ill be home ipad commercial

Apple has tonight starting airing a new holiday-themed iPad commercial entitled “I’ll Be Home.” With Christmas now just a few days away, the Cupertino company is obviously hoping to snag a few last-minute shoppers. As usual, we’ve got the video embedded for you after the break…

The ad not only highlights Apple’s popular tablet line, but it also shows off the benefit of FaceTime — especially during the holidays. Also worth noting is that, like Apple’s first iPad mini spot, tonight’s ad seems intent on proving that the smaller iPad is just as capable as its larger sibling.

With its ultra-thin form factor and smaller, 7.9-inch display, the iPad mini made our holiday gift guide. Twice. And we’re not the only ones who like it, as DigiTimes reported yesterday that Apple has gone back to its suppliers and ordered an extra 2 million iPad minis to help meet demand.

What did you think of the ad?

  • That really wasn’t that great of a commercial.

  • Kevin Phan

    I honestly, had no idea what Apple was trying to advertise… I guess it was the iPads.

    • It’s just Apple’s way to advertise and convey a Christmas message in a very clever way. I think that the ad is short and sweet. At least much better than certain ads that have subliminal messages dissing other products. Don’t you think so?

    • Oh really?! I thought it was iPhones and Macs -___-

  • the quality is never like that.

  • Not good, Not terrible either.. sort of meh..

  • Didn’t like this commercial at all. Watching the grandparent hold a fake smile the whole time made this commercial awkward to watch.

    • what did you expect? did you expect him to look sad?

      of course it is a fake smile… it is called acting..

      actually, for me, it looked real.

  • For those who didn’t get it or are wondering why apple didn’t post specs, speed test and processor speed or the features. Well, it turns out apple got out of that business long ago… Now they concentrate on real people with needs that need to be met technologically, but don’t give a damn about the technical part.

    A grand father facetiming with his grandchild who lives 5000 miles away? Yes that is a nice way to bring the boomer dollars which by the way are a bigger market than the 18-34 year olds and have disposable income that is far bigger than your average 25 year old.

    • a smit

      this is called marketing – apple didnt invent it – they just mastered the art of exploiting it to maximum human tolerance

  • a smit


  • I think they should have had a christmas song being played on the piano. so it would be similar to the ipad mini advert but with a touch of christmas added to it.

  • Great quality! Wait…

  • rahul247rocks

    I like last year’s Santa Clause Siri wayyy better.

  • Eli

    Watch the girl’s strumming hand while listening. The hand motion does not “match” the sound. The sound appears to have been dubbed in.