Despite a blitz of advertising and promotions, consumers across the globe are choosing Apple products during the run up to Christmas. After interviewing more than seventy shoppers in ten cities, Reuters reports consumers are not swayed either by Wall Street concerns or Madison Avenue come-ons. Instead, in shopping malls in the US, Europe and Asia, the key is Apple’s simplicity.

Samsung – Apple’s chief rival – is gaining no converts in shopping malls. Only in Singapore and Bangalore, India did Reuters find consumers picking Samsung products over the iPhone or iPad. In Mexico, despite having a mall covered with ads and displays promoting the South Korean firm’s products, the iPad mini is selling like hotcakes…

In a Boston mall, Reuters found nine visits to the Apple Store compared to one for the Microsoft store. In a poll commissioned by the news service, 42 percent of respondents said they “were leaning toward an iPad or an iPad mini”.

Just sixteen percent want a Kindle, with fourteen percent expressing a preference for the Samsung Galaxy.

Where was the Microsoft Surface?

A robust fourt percent of the survey said they have the Surface on their shopping list.

According to the findings, via Reuters:

Customers cited existing iTunes music and video libraries, plus the traditional Apple virtues of simplicity and ease of use as reasons to stick with the iPhone and the iPad.

And according to a survey of US households with broadband access published Thursday by Parks Associates (via Fortune), 44 percent of tablet shoppers plan to buy an iPad versus 24 percent for Kindle Fire as interest in the Surface fell 53 percent after its price was announced.

Back to Reuters, which shares a few buyers’ stories.

A shopper in Palo Alto, California said his 77-year-old non-English speaking Persian grandmother learned to use the iPhone. In Paris, a 62-year-old photography went to the mall looking to replace his stolen iPad with the Samsung Galaxy – but still felt he’d likely buy another iPad.

In Boston, a 40-year-old man returned his Microsoft Surface for an iPad.

With the iPad, it’s one step, and with this (Surface), it’s two or three steps to do the same thing,” he told the news gathering organization.

How well is the Surface selling in Microsoft’s home town of Seattle?

When asked if the store had 32GB or G4GB Surface units in stock, “We got plenty of both!,” an assistant laughingly told the news agency.

Here’s a nice Apple Store versus Microsoft Store photo taken at Century City Mall in Los Angeles, California on, December 11, 2012, at 3:30pm.

Photo: Howard Kaplan, via Fortune. You can write your own caption.

So, if Apple is dominating sales, where are Android fans going?

According to Reuters, Android handsets are replacing Nokia devices in tech-heavy Bangalore. But even there, they want an iPhone or iPad, despite what one local shopper called the ‘Apple premium’, also known as the oft-overused ‘Apple tax‘.

Still, what about the increasing competition Apple is facing – you know, the fact that the iPad will go from over half of the tablet market to just half by 2016 (or displace the notebook by then, depending on whom you ask)?

Or, what about Apple stock losing so much ground, recently?

Shoppers aren’t listening, what with the noise of those cash registers ringing up iPhone and iPad orders.

  • I bought my grandma got an iPad 2, hoping that she would use it for e-mail and occasionally facetime. A mother later she is saying that it changed her life. The woman who seemed intimidated by technology, and REFUSED TO USE TECHNOLOGY, wrote me an e-mail saying how the iPad has changed her life. She says it’s simple to use. You press your finger to the app you want and that’s it. No other tablet is that easy.

    • That’s awesome

      • Falk M.


    • Falk M.

      You got it all wrong, the iPad needs tons of tweaks and mess on the homescreen, settings to fu** up in the Notifaction Center and MORE HARDWARE BUTTONS!


  • Guest

    “the iPad mini is selling like hotcakes – fifteen per week…” Is this an error or something? I am never sure.

    • In south korea

      • hohopig

        which is one of the most IT savvy country in the world 😛

  • I have now given in… Just gave up my IOS 5.1.1 jailbreak to upgrade to IOS 6. Got tired of waiting for a jailbreak.

    • Why on earth would you update to iOS6 if you were on 5.1.1? Got tired of waiting on the jailbreak? What did you think was going to happen, look up how long the 4S took to jailbreak and get back to me.

      • Please refrain from attacking me, I’ve been a loyal jailbreak member for 4 years. In all honesty, it just got boring. In the beginning years ago I installed everything under the sun and it was fun. I got to the point where the only things I jailbroke for was basically SBSettings and Activator, because I liked making things easier and quicker, and didn’t want to make my iPhone too slow or drain battery quicker. There’s just not much reason for me to jailbreak anymore. I rather be on the latest and greatest update. I also got tired of playing this whole waiting game. Again, I’m speaking for myself here, I know not everyone agrees.

      • Falk M.

        This x a million.

        Jailbreaking got a pain in the a**, there’s little to jailbreak for anymore and Apple applies many tweaks to the core OS which I find preferable, as it makes sure things are always tested and you know the feature will likely NOT go away after a few months or years, because the developer got tired of maintaining something or can’t do that anymore.

        Stock iOS wins nowadays hands-down.

        Most of the stuff I seem to see people jailbreak for is for useless things (to me useless) that I couldn’t care less about.

        Also, I must say my iPhone even with WiFi on gets me through the day just as fine, so why bother with SBSettings.
        iPhone 5 has a pretty well improved battery life in terms of usage and I never depended on more than one day of standby either, so 225h vs iPhone 4’s 300 really isn’t a deal breaker to me.

        What’s more?
        Well, I loved Skype Recorder, but it seems to me that I’d rather go with like a device I can tunnel the mic and speaker lines through to record stuff than hope the app will stay in active development.

        Just my 2¢.

      • jail-braking is essential to get the most form you IOS device… so i just bout an iphone 5 that is waiting for jailbreak and i still use my iphone 4S with JB as my every day phone

        i am so accustomed to the JB features on my 4S that there is no way i can use my 5 on IOS 6 with no JB

      • Falk M.

        That’s why I never bothered with too many tweaks or plugins in general on Mac,
        too etc…

        You actually already know that you’re just getting used to something you won’t have for long.


        Speak for yourself, it’s not “essential” to me.

      • im not attacking.. just laughing…llololooololoololol

      • some folks just have no clue..

    • loloolololololollollololololololo

      • Mustafa


  • Jose Gonzalez

    Can’t wait to purchase my iPad Mini soon! It will be a perfect fit already having an iPhone 4 and my MacBook Pro. Haven’t been this hyped up about an Apple product since I bought my iPhone 4 in 2010 and later my MacBook Pro in 2011. THis product truly got my attention and really can’t wait to buy it!

    • wait for the retina

      • Jose Gonzalez

        Hmm, I dont think I will. I’ve already went to the Apple Store and Best Buy to check it out and truly, its not a big deal for me. Ever since I had my iPhone 3G in ’08, the screen was just fine, and my MacBook Pro isn’t Retina either so I’m not to worried about the whole Retina thing. I just want that Mini!!

  • Find it very interesting the Microsoft store in New Jersey, outside New York where I live, resembles an apple store by 90%. I mean its cool and all, you know what works so mimic it right?

    • same thing in lennox mall Atlanta but the MS store has cool LED monitors where apple has static images up high on the walls

  • Just being a grammar nazi here, you put “G4GB” when it should be 64GB

    • Falk M.

      I wonder why the word “grammar nazi” is used, when mostly spelling is criticized…

      • people lump spelling and grammar together…lolo

      • The two are just kind of rolled into one

  • “In Mexico, despite having a mall covered with ads and displays promoting the South Korean firm’s products, the iPad mini is selling like hotcakes…”

    it should say:

    ” In Mexico, despite having a mall covered with ads and displays promoting the South Korean firm’s products, the iPad mini is selling like TACOS…”