashArmy
    input info to run tether.

  • works 100% on i5 io6 dell laptop… create adhoc , add the new ip address in IE options use port 6667 and , get run on the calculator and then ur done zo…
    dont let the phone lock at all ….
    posted this message via my new tether !

  • TexanPatriot2


  • ThatSam

    If anyone can make a windows video.
    I think it would be greatly appreciated

    Have fun tethering

  • dvsnyc

    I was having issues getting this to work at first as well. But when the app crashed and then I went back in and entered the code to get ‘run’ to show, it works great now.

  • Ronald Weaver

    That’s way too much work.

  • Tyler Casson

    Does this route the traffic through the same APN used for standard cellular data or does it leverage the built-in tethering function which re-routes the traffic to the alternate “tethering” APN?

  • D R

    On Saturday, an app named “beautiful jigsaw” was made available for free, and labelled as 4+ (for age). The screen shots displayed in iTunes were of nude Asian women…

  • Well, that sucks! I didn’t watch the video, because I wanted to get the App before Apple finds out … and then I realized that it doesn’t even work for iPads nor Windows Laptops! Just threw 2$ out the window. Thanks for nothing iDownloadBlog!

  • I am not paying $2 for this

  • AndyDontCare

    Works for me. Make sure you setup the adhoc network FIRST and then run the tether. I did it the other way around first and it didn’t work. I am having issues with HTTPS, but proof of concept is there.

  • still trying to get it to work on win8. the compass in the app is not correct at all.

  • Zues

    can you do this on Windows 7? i’ve tried but can’t find how to configure the proxies like the video is showing…

  • MadAndronicus

    works with iphone 5 to a mbp, worth the 2 bucks!

  • ScrewYou

    They got me for $2 oh well. Karma’s a bitch

  • Couldn’t get it to work. Tried half a doz times. Follows steps exactly. Made sure i made the connection between phone and mbp before running the commands. Running ios 6.0.2 on iphone 5 connecting to a 2007 MBP running Mountain Lion 10.8.2

  • I wish I had $2 to blow on this. :

  • ExRoot

    Does not work with windows. I will never ever trust this sites app store paid recommendations again. Wasted $2.

  • macher

    Will AT&T be able to detect this? I have an AT&T grandfathered unlimited data plan.

  • Tested it, worked, but it is a pain in the back. You have to keep the iPhone with the screen on. I would only use it in cases of extreme desperation. If you let the screen off the settings will reset; you then would require to do ALL settings again. Then if your finished using tethering; uncheck the changes you made in network settings.

  • Just tried and it and it works on my Mac Mini! Just follow the video.

  • Aidan Cheddar

    It’s amazing how much gets passed Apple’s approval sometimes.

  • Dano2211

    App crashes constantly, I got it to work, but what a hassle. Froze up my iphone 4 constantly.

  • did anyone download? is there anyway to get it once taken from app store?

  • disqus_1MDv2Qbzhb

    it worked great for on widows 7 and iphone 5. but I couldn’t connect to my house wifi so I deleted the ad voc connection and i’m connected with internet but windows exployer does not connect to the internet. How do I fix my settings and keep this from happening again?


    • disqus_1MDv2Qbzhb

      I figured out why I couldn’t get back my house network. I needed to go back to lan settings and check of what I checked. I tried connecting many times since in different ways and never have had internet through my iphone again. I have no Idea why.

  • Guid0

    Does anyone know if this app should work in the uk on o2? I dont seem to be able to get it to work. Bloody thing.

  • this is great for my iPhone 5 and a little help from iModSign. 😉 it doesnt matter if apple took it down or not mates. where there is a will there is a way.

  • not a big loss works on macbooks only, no iPad

  • Jo

    What else did that app do without you knowing? Transfer vital data up to its mothership? People are so gullible. If you want these sorts of apps then you can go to the wild west of Android-land.